Fixed: MacBook Pro, Air, iMac Goes to Sleep randomly While in Use

One of the Mac users has a complaint that his MacBook Pro keeps going to sleep randomly. He said that it goes to sleep while in use. I also had this problem with my iMac. My iMac keeps going to sleep by itself. Then one of the Mac users said some solutions to fix this issue. Here I am going to share those solutions with you.
Why My MacBook Air/Pro keeps going to sleep unexpectedly?
In our Mac, we can set a time to make it sleep automatically. Many Mac users enable this option and say my mac keeps going to sleep by itself while in use.
How to prevent the Mac from going to sleep by itself?
Solution 1: Disable sleep timer

  1. Go to Apple Menu->System Preferences->Energy Saver.
  2. Select Power Adapter tab.
  3. There you can see two options: Computer sleep and Display Sleep. Set Computer sleep to Never and Display sleep to 15 min.
  4. To set them to Never, drag the slider until it reaches Never (at the right corner).

Note:  You can set the time to put your Mac sleep. It will automatically go to sleep when it reaches the time that you select (even it is in use).
Solution 2: Check for Mission Control

  1. Go to Apple Menu->System Preferences->Mission Control.
  2. Click Hot Corners.
  3. Make sure that Put Display to Sleep option is not selected for any corner.

Solution 3: Reset SMC
If your Mac has a non-removable battery,

  1. Shut down your Mac via Apple menu->Shut Down.
  2. Press and hold the Shift + Control + Option + Power Button simultaneously.
  3. Then release them at the same time.
  4. Turn on your Mac.

If your Mac has a removable battery,

  1. Remove the battery out of your Mac.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds.
  3. Insert the battery into your Mac.
  4. Turn on your Mac by Pressing Power Button.

Solution 4: Reset NVRAM/PRAM

  1. Turn off your Mac via Apple menu->Shut Down (or) press the Power Button until your Mac shut down.
  2. Press the Power Button to turn on your Mac.
  3. Then immediately press and hold the Option + Command + P + R keys simultaneously as quickly as possible after pressing the Power Button.
  4. Keep pressing until you hear the startup sound for the second time.

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Other Solutions:

  1. Don’t use magnets near to your mac. Because it may make your Mac sleep.
  2. You may accidentally press the Power Button. So make sure that you haven’t pressed the Power Button.

If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

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