How to Fix : Magic Mouse Loses Connection or not working

Lot of users reported this issue. Magic mouse keeps losing connection to MacBook Pro. Some times its completely not working.
Solution 1: Use 1.5V regular AAs Batteries
Buy a rechargeable batteries from Apple store as they are the right size to fit in the Magix mouse (to avoid shaken loose).
Apple branded rechargeable batteries (1.5V regular AAs) mostly solved the problem. Some users said there is no problem with Duracell batteries and Energizer Lithium batteries.
Solution 2: Paper Trick
If you can’t buy a batteries, just put the paper between batteries and between the batteries and mouse door (it will keep them in place).
Magic mouse battery connection

  1. Cut a 8cm x 8cm piece of paper and fold it twice to get a 4cm x 4cm square.
  2. Fold it once more to get 4cm x 2cm rectangle.
  3. Fold it down, outwards and in half the two long (4cm) edges to get 4cm x 1cm rectangle(It will look like small unfinished aeroplane).
  4. Wedge the middle of the fold between 2 batteries and allow the outer fold open up one on the top of the each battery.  Then close the lid.

This will stop Magic mouse disconnects.
Solution 3: Delete Preference file & Make Mouse favorite
Remove Preference files ( from Macintosh HD ->library ->preferences and restart your Mac.
Then make the mouse a favorite. Go to System preferences>Bluetooth. Highlight the mouse and click the settings (little gear icon) and choose show more options. click the gear symbol again and make the mouse favorite.
Other Solutions

  • Use your batteries as before, clean all contacts of the mouse and batteries with alcohol and
  • Turn off Bluetooth radio on your phone.
  • If any other solutions not worked? reset SMC & PRAM on Mac.

If your problem solved or not fixed yet, do let us via comment.

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55 responses to How to Fix : Magic Mouse Loses Connection or not working

This is laughable. It has nothing to do with the batteries. Buying Apple branded batteries? Ha ha, the blue tooth is more to the point. Here is the thing, the mouse is susceptible to radio interference – blue tooth devices, but more so to mobile phone transmissions. The mouse is inherently flawed, go out and buy a non Apple product.

Not laughable at all. I was getting this a dozen or so times a day and it was bugging the hell out of me to have to keep going to settings to reconnect, but option 2, crude though it is, seems to hold the batteries in the right position to make this problem go away for me.

The paper trick is the answer to most of our mouse disconnect issues. What is "laughable" is your imperial delusion of intellectual supremacy.

This paper trick worked PERFECTLY! This is an easy fix: I was going to spend more than $70 ordering a new mouse. And BTW: This problem NEVER occurred when I was using the rechargeable Apple batteries. It only began, as I think about it, after I started using other branded batteries. It might be a design flaw, but this is the easiest, cheapest fix ever. THANKS SO MUCH!

I don't know whether the piece of paper will work or not (am trying it), but suggestions that improve how batteries hit their contacts are definitely not laughable. Years ago, I had an Apple wireless keyboard that wouldn't turn on. The proposed online fix was to add a little ball of aluminum foil to make the batteries press more strongly against the spring. It worked! Not everything is an esoteric software issue.

Try switching off the bluetooth of your other Apple Devices, like iPhone and iPad… the Apple Mouse might be trying to connect to those other devices.. After looking for other solutions to solve my Apple Mouse "disconnecting every 10 minutes" problem. This seemed to work.

Fine suggestion…until you consider that all these other devices have bluetooth for a reason and that you rely on it. Paper trick worked for me and I get to use BT on my other devices!

Suffered for 18 months, couldn't figure it out. Bought a cable mouse with rollerball…that doesn't work.
Just found the paper trick and IT WORKS. So much for high tech. It's like kicking the tires in the old days to see if they were hard enough. It never occurred to me that it was simply slippery batteries. Thank you very much.

Maybe if they were to manufacture them in the United States ?
Like numerous products out of China, they just don't configure.
During the Olympics I was in Beijing hearing about the employee's jumping off the buildings because of the way they were treated as slaves. This is how they are getting back at us; again.

cleaning contact + paper to make batteries more snug worked.
I should have had realized long time ago that the frequently opening battery latch must have been also related to the same problem

I was a skeptic, didn't think the paper thing would work, but since it was the easiest to try, I gave it a shot. Works great, problem solved!

Wow,, the paper trick works..
I thought I should go totally nuts with the damn mouse,, it has made troubles for a year.

Its really sad that after spending all the money on a magic mouse I need to shove a wad of paper in there to get it to work. What the hell Apple.

I've been doing the paper thing for several years, I have apple and enelope batteries. I have deleted the plist file regularly. I cannot find the gear icon in my bluetooth pref file and make the mouse a favorite? On OSX 10.11.1

The problem started after I switched from the old style Mac Pro to the new cylindrical model, so I thought it was an issue with bluetooth on the new machine. Tried this paper trick, and it worked! Thank you!

I tried to paper trick in 2008 when I first got my magic mouse; it worked and I'm still using it. Have not had to do anything else so far. But just about two-weeks ago the mouse losing connecting problem started again with reusing the same paper in place. I have been using this same paper since I first started using that tip. I decided to use a fresh piece of paper; let's see if this will continue to work. Hopefully, hoping that only the paper needed to be replaced. Will come back to update later in a few days.

Perhaps the mice lose connectivity for a variety of reasons. For mine (a sample of 1, I might add), I turned off the bluetooth on my phone. Mouse disconnected almost immediately and at intermittent intervals as it has been. I then powered the phone off. Still cut out. I went ahead and folded an index card and cut to fit. Instantly healed! My mouse picked up its pad and walked! Judging by the responses above, there are at least three plausible errors – 1) battery connection, 2) blue tooth radio interference, and 3) Some sort of protocol pathway disruption, where you have to eliminate the old associative files and reestablish the connection as if it's a different mouse – what I'd call the Bill Gates Reset Solution (How to fix anything in Windows.) I guess there is a 4th possibility – the problem is psychosomatic (If we follow Mr. David's line of reasoning, that must be the case, as how else would the paper fix actually work in multiple cases?)
In any event. It seems that the most common problem is the battery, so I think I'd start there. It doesn't seem completely beyond plausibility to consider the difference in dimensions between disposable batteries and Apple's rechargeables as intentional. Apple being Apple. They're not dumb, but they are annoying like that. (iTunes, old OS non-support, et cetera…)
As far as Apple v- non-Apple products – to each his/her own. I use both platforms and have so for years – even in large quantities like student computer labs. Apple stuff is easier to work, but harder to work on. This seemed balanced by needing fixing less than 'non-apple' products. In this case, I'm thankful for an index card fix.

Thanks for the card stock trick, worked like a charm – have tried several different battery brands and this has been really frustrating. After reading several different solutions, I realized that my mouse usually lost contact when I lightly banged it against the keyboard this solution made sense. A design flaw to be sure, relatively rare for Apple, but a nuisance none the less.

I've become so sick of this magic mouse disco issue, it's a miracle I haven't destroyed it. Came close to just performing a "tear down"/sacrifice several times.
The card trick worked for the past 6 months.
What's worked the best is going on Craigslist and getting an used Mighty Mouse for $25. I now see amazon has them used for $34. The batteries last a lot longer and the older wireless mouse is much more reliable.

been having this issue for a while
tried the paper trick- but no joy
realised it was always happening when my iphone was close by
so i switched the bluetooth off on the phone (and on only when i need it)
and so far so good- no issues
thanks for the advice

i had this issue
paper trick did not work
then i noticed it was only happening when my phone was close by
by experimenting with turning the blue tooth on my phone off and on, revealed that it was interference by my phone

Same here…. and I have the apple batteries. I also have a bluetooth mouse on my PC right less than 5 feet away from the mac and I was thinking it might be causing interference. The paper fix seems to work well.

The disconnection problem is occuring when i let the mouse go and stop using it, sometimes for as little as a few minutes. Duracell Procell. I have tried wedging al foil in between the contacts but not sure it is helping. i noticed the problem went away for a week or so with fresh batteries, but then it came back after 10 days. I do have a wifi boaster within 7 feet of my work station.

Oh damn…
Paper trick was also the solution to this annoying problem!! Can't believe… I thought apple made better components…

Tried the paper trick and so far so good. I agree, that I thought Apple made better products. But I as so frustrated I was ready to try anything. If this stops working I'll let you know.

I am really surprised with the paper stick solution, it is excellent!!
you can imagine that I was on my way to go for another mouse because I am suffering of this dosconnect problem since one year.
This is a great solution, thanks a lot

The paper trick worked for me.
It appears that the battery contacts are incredibly sensitive to the mouse receiving the slightest bump or knock. A fundamental design flaw as far as I am concerned. There really should be a wired version…

Ha, the paper trick is a fantastic solution. Realizing it was a battery connection problem, we had previously tried putting the paper on top of the batteries, so the cover was firmer, but this didn't work. The trick of putting the paper between the batteries is the key to fixing this annoying mouse fault. This problem has been so frustrating; it was stopping every few seconds. I was ready to throw the mouse in the bin!! Thanks so much for your very easy to follow, cheap and non-tech solution. Excellent, try it everyone.

PAPER TRICK!!! Thanks!! Tried so many other fixes and was just about to go and buy a new one when i resorted to do the paper trick as my last fix….simple but genius!!

I finally took to the web to see if there was a solution to the infuriating disconnecting… Turns out there was – a folded piece of paper! Nice one, that was driving me nuts!

Tried the paper trick with results that were better but not great. Reading through I realized it might be caused by a recently added bluetooth connection to my home stereo. At the moment I have wedged a piece of aluminum foil in between the negative terminals and the batteries being certain not to bridge to the two terminals (I don't know if these are series or paralleled). So far so good. I'll report back if things get squirrelly.

After an hour or so things started acting up again, although the disconnect/reconnect was far less frequent and the time lost was much shorter. I guess a non Apple mouse is the answer.

What idiots you people are. Having to put paper inside/on a product is UNACCEPTABLE!
This magic mouse I bought two years ago was a joke and still a joke. Apple has XERO concern for quality or customer satisfaction.
Another reason why I will never buy Apple sh*t products again.

That paper solution is known as a "workaround", simply meaning: Apple's lack of quality.
I have charged my MM2 totally and it still keeps on losing connection.
I reboot my MBP and it works again. Always.
So, it is NOT any battery issue. For me, it is a software issue.
Shame on Apple!!!

Whenever something goes wrong electronically, I always think it's me. My Magic Mouse has connected more consistently in the past. Recently, if it connects when turning it on, I am lucky. If it stays connected, I consider buying a lottery ticket.
However, since the beginning, my mouse was never "found" under mouse preferences–computer just spun and spun.
Under Bluetooth preferences, I didn't have a problem with the mouse connecting, just my MacBook Pro showing as not connected and then not connecting no matter how many times I clicked on connect.
I followed the instructions above:
"Remove Preference files ( from Macintosh HD ->library ->preferences and restart your Mac." Done.
but am unable to do any of the following since restarting my laptop:
"Then make the mouse a favorite. Go to System preferences>Bluetooth. Highlight the mouse and click the settings (little gear icon) and choose show more options. click the gear symbol again and make the mouse favorite."
"Now try to pair Bluetooth devices ( Press the Bluetooth icon in the Menu bar -> Set up Bluetooth Device -> Choose Bluetooth device ->Follow on-screen instructions. Ex : If you are try to connect Bluetooth keyboard, Press the “Enter/Return” button several times, after entering the passphrase shown on Mac screen." (From "Bluetooth Devices Not Connecting to Max OS X" article)
I really hate being without a mouse because as young as I am, I have arthritis in my fingers and using the track pad really cramps my hands.
Any suggestions?

I have the rechargeable battery insert, so the paper trick didn't work. I deleted the pref and still disconnecting and reconnecting…..
any ideas?

The reason my Magic Mouse kept losing connection and then reconnecting was HOW I was using the mouse. Whenever I lifted the mouse up off the hard surface I was working on in order to quickly reposition it I would plop it down onto the hard surface none to gentle. This entirely unconscious action by my hand would shake the battery just for a split second but still enough to break the bluetooth connection. This is also the reason why a piece of paper in the battery compartment would sometimes help in that it prevented the momentary disconnect from the smackdown.
Try being more aware of your own habit of picking up and then putting back down the mouse especially on a hard surface. Good Luck.

The problem is the combination of the mouse's construction and modern batteries. The battery compartment wall is thick plastic, with small round cutouts for the two positive battery poles so they can touch the mouse terminals. The problem is some batteries have poles that don't stick out far enough to get through the plastic and make firm contact with the terminals. You can't just buy the same brand that worked last time either: a make that worked once might not work next time. In the past I've worked through five or six batteries in my rechargeables collection to find two that make good contact. I suppose the solution would be to put a tiny foil wrap in the hole to make up a millimetre or so of the contact gap, to give the batteries a fighting chance of connecting fully.

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