Fixed : No sound from Macbook Pro to TV through HDMI cable

Lot of Mac users reported this problem. They can’t connect their TV to MacBook Pro through HDMI cable. It showing picture perfectly. Sound goes via laptop speakers and not through the TV.
Reported TVs : 32inch Sony hdtv, samsung, element, vizio, panasonic
Solution 1: Choose your TV

  1. Press and hold the Option key and click the speaker icon in the top menu bar,.
  2. Select your TV from the drop down list.

Note : If your MacBook Pro is older than mid-2010 model, it does’t support audio through Mini-DisplayPort.
Solution 2:-

  1. Navigate to System Preferences -> Sound.
  2. There are 3 tabs available in the window; Sound Effects, Output and Input.
  3. Select the Sound Effects tab.
  4. Middle of the window choose your TV where it says “Play sound effects through:”.
  5. Then choose Output tab.
  6. Choose tour TV from the drop-down list next to HDMI and below where it says “Select a device for sound output”.
  7. Use either Launchpad or Finder and navigate to Applications- > Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup.
  8. Left side of the window will see HDMI. In the middle of the setup window -> Output tab, where it says “Source:” Choose TV from the drop-down list.

If you can’t see a speaker icon next to HDMI in the left side list,
Choose the wheel icon with the down-pointing triangle in the bottom left of the window. Ensure sound output is selected and you can view speaker icon next to HDMI in the list of devices.
If you still can’t hear sound:
Log out of your account and then log back in. You will now have sound coming out of your TV from your computer
Solution 3: Select the right speakers

  1. Navigate to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Sound.
  2. Select the Output tab and choose the speakers you want to use.

Solution 4: Change the Audio device via VLC app

  1. First download and install VLC media player app for Mac from
  2. After installed the app, launch VLC media player.
  3. Top of the drop down menu, select  labelled “Audio”. Navigate to “Audio Device” and choose HDMI there.

Solution 5 : Make sure “Play sound effects through” is selected

  1. Go to System Preferences  -> Display -> Mirror, etc
  2. Then in System Preferences -> Sound -> Sound Effects, ensure that “Play sound effects through” is selected on TV.
  3. Finally navigate to Apps -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI setup, and ensure the HDMI is selected.

Solution 6: Set format to 41000.00Hz

  1. On Mac computer, go to  Applications -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup.
  2. From the left side menu, choose the HDMI device and change the “Format” option to 41000.00Hz.

Solution 7: Select input and output
On your Mac computer, go to System preferences -> sound -> Hdmi  and choose input/output.
Solution 8: Choose the input
Navigate to TV menu -> sound settings -> Choose input to “COMMON”
If you knew any other solutions to fix “MacBook Pro : No sound through HDMI cable”, inform us via comment.

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I have a mid 2009 Mac Book Pro and I couldn't get it to work so I just used a mini jack from the headphones port on the mac to the aux in on my sound bar but I would think it would work on the tv sound in too.

Hi everyone,
I just had this problem and found I was able to select the tv as my audio source only when I had the display set to monitor rather than built-in display. Hope this helps!

We finally got sound by first routing through our flat-screen TV and then through the Blu-Ray player with surround-sound speaker system.

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