Fixed: Mac Startup Sound/Chime not Working

As you all know MacBooks are make the chime while you start up the Mac. It produces very effective sound and familiar chime. But, If you using the same Mac for a long time, you may get the problem of “Mac Startup sound/chime not working”. So that Apple company tries some trials and errors to fix this problem. Luckily, it found the better way to solve this issue efficiently. Here, I gonna share you that possible fixes to get rid of this issue.
Fix 1: Check if your Mac is in Mute

  1. At the Apple menu click on the “System Preferences”.
  2. Select “Sound”.
  3. Click on the “Output” tab and then select the “Internal speakers”.
  4. If the Volume slider is in low, move the slider to full volume and test again.
  5. If the “Mute” checkbox is selected, deselect it.

Fix 2: Reset PRAM on Mac
To reset PRAM

  1. Power off your Mac.
  2. Press and hold “Command+Option+P+R” keys together.
  3. Press the Power Button and continue to hold that keys.
  4. After your Mac gets restart on the second time, release the buttons.

Note: Resetting a PRAM is very helpful to solve hardware related problems like MacBook Air’s keyboard is not responding, or trackpad is lagging and more.
Fix 3: Reset SMC

  1. Shut down your Mac.
  2. Remove the power adapter and also disconnect all the external accessories from Mac.
  3. Press and hold “Shift + Control + Option + Power” keys at the same time.
  4. Release all the keys at the same time after a few seconds.
  5. Then, Power on your Mac by pressing the “Power Button”.

Hope the above fixes are helpful for your problem. If you find this article as useful to you kindly share your opinion via comments.

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