Best free iTunes Visualizer Plugins for Mac

Mostly everyone likes to hear the music. It’s a hobby for all and they relax the mind on hearing music. Since most of them hear the audio music through phone/Mac.  Especially the Mac users like to hear music from iTunes with the extra visual plugin. Do you hear about the iTunes visualizer? Is nothing but iTunes had a visualizer on mac. With the built-in animated audio music, lighting and etc.  

Here you can see the best iTunes visualizer plugin for mac.

LED Spectrum Analyzer – it gives a free iTunes visualizer plug-in for Mac OS. It creates a Hi-fi system-style spectrum analyzer display.
Just copy and move the “LED Spectrum Analyser. bundle” file into the “iTunes Plug-ins” folder (~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins). You can open this plugin via iTunes View -> Visualizer and choose the audio visualizer from iTunes.

Then select the view and choose the Show Visualizer.

iTunes visualizer

1. G-Force


G-Force music visual is legendary to do better. It supports all Windows and macOS. There are many features available on it- 1. Easy to use – it helps to control and customize the screen on the menu.

2. G-Force allows a free update for one year.

3. The visuals have a screensaver and standalone music app.

 2. Aeon

Aeon visual music

This Aeon creates a new dimension for music visualization. It gives a rich look and different colour to music. Its main feature allows them to real-time audio experience of music through the aeon visual.

3. Fountain Music(32 bit)

Mountain music is an iTunes visual plugin. It shows beats sound with animated effects of the mountain. It really looks rainy and interesting to see animated music with different types of color. Try to experience this plugin to see more. These plugins work with iTunes 12, 11 10.

4. Cubism

cubism music visual

Cubism is pretty simple to download the music and easy to access. It looks like a cubic box. It display with animated color and displays the remaining time in the track. If you are looking for more animated color and effect with fun. Then this is the perfect one to music visualize.

5. Cover Version 

cover vexsion for itunes visual

This cover version displays the animated album cover album artwork effects with different effects- flapping flag, rotating cuboid, vertigo effect.

6. Gaslight

(Free download)

It’s compatible with iTunes 11 or later and provides a putty brushed metal style.

Guys, these are the best iTunes visualizer plugin for mac. And if you know any other free iTunes visualizer to download (Which works with Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, iTunes 12), tell me in the comment section. Thank you.

  1. The LED Spectrum works well for me… You should put the bundle file in the OSX library, not in the User library nor in the System library… A really great visualiser with a lots of settings.

  2. Is the problem with version of OS X or version of iTunes?
    Mine is not working for some time not sure which change made issue.
    I am running El Capitan

  3. Hi there
    Have the same problems like many others…
    No working LED Spectrum plug in…
    Can someone give some instructions for:
    OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
    thanks alot!!

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