Solved: Microphone Not Working on Mac Mojave

The Microphone is the most needed one while we using iPhone or MacBook or any other also. The Microphone is much needed for daily use Applications like Skype chat, Gaming and also for much more apps. We get stuck at that time when the Microphone is not worked at that moment.
Here the solution to fix with no sound on Microphone in the MacBook Mojave with screenshots.

Step 1: Go to Apple Menu.
Step 2: Select System Preferences in the Menu.
Step 3: Select Sound Icon from the Window appeared.
Step 4: Click on Input tap -> Internal Microphone.
Step 5: Drag the Input and Output Volume Pointer to the Endpoint, If it is not.
Step 6: Enable the Use ambient noise reduction Checkbox.
Step 7: Again, Go to Mac Menu.
Step 8: Select the Restart Option.
Now, Restart the Mac and listen to the Microphone sound. This allows the computer to change the settings. Check the Microphone sound and you just Hangouts with your friends and relatives.

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