How to fix MacBook Pro running slow after OS X Yosemite upgrade

Lot of Apple users reported MacBook running slow, freezing and getting hot issue. This issue happedned after Upgrading  MacBook pro (2012 or 2011 model)  from Mavericks to Yosemite.
Solution 1′:-
This problem might happened because FileVault 2  is enabled and it’s currently encrypting the disk. We recently discover solution for Filevault stuck on “Encrption paused’ in OS X Yosemite. So fix that issue first.
Solution 2:-
Reset Mac’s SMC & PRAM. Also remove unwanted Mac startup items like Google Chrome in Mac OS X.
Solution 3:-
Some users noticed “Folder Actions Dispatcher” process in Activity monitor -> Memory using lot of memory.
Go to any folder. Right click it and choose Services -> Folder Actions Setup and uncheck  “Enable Folder Actions”. This may help you to increase your Mac performance.
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Solution 4:-
Download and install Find Any File. Open Find any File app and search the following files using this app.
Find the files which name contain “macpaw” and”cleanmymac”. Drag these files from search results window to desktop for deletion.
Solution 5:-
Download and install EtreCheck software (diagnostic tool ) in your Mac. It will provide detailed report about hardware information, disk information, top process by CPU and top process by memory.
Find and remove or close unwanted apps.
Other solutions;-

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