10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts – You Must Know

In this hasty world, we don’t have much time. For everything, we need a shortcut. In that way only, we can fulfill all our needs without wasting time. Likewise, we can use keyboard shortcuts to make our work simple and easy. Here I am gonna tell you some Mac Keyboard shortcuts.

10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts - You Must Know

Command + Shift + 3

Screenshot shortcut key on mac

Taking a screenshot is the necessary thing that people look for the most in the Mac. So you have to press these three keys simultaneously to take the screenshot.  And if you wish to take the screenshot of the selected area then use Command + Shift + 4.

Shift + Control + Power Button

Multiple display shortcut keys in mac

If you are a person who always uses multiple displays at a time, then this is for you. Press Shift+Control+Power Button to put all your displays to sleep at a time. This shortcut is really useful and will save your time for sure.

Command + w

Close active app shortcut keys in mac

Normally people want everything to be done quickly. So if you want to close all the active app tabs then just press Command + w. Simple right!

Command + G

Find a words in document and website shortcut keys

This is really a very necessary and time-saving shortcut. For example, You use Command + F to find the words in the documents or any other sites. As like that, you can use Command+G to navigate to the exact instant of the documents. If you want to find the word “Lion” it will navigate to all such words in the document.

Command + Semicolon (:) 

misspelled word shortcut key on Mac

If you want to check the document that you write obviously you have to note whether all the spellings in it are right or wrong. So this shortcut will help you to find the misspelled words in the document. You can find the words and change them easily.

Shift + Command + I

iCloud Drive shortcut keys in mac

This shortcut will help you to go to the iCloud drive. Otherwise, we have to click lots of options to go to it. That's a little bit time-consuming. So you can use this command to go to that easily.

Control + Command + Power button

Force restart short cut key on mac

Force restart your Mac which is very much necessary and needed. Press the three buttons simultaneously to Force Restart your Mac.

Option + Command + Y

Quick Look slideshow of the selected files shortcut key on mac

To Show the Quick Look slideshow of the selected files.

Command + Space bar

spotlight search shortcut key on mac

This shortcut is used to hide/show the spotlight search field.

Command + Shift+V

paste keyboard shortcut keys

This shortcut is really an awesome one if you are a person who works in safari the most then this is obviously for you. This is for Paste and match style in safari. You can simply copy and paste without the previous formatting.

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