Fix: Microsoft Outlook error code

One of the Microsoft users faced an issue.  The issue is that Outlook 2011 can’t open in one of our machines. After opening the Outlook 2011 the error occurred. The error is “Microsoft Outlook must be closed because an error occurred”. Unsaved work may be lost.
Try the following suggestions to resolve the issue.
Solution 1:  Rebuild the Microsoft Database Utility
Do the following steps to resolve the issue

  1. Install Outlook.
  2. Press and hold down the Option key.
  3. This will install Database Utility application.
  4. From the Database Utility, select the identity database that you have a problem, and click Rebuild.
  5. If the process is completed, click Done. Now, your database was rebuilt successfully.
  6. Close the Database Utility.

database utility
Solution 2: Create a new identity

  1. Create a new identity.
  2. Log off from the identity with Outlook problems.
  3. Login in the new identity.
  4. Start Outlook.
  5. Don’t need to do anything but switch to the old identity.
  6. Switch back to the new identity and log off.
  7. The old identity Outlook should work now.

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Solution 3: Delete archived emails
The outlook was not able to handle a number of messages archived in the system. Hundreds of emails floating every day. Start deleting thousand of emails completely.
Solution 4: Delete unwanted files
I solved this problem by making more space on my hard drive. The size of my files is 300 MB  and after I had freed up some space it opened fine.
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