How to Fix Message Search Not Working Issue After iOS 8 Update

Most of the iPhone users reported this problem after upgrading their iPhone 5 from iOS 7 to iOS 8. This problem also happened in new iPhone 6 devices.

Users can’t search text messages using the iMessage app search or using Spotlight. Its display zero results.

Solution 1:- Switch the language of the iPhone and then switch it back.

Go to Settings-> General-> Language & Region.

Change the any other language you known. Then change it back to English.

After few minutes later, message search going to working normal.

Do the same thing several times if it not working.

Solution 2:- 

Switch the Spotlight search completely off. Then try to search messages (It worked immediately for some iPhone users).

After some times later, turn on Spotlight search. It make message search work in both iMessage and Spotlight from the home screen.

Solution 3:- 

Update your iPhone to iOS 8.0.2. Then Toggle iMessage off  and turn on again.

Solution 4:-

Switch your iPhone to another language. Wait 30 seconds.  Then go to Spotlight settings and Toggle off and on messages. Now switch back to English. Check the message search. Finally remove new language keyboard like Spanish.

Solution 5:-

According to Apple support specialist, doing the OTA update immediately upon release may have caused this issue.

If you want to fix this issue, restore the iPhone to Factory default.

Then restore from backup.

If you face the same issue after doing this steps, wait for another iOS update (iOS 8.1). Because some people say ” This bug fixed in iOS 8.1 developer builds”.

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9 responses to How to Fix Message Search Not Working Issue After iOS 8 Update

I've been having this issue since ios 9 update. And did all theae to my iphone 6. Uograde to iphone 7 using my backup filea, i still cant search from my messages texts that are in my backup. Help!

I have same problem, my Lumia 950 has no problem with search sms message (Lumia 950 duplicate message), I bought Iphone SE ( second phone) and problems. I found a solution , works for me, simple make backup Your phone with itunes on your pc, after restore your phone from Itunes, and work super. I hope this help.

Exactly the same issue, it is really annoying because of my work nature which I should search in the messages by the keywords, receiving hundreds of messages a day :-((

Struck again with the same issue on iPhone 7 after restore. Apple guys don’t even know what can be done.

The search works for new Messages only.
I have around 30,000 messages and they are useless if I cannot search.

Last time ibackupbot was a great help but this time nothing seems to work.

Solution #1 and #2 worked for me!!! This is so cool, it's really been bugging me lately. I am on iphone X with ios 11.1

I have been working with an Apple customer service supervisor since October 8, 2017 (today is Dec. 11, 2017). Apple Engineers had me spend 6 hours to record searches on my phone for them. It has now been 2 months, and their customer service supervisor calls me every Monday to report she has no news, but that the engineers are working to solve the problem. I laugh at her every week. She is doing her job to have me believe that Apple engineers are working to solve this. But, it is impossible to believe her story, because there is no news and no proof. Now that 2 months have passed, I'm way past believing her, and I'm past expecting to get resolution. I am also resigned to scrolling through to find message content without using the search function.

It's annoying, I cannot find any message with key words because of upgrade the system. My new iphone 8 plus with ios 11.2.1. I have tried #1, and #2 many times, it don't work at all.

I have the iPhone XS max and the issue began about a month ago. After trying several things online with no success, the following worked for me. Settings -> Notes -> Default Account. Switched my default account from iCloud to On My iPhone and my searches now work again. Never had the issue with my iMessages so do not know if it works for that but it fixed the notes search.

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