How to Fix Java Desktop Popup issue on OS X Yosemite

After upgrading MacBook Pro to OS X Yosemite, lot of Mac users get annoying popup message to install Java Runtime environment on system startup.
If they install latest version of Java like Java 8, they also get same popup message again.
So how to fix this issue? 
Java Desktop popup on Yosemite
Solution 1:-
If you want to avoid annoying Java popup message, install older java version in your Mac.
Download  and install Java for OS X 2014-001 from Apple website.
After installing this version of Java, the popup message no longer appears.
This solution also works in MacBook Pro 2011 model.
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Solution 2:-
If you think,  installing older and unsupported version of Java might creating security issues, you can use another method.
Go to your system library and find LaunchAgents folder.
Hold down option key while using the finder “Go to Folder” command.
Type  ~/Library/LaunchAgents.
Yosemite installed an Alias ( Ex:  from your resource folder that launches this Java Runtime environment popup message.
If you want to remove this popup message, move the Alias to trash.
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6 responses to How to Fix Java Desktop Popup issue on OS X Yosemite

I tried the step and when I rebooted the computer the file is still removed but the popup came up again. Do you have any other suggestions?

After reading the above comments I have decided to just put up with this annoying pop up. I think whomever is responsible for this Java crap should be horsewhipped. Who do they think they are coming on to our computer screens uninvited over and over and over? There ought to be a law.

This popup is the worst. I resent this PC like glitch. It is a huge affront to Jobs.
Apple should step up provide a solution.

I found that plist file not in my user Library (~Library), but in the root-level Library.
Also, the computer I am on (one for work), DOES have the Java Runtime in Preferences. I opened that, which opened a whole different application, and I deselected the 'check for updates' and 'warn of updates'…
This crap is what Windows does, this kind of crap is one of the numerous reason I hate windows. I HATE it that Apple is doing the worst of what Windows does.

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