How to Create, Merge, Resize Partitions on Mac

Creating new partitions on the Mac is really easy one. Also you can resize, delete, merge partions from any internal and external hard drives in Mac OS X.

Its have a default partition manger app named Disk Utility.

Before doing these steps make sure you have a full backup of your hard drive important files and documents.

Also, you can backup your hard drive using Time Machine.

How to create/add a new hard drive partion in Mac OS X

  1. Open Disk Utility app from /Applications/Utilities/.
  2. From the left side of the app, select the hard drive you want to partition.
  3. Choose the “Partition’ tab. disk utility partition
  4. Press the (+) button to create a new partition.
  5. Provide a name for your new partition, choose the filesystem type (By default it have Mac OS Extended Journaled) and select a size either by dragging the slider in the partion map or enter manually.
  6. Press the “Apply” button to create a new partition.

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How to delete/merge a partition

Deleting a partion is really easy as creating one. Follow the same method to add a new partition, choose the partition you want to delete, and press (-) button.

Press the “Apply” button for changes effect.

Note : If you delete a existing portition, you will lose data that exists on it.

How to resize/enlarge existing partitions

Resizing partition feature allow you to grow or shrink your portition size.

  1. On the “Partitions” tab, drag the separator bar up and down to resize your hard drive partition.
  2. Alternatively, select the partion you want to resize. Enter size value in GB in Size box.
  3. Click the “Apply” button to resize the partition.

Your MacBook does not need any reboot to apply these changes.

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