Fixed: Message App Laggy and Not Syncing on Mojave

Message App Laggy and Not Syncing on Mojave

Many Mac users have recently reported that after upgrading to macOS Mojave, the Message app constantly freezes, slows, lags, and crashes. The exact issue is that the messaging app on Mac is unable to open it. Following that, I discovered some solutions to this problem. So, in this article, I’ll tell you about those solutions. Come, let’s get started.

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Solution 1: Check Message in iCloud Settings

  • On your Mac, Open Messages app.
  • Go to Messages -> Preferences.
  • Select General -> iMessage -> Settings.
  • Now, unselect Enable Message in iCloud.

iMessage in iCloud settings
Solution 2. Remove Message Cache File

Note: Before you do this, make sure that you shut down the Messages app first.

  • Open Finder.
  • Scroll down the “Option key” and select the Go menu.
  • Choose the “Library” Option.
  • Now, access the container files in Library.
  • Then, find the following “plist files” and move them to the Trash.

Note: some of them may not exist.
container plist files in library

  • Now, restart your Mac and test, if you are still having issues or not. If yes then follow the steps.
  • Go to the Library folder again and open the Preferences folder.
  • Find the following items beginning with one of the following strings:

Preferences in Library

  • Move them all to your desktop.
  • Then restart your Mac.
  • If your Messages app is working, but these items back one by one after each test.

Solution 3: Update macOS

When facing any issue such as Message freezes, slow, and not syncing, always check for macOS update is available for your device.  If so, Apple recommends updating your OS as a first step.
MacOS update
If you are still having the same issues, then you want to contact Apple Support. If the above solutions are helpful or worked out to solve the issue, let me know in the comments. Thanks…!

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