Boot into Single-user or Verbose mode

Booting a Mac computer in Verbose mode is really useful in troubleshooting.  You can start your Mac computer either verbose mode or single user mode using keyboard shortcut.
This mode used in software development or troubleshooting.
Start up in Verbose or Sing-user mode

  1. First shut down your computer if its already on.
  2. Press the Power button to start the Mac system.
  3. Immediately press and hold the one of the following keyboard key combination.
  • (Command + S) – ‘S’ key for single user mode.
  • (Command + V) – ‘V’ key for Verbose mode.

If you see white text appears on the Mac screen, then you have successfully entered in verbose or Single-user mode.
How to exit in Single-user mode
If you want to exit Single-user mode, just type


and then click Return.
verbose mode will automatically exit when your system’s  startup process progresses sufficiently and blue screen appears.
Note: The steps verbose mode takes saved in a log file. You can view this file via Applications/Utilities/Console. Check the system.log and see the boot sequence or Open Terminal  app and type: sudo dmesg >> ~/Desktop/kernlog.txt to save the contents of the boot sequence.
Why my computer does not progress beyond Verbose mode?
If you mac system does not progress beyond Verbose mode and don’t show progression messages, press and hold the Power button until your computer shutdown.
Notes :-

  • If you not develop any software, verbose or single-user mode only needed for troubleshooting Mac startup issues.
  •  You can’t boot into verbose or single user mode, if your computer administrator enabled pen Firmware Password Protection.
  • Single user mode keyboard layout is US – English.
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