Macbook Pro : Built in iSight camera not working? fix

MacBook Pro build-in camera (iSight) has not been working properly. At first the camera works normally then after a while it stops but the green light stays on. When users try to open Photo booth or other apps it says

  • “camera not connected”
  • “No iSight Camera Detected”
  • “There is no camera connected”.

Open Terminal and type the following command.

sudo killall VDCAssistant

This command will restart the camera software. It will fix 90% of camera problems. Now Reopen Skype like apps to check the camera.
Other solutions:-
These solutions suggested by other Apple support community users.

  • Do a back up on your Time Machine.
  • Try to uninstall some audio software.
  • Try to reset SMC.
  • Use Disk Utility to repair permissions.
  • Some times this issue happened because of the hardware issue. Check device warranty status and take it to Apple care. Replacing the full screen might¬†make the iSight camera work again.
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