Fixed: Mail App Keeps Crashing on macOS High Sierra

Most of Mac users faced the issue that after updating macOS High Sierra the Email crashed on their Mac. Do you have this problem? In this article, I am going to tell you how to resolve this problem.
Procedures to be followed:

  • When you are using Mail App, if it crashes or unresponsive, you have to exit the app or force-quit app.
  • Using Finder app to open a session. At the top menu tap on the “Go” tab.
  • Select the “Go To Folder” and type this on drop down box


  • Then you can see one box that you have to delete the Envelope files. Those are

1.Envelope Index
2.Envelope Index-shm
3.Envelope Index-wal

  • Again select the “Go” tab and type this in drop down box


  • Then you can see the two plist files and remove that files. Those are

  • Finally, restart your device and again open the mail app and your problem will be solved.
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