Messages app not responding Mac? Here’s how to fix it

Mac OS  Message App is used to send /receive the messages. So, we all comfortable with sharing information through the Message App. Suddenly, Message app is not responding don’t know what to do we get confused, collapse and so on.

Here’s how to fix it:
1: Go to Apple Menu and Click on Message > Preferences.

2: If it is not logged in, log in via Account > login (or).  If already login, sign out. Then login again.
3: Check the Enable checkbox whether it is enabled or not. If it not, check the checkbox.

4: Logout from iCloud if you already logged in and login again and then reset the message’s authentication.

5: Clear the Message Cache.

6: Then, Restart the Mac Book.
If you do the above steps, messages will send and receive. Make sure the date and time are correct. It came as the iPhone, iPad and otherwise, it differs.

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