Fixed : iTunes Could not Connect to iPhone Bcoz Device Timed Out

While iPhone users try to connect their device to iTunes, it shows an error message like “iPhone could not connect to iTunes because device timed out”.This error occurs because of the poor network connectivity or antivirus app blocking the connection between servers and iTunes software. Here, you can see some solutions to solve the problem.

Fix 1: Reset Network Settings

  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  • And Enter your passcode, if asked.
  • After that, to confirm the process again tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • Now further, Restart your iPhone. For that, press and hold the sleep button and Home button together until the Apple logo appears. Finally, try to connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Fix 2: Delete Lockdown folder on Mac/Windows

If you could not connect to iTunes or any other issue. Just simply resetting the lockdown folder will fix this connection and backup issue. To do that,

  1. On Mac, go to the folder and type as /var/dp/lockdown then click the Return button.
  2. Now select the icon and in the finder column press Edit and select all.
  3. After that, select the files and move to trash.

Fix 3: Update the iTunes

If iTunes is not updated to the latest version of iOS. Make sure to update iTunes to the latest version. To do that,

     1.On iTunes, click the Help and choose the Check for updates. 

2. Then update your iTunes.

Fix 4:  Temporarily Disable or Uninstall the Antivirus program

Sometimes your computer or mobile antivirus might block the connection between iPhone and iTunes. If the problem with antivirus. So try this one, disable or uninstall the antivirus program to resolve the problem.

These are simple methods to solve the problem on iTunes and iPhone. And if you know any other solutions to fix this issue. Kindly leave that in the comment box. Thank you.




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