Best free iTunes Visualizer Plugins for Mac

List of best free iTunes visualizer plugins for Mac.
LED Spectrum Analyzer – Free iTunes visualizer plug-in for Mac OS X. It creates hi-fi system style spectrum analyser display.
Just copy and move the “LED Spectrum Analyser.bundle” file into the “iTunes Plug-ins” folder (~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins). You can open this plugin via iTunes View -> Visualizer menu.
iTunes visualizer
GasLight – Its compatible with iTunes 11 or later and provide putty brushed metal style.
Jacket – This is a first 64-bit iTunes visualizer. This plugin display artwork, album art with artist/albume name and song and lyrics.
Toggle lyrics by pressing the L key.
Cover Version – It display animated album cover artwork effects like flapping flag, vertigo effect, sliding pane etc.
Cubism – Simple iTunes visualizer addon.
Fountain (32 bit)- Its no work with iTunes 10.5 or later. Fountain plugin visualize music with a fountainy thing.
These plugins works with iTunes 11 or iTunes 10 or may be with iTunes 12.
If you knew about any other free iTunes visualizer to download (Which works with Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, iTunes 12), inform us via comment.

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The LED Spectrum works well for me… You should put the bundle file in the OSX library, not in the User library nor in the System library… A really great visualiser with a lots of settings.

Is the problem with version of OS X or version of iTunes?
Mine is not working for some time not sure which change made issue.
I am running El Capitan

Hi there
Have the same problems like many others…
No working LED Spectrum plug in…
Can someone give some instructions for:
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
thanks alot!!

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