Outlook for Mac 2011 – Email templates

Mail Templates contains frequently used messages. For future purpose we can create and save email templates.
Why we create email templates
If we send information using email templates that do not change often.
Method 1: Use Option key

  1. Create a new folder called Templates.
  2. Create email, including attachments.
  3. Save as a draft.
  4. Drag the draft to the templates folder.
  5. Highlight the email, press Option and drag out a whole bunch of copies.

How to resend the text to others
Use the Scrapbook feature. It allows us to insert text into emails.

  1. Open a new email.
  2. Click the “Options” tab on the email message, Click “Scrapbook” or, click “View >Scrapbook”.
  3. Select the text you want to resend to others and click “+Add”.

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How to make a new Signature in Outlook for Mac 2011
Try the below steps:

  1. Copy the message you want to send more than one time.
  2. Click on Outlook > Preferences >Signatures.
  3. Click on +”make new Signature”.
  4. Paste your message there.

If you want to send email, click the new message and put the emails you want to send to. I put them in “BCC” and then select the message from the signature.

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