Apple’s new arrival: Leather sleeve case for all iPhone models

Apple Leather sleeve case for iPhone

Apple leather sleeve case for iPhone

Apple is meant for new events and things. They literally proved that, by launching new accessories day by day. On Friday they released the Leather Sleeve case with the MagSafe feature. They broke the news already in October during the Apple event about the Leather Sleeve case.

The price is around 129 $ since it is made of specially tanned and finished European Leather it costs an arm and a leg. The leather sleeve case has a pocket inside the case so that you can hold your accessories like a Bank card etc., Magsafe charger is included with it.

It is perfectly designed so that it exactly fits and tightly holds your iPhone. But Apple warns, that after continuous usage with the MagSafe charger it may leave a “Slight imprint”. The Leather case came in four different colors Baltic Blue, Pink Citrus, Saddle Brown, and PRODUCT( Red). It is compatible with all the iPhone 12 models. The shipping starts in the mid of December. Stay home Stay safe 🙂

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