Fixed: macOS High Sierra Screen Flickering

Few of my readers asked me what to do for screen flickering and other screen issues like graphics glitches, after update mac os high sierra on their MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. At times this is affecting the second computer monitor when connecting it to mac. Let’s see how to get rid of this.

mac screen
First to do
If you connected your mac with a second monitor disconnect both of the devices and then connect them together.
Fix 1: Using Command
Launch Terminal on your system.
For that go to Finder -> Go
Then just paste the following command there
          cd /Applications/ ./
After that type this command.
Fix 2: Try It With Keys

  • Shut down your mac.
  • When restarting just press shift-control-option along with power button until hearing a sound.
  • Then reset the System Management Controller[SMC].
  • It doesn’t work, restart it again and do the above process again.

if you knew any other solutions let us know via your comments using the comment box.

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