How to Fix Mail App Not Working After Updating macOS Mojave

Many of the users have experienced the problem after their Mac is upgraded to the latest version. Mostly, people are identifying the issue that “Mail App not working after updating macOS Mojave”. But, it was the simple problem Apple supporters give the solution for these kinds of issues. Here I gonna share you the solutions to get rid of this issue.
Mail crashing after macOS upgrade

  1. Force quit the mail app on your Mac by pressing “Option + Command + Escape” simultaneously.
  2. Tap “Spotlight” icon at the top right corner of the Mac.
  3. Tap “Activity Monitor” app to launch the utility.
  4. Type mail in the search box, this will clear some of the prior-state files on your Mac.
  5. Now, this mail app will be closed.
  6. Open “Finder” app.
  7. Hold the Option Key and Select library at the top menu.
  8. Go to the folder ‘Containers > > Data > Library > Saved Application State’.
  9. Then, move the folder called “” to the trash.
  10. Clear all the Mail app library containers.
  11. Open Finder App then press “Option” key.
  12. Then click “Go” at the top menu and select library.
  13. Look for the files, 1. apple.mail, 2. apple.mailServiceAgent and drag them to your desktop.
  14. Then, remove the mail Envelope files from the library.
  15. Empty all your trash items and open Mail.
  16. Now you can open your Mail app without crashing.

Mail Folders are Missing after Upgrade

  1. Open “Mail” app.
  2. Go to “Window” at the top menu and select Connection Doctor.
  3. This will show the problems in the mail account connections.
  4. You need to do re-check your account settings or delete and re-add your mail account into the mail to get resolved.

If all your connections are good, but still you missing your folders means you need to rebuild your Mailbox and Re-index your messages.

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