(Solved) MacBook Pro/Air M1 Screen Crack for No Reason

MacBook Pro / Air Screen Crack for No Reason

Guys, in recent times many people are facing MacBook Pro/ Air M1 cracking the screen itself for no reason. They are fit to be tied when the screen is cracked. At the same time, the cracked screen repair cost is too expensive. Such as you’re paying through the nose. We just buy another MacBook Pro or Air with an M1 chip. But here I’ll help you to solve your MacBook Pro/ Air screen crack with an M1 chip.  That is change your MacBook Pro/ Air crack screen on your own. Even If you’re not a techy person, there is no problem. Just follow my command. Believe me, you can fix it by yourself. Let’s see how to do that. First, we have to buy screen repair products. You may think it looks a bit pricey. But this is not too much price compared to the Apple store repair cost. 

Tools for MacBook Pro/Air Screen Replacement:

First, you have to purchase MacBook Pro/ Air replacement screen on Amazon. (You can go to other online shopping sites or direct shops nearby you) It costs between $200 to $300. And also based on what model MacBook Pro/Air you would have. Then purchase some tools to open and replace the screen in your Mac. For that, you have to buy a Magnetic screwdriver set, cleaning brush, Tweezer, Pry opening tool, Microfiber cleaning towel, and Suction cup (optional). That’s it. It’s all you need to perform the screen replacement. Okay now, let’s move to the main process. 

How to Replace the Macbook’s Cracked Screen: 

Remove the Back Panel:

First, you have to flip your Mac into the backside to remove the back panel. To remove the backside 6 screws, you’ll need a PL 1.2mm screwdriver. 

Once unscrew it. Take off the panel using the Pry tool. Slightly swipe the side of the Mac. 

Disconnect the Battery:

Battery Disconnecty for macbook pro screen replacement

Before beginning the process, just take a few clear pictures for your future references. To put back all items in the correct order. 

1. Okay, first disconnect the power supply from the battery. For that,

Remove the black cover at the top of the battery cable. 

Now lift up the ribbon cable to disconnect the battery. 

2. After that, we have to remove the screw that connects the metal connector to the battery. 

For that, you have to use a T5 screwdriver to unscrew it. 

Now use a pry tool to lift up the metal connector to disconnect the battery. That’s it.

Remove the Plastic Hinge Covers:

remove the plastic hinge cover

1. Next, you have to remove the left and right side Plastic hinge covers on your Mac.

For that, you can use a T5 screwdriver to remove 4 screws in the hinge cover.

Then use the tweezer to pull out the plastic hinge and place them separately. 

Take off the Silver Plates: 

Remove silver plates for mac screen replacement

1. Next, we have to take off the silver plate in the middle of the motherboard.

Because it will connect the motherboard to the screen. 

Use a T3 screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the silver plates

2. Then lift up the ribbon cable using the pry tool. 

Also, remove these silver plates by using the same screwdriver (T3). 

Note: place the silver plates and screw correctly in order to avoid the miss matches. 

Next, remove the four large black screws by using a T5 screwdriver.

Remove the Antenna Unit: 

Remove Antenna Antenna for screen replacement

1. After that, you have to remove the 12 tiny screws that line up the left and right sides.

For that, you can use a PL 0.8mm screwdriver. 

We have to remove the antenna because it connects to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to your Mac. 

For removing the Antenna screw you’ll need a T5 screwdriver set. 

2. Next, remove the Antenna by using the Pry tool

Slightly pull out the antenna that connects to the motherboard (you need to do this with extra care)

Now you can remove the entire heatsink that connects to the antenna. 

You can take it out by rotating the antenna 90 degrees and slightly pulling them up.

Unscrew the Ribbon Cable that goes to the screen:

unscrew the ribbon cable for crack screen replacement

1. You have to use a T4 screwdriver to unscrew the ribbon cable. 

Now pull the ribbon cables forward to separate the screen from the computer.

2. Then you can use the tr8 screwdriver to take out the screen.

Unscrew the screws that hold down the hinges

After that slightly bend the holding hinges to remove the cracked screen

Use a Pry tool or 0-size screwdriver to lift up the hinges forward. 

But don’t put too much pressure on your MacBook. 

Remove the Cracked Screen:

1. Now remove the cracked screen from your Mac.

For that, slightly bend forward the hinges until you remove the screen carefully. 

Replace the New Screen with your Mac:

1. Before attaching the new screen,  just remove the duster on your Mac by using the brush. 

Now take the new screen and remove the wrapped covers around the screen and ribbon cable

Don’t remove the screen cover until we attach the screen. 

2. Okay now slightly lift up the hinges 90 degrees in the new screen very carefully.

Now carefully slide the motherboard into the screen hinges.

Adjust the hinges until they set well on the motherboard. 

3. Once it is set correctly, use the 0-size screwdriver to down the hinges until you will close the lid normally.

Now just screw the hinges a little bit tighter and check you’ll be able to open the Mac. 

If it is okay now, place all the screws back into the motherboard correctly.

Double-check the screen if it opens and closes correctly and align it straightly. 

You can use the picture that we took already for our references. 

Turn ON your Mac and Check the Screen:

Now your screen replacement is successfully done. Turn on your mac and check if the screen will work perfectly. If your Mac doesn’t turn on, charge your Mac and reset your Mac by using the Command + Control + Power button until the Mac starts up itself. 


That’s it, guys, this is the way to solve your MacBook Pro/ Air screen crack issue. I hope it will save your dollars to pay Apple repair costs. Here we did it with $300 – $350 dollars. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any doubts or suggestions then let me know through the comment section below. And keep supporting iPhonetopics.com

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