How to fix "iTunes Match Unknown Error (4010)"

When users try to setup iTunes match, they getting error message like “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred (4010.)” at the end of step 1. Some times it froze at step 3.
Reason for this error message
Users mostly get this error message when they try to import songs from another MacBook Pro or iMac. If you already enabled family sharing and the songs that downloaded from other family members accounts might trigger this error message.
iTunes unknown error 4010
Solution 1:-
Try to delete the songs purchased by other family members.
Solution 2:-

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Navigate to Store menu.
  3. Try to hold Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) while turning iTunes Match off. Then enable iTunes Match.
  4. Restart the computer.

Solution 3:-

  1. Try to update iTunes match via Store -> Update iTunes Match.
  2. Close iTunes Match then re-open again.
  3. Choose unmatched songs. Right click and select “add to iCloud”.

Other Solutions:-

  • Reset iTunes Match settings.
  • Restart computer and open iTunes Match. When it getting started stop iTunes Match process and Genius update. So no spinning wheel anymore. Then select Store > Update Genius. After genius update done, select iTunes Match and press “start”.

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4 responses to How to fix "iTunes Match Unknown Error (4010)"

I've been having a ton of trouble with this for the last two weeks. I think I deleted my family purchases… but having trouble verifying? Is there a way to create a smart list to find purchases by account/user?

disregard… I believe this did fix it. it took a tedious bit by bit "Add to iCloud" to find the culprit. the was a track that I don't remember pulling from Family Purchases but must have the seems to be causing the conflict. all good now that it was removed.

i have tried to do Solutions 2,3 and other solutions. My issue with Solution 1, deleting songs purchased by other family members is that I don't know which ones my husband purchased that I am seeing in my songs. He purchases a LOT of songs on itunes and trying to find all those songs in my library would take forever. Is there a way to separate out his songs, or have us "unshare" so I can at least get my songs back in the CLOUD?
Thanks for any help on this

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