5 Best Laugh And Funny Jokes Apps For iPhone, iPad, iPod

Laughing keeps us away from the diseases. If we are joining with our friends there is no need for other sources to make us laugh. But in this hasty world, even the best friends are shaking their hands via mobile phones. So whenever we need an instant energy we have only the mobile phones all the times. So we need not rely on anything to make us happy, it may be a funny or laughs app that will enough and ensure our laugh with its timely joke. So on this page, I am going to discuss the best joe laugh apps.
Epic Jokes – Best Jokes Ever ( Free )
epic jokes
Here you find the best joke app. Yes, this app filled with thousands of jokes in 7 funny categories. Also, you need not read the same jokes anymore man, every day you will get new jokes, that too in customized themes. Also, you can save the jokes on your Favourites list. Even sharing options also there then what else you want?
With this app you can make many people laugh, that is a real boon man! This requires iOS 8.0 or later versions. Also available only in English.
Best Corny jokes! Silly LOL! ( Free)
corny jokes
The corny jokes in this app may be illogical but you will laugh for sure. Though they are silly to tell, that will make a laughter even in the moody person. Even there are some facilities that, you can send this corny jokes to your loved ones via Email, also can directly post this on FB. Even there is a feature to save favorite jokes, and also send an SMS too. Then what else you need. Just rock with this jokes app.
At some stage we need to forget the reality, just download it to relax. It supports the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch which are running iOS 8.0 or later versions. It is only available in English.
Funny Pics LOL! – Daily, Wallpapers, Quotes ( Free )
funny pics
In this app, you can get the selected pics to make you laugh. Even your friends will be amazed at where you get this pictures. Also, you can share those picture. More interestingly you can get the likes and laughs for your pictures from your friends. Daily updates will be available too. Also, it supports ads.
It is available in English only. Also, it requires iOS 6.0 or later versions.
LDS Laughs (Free)
lds laughs
This app contains 230 LDS gags, which are given examples by famous Mormon cartoonist.  Every week you will get a new gag. This mostly about the life and culture of Mormons. This app filled with each and every moments that are happening in an attracting way. This will definitely make you to fell down while laughing.
Even you can browse the jokes in the app itself, this too has the share option via famous social media. You can zoom up to see the details. This will work fine especially on iPhone 5.
This supports iOS 7.0 or later versions. And it available in English, Spanish.
Yo Mama Jokes ( Free)
yo mama jokes
This holds the set of funniest at the same time wittiest to share it with anyone. This is about Yo Mama’s behavior, state, and everything but that surely will attract you. Which normally consists of 100 jokes.
These are all not only comical, also wise so you will show off yourself with this jokes in front of the world. Even with that, you can make them laugh a lot.
This app needs iOS versions running 6.1 or later iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Also this available only in English.
Winding up
From the previous discussion, you may come to the conclusion which will make you and your friends laugh more. As I said above laughing is a great pleasure, making someone to laugh is definitely a boon. So select the best app to make everyone to be happy including yourself Dude!

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