How to Fix Mac Trackpad Moving but Not Clicking

When MacBook Pro or MacBook Air awoken from standby mode, the trackpad moves the cursor as normal but it will not respond to tap or a click. Restarting the computer not fix the issue.
Solution 1: Check the Magic Mouse
Check your Magic mouse is accidentally turned on or not. Some time it will turned on your notebook bag and make this issue. So turned the Magic mouse off.
Solution 2:
This issue might happened because of the dust or crumbs in the Clickpad.
Hold the Mac laptop upside down and tab the clickpad hard several times (Push hard on the Mac trackpad and apply pressure across the whole trackpad surface).
Solution 3: Tun on One Tap click
Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Trackpad and choose “one tap click”.
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If you knew any other solutions for MacBook Pro or MacBook Air Trackpad moving but not clicking issue, inform us via comment.

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