Mac : Can't Connect Bluetooth Headphones [Solved]

Lot of Mac OS X users reported this issue. They can’t connect their bluetooth headphone to MacBook Pro. Mac does not seem to find headphones.

  1. On your Mac computer, launch bluetooth settings: Hold Alt/Option down and click bluetooth symbol at the top of the menubar or navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth. Ensure bluetooth is turned on. loading symbol
  2. If you seeing the loading symbol take your headphones and press the Power button and hold for exactly 7 seconds.
  3. Then you can see headphones in the bluetooth devices and the pair button. Push pair button. Now try to listen song.

This method works most of the Mac OS X version like EL cation, Mavericks and Yosemite.
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19 responses to Mac : Can't Connect Bluetooth Headphones [Solved]

Thank you! I have searched so many articles, and none lead me to the answer I needed! Much appreciated! Now I can use my headphones with my Mac!

Really? This is the solution?
Two apple products working together and the solution is;
Hold the Option button down while launching Bluetooth and then with your other hands press the power button on your Beats for "exactly seven seconds"?
Then, just for laughs, stick you finger in your nose and say, "PCs suck"
Maybe me dial-up connection is just quirky.

Almost all wireless headphones need to be paired by holding down the power button for seven seconds. It's not just some stupid mac thing.

Lolz. Thought this was garbage and wouldn't work, but then it did. Guess I'm stupid.
Done with Sony Headphones and a MacBook Pro 2015 running High Sierra.

I just bought some true-wireless earbuds (cheaper than airpods), and I just see the working symbol, but it never connects. I don't have a power button to hold for 7 seconds. They either turn off after some minutes of inactivity, or I put them back in the charging case. Any suggestions for this?

Hey, holding down the power button of my Sony WI-C300 for a few seconds made the pairing work on my Mac OS 10.14! Thanks!

Biiiiingoooo, I'm happy, I finally found the solution to the problem with El Capitan 10.11.6 and my Sony headset to use the bluetooth.
After much searching for a long time, thank you very much, I thank you very much for your help

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