iTunes won't add MP4 video files to the library, fix

When users try to add .mp4 video files to the iTunes library using “add file to library” or dragging, nothing happens. It worked on Mac. But not on Windows. Video files does not appears in Movies or TV shows.
So how to fix this issue?
Fix 1:- (Restart your system)
First restart your computer. Then check the issue. If your issue does not fixed, re-install the computer and restart it.
Fix 2:- (Check the .mp4 file attribute)
Check the file attribute of .mp4 file. Right click the .mp4 file. In properties, uptick “Read Only” option.
Fix 3:- (Set files media kind as Movie)
Select all movies in Home movie folder, right click it -> Get info -> options -> Set Media kind as Movie.
itunes File media kind movie
Fix 4:- (Create home videos folder)

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Find the iTunes media folder location via  Edit->preferences->Advanced
  3. In your computer, browse the media folder location.
  4. Now create a folder named  “home videos” inside iTunes media folder.
  5. Sometimes this folder may missing on your system. So this will fix your issue.

Other solutions:-

  • Install QuickTime.
  • Shutdown QuickTime. (the files had been opened in QuickTime. This may prevent them being added to the iTunes library). Now check the files in Home video folder -> list view.
  • Repair QuickTime.

If you have any other solutions or iTunes 12 issues, do let us via comment.

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