iTunes Extremely Slow or freeze in "Extracting software" – Fixed

I tried to update iOS on my iPhone, when it  asked me to upgrade. But all of a sudden, there’s an error occurred, the upgrade failed. Then i opened iTunes to extract the files to restore. My iPhone was freeze. I can witness that the ‘Extracting Software’ option is on the top, but the progress bar was dead slow. Even i have canceled that extracting process because of the stuck. Very annoying it was.
In this article i am sharing the solution i have used to solve this issue.
Fix 1: via updating iTunes

  • First you have to update your iTunes with latest version.
  • Also you have to update your Mac or PC.
  • Just plug in your iOS device [iPhone, iPod, iPad] directly with your Mac or PC’s USB port.

Note: Don’t connect it through USB hub or connected keyboard.

  • Then turn the both devices off, then turn it on again.
  • If necessary you have to upgrade, or alter, or delete an troubleshooting third party software. Because those kind of software may cause the problem by interfering between the computer and iTunes connection.
  • Now, again restore and upgrade your device.
  • This may help to solve this issue.

Fix 2
Just deactivate your Firewall and Antivirus [if you have].
Fix 3
Or just tap nearby the Progress bar at the bottom of “Extracting Software”.
Fix 4
This may happen because your iDevice may running a backup or Sync with Mac or PC. you have to wait until the backup completes. Even you can cancel the backup if you have taken the backup already.
Fix 5
At time the extracting process may delay because of the size of the file or due to the internet connection.
If you know any other solutions let us know via comments.

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