How to Fix iTunes Keeps Re-opens/ Restarting After You Close it

How to Fix iTunes Keeps Re-opens Restarting After You Close it

When Mac users try to quit (cmd + Q) iTunes, it instantly re-opens or keeps restarting. This issue mostly happened in iTunes 12, iTunes 10, iMac, Windows 7, or Windows 8 64-bit. It’s making frustrating to users. Don’t worry guys. Here is the article I will show you on how to fix this issue. So let’s try the below methods and get benefited.

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Solution 1: Remove or disable Apps

  1. Uninstall Gimme Some Tune.
  2. Hazel (clean-up utility) automatically adds music and PDFs from your Music and Documents folder directly into the iTunes library.
  3. So remove these rules or uninstall this software.
  4. Next, disable Hyperdock.
  5. Remove or disable the I Love Stars app.
  6. Avoid launching UAC (music app).

Solution 2: Delete Preference files

  1. Remove .plist files from the preference folder, inside the library folder.
  2. /username/Library/Preferences/ folder.
  3. Ex :

Solution 3: Delete Widgets 

Delete widgets that were directly related to iTunes like the timer/alarm clock widget which can play iTunes music as an alarm.
Ex: Red alarm clock.

Solution 4: Set Compatible Mode

  1. If you are using a Window operation system, follow this method.
  2. Right-click the iTunes shortcut on the desktop and select ” Open containing folder“.
  3. Right-click the iTunes.exe file and choose properties.
  4. Choose the Compatibility tab.
  5. Set Windows 7 or 8 compatible mode.
  6. Check this box “Run this program as an administrator“.

Solution 5: Log out of iTunes 

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Then log out of iTunes and log in back.

Solution 6: Un-Check Wi-Fi sync

  1. Un-check the ” Wi-Fi sync” feature within iTunes.

Solution 7: Quit iTunes

  1. If you use Windows OS, use Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt+ Delete) to quit iTunes (as a temporary solution).

Solution 8: Turn Off Bluetooth 

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and try again to exit iTunes.

Solution 9: Turn OFF iTunes Sharing Features

  1. Turn off iTunes-specific sharing features in iTunes preferences like “home-sharing” and “individual playlist sharing“.


That’s it. If your iTunes automatically reopens itself issue still occurs then contact your Apple support team. And if you know any other suggestions or doubts let me know through the comments section below. Thank you and keep supporting

  1. None of these solutions worked. I am on Windows 8.1 64bits. I have iTunes
    Thank you in advance for your help.


  2. None of these worked either, and I am similar to Jake. on an additional note, mine states that multiple applications are using iTunes and are keeping it from closing.

  3. I'm in the same boat. I will try Solution 4 today…
    Do we have a fix for this because it's really annoying.
    Windows 8.1

  4. Same problem today with new install of iTunes on my windows 10 iTunes.
    Immediately after closing, terminating process etc it restarts, even tried killing it and all related processes via task manager. No luck.
    Not using wifi, Bluetooth etc.
    what do I need to do to get iTunes closed when I'm not using it?

  5. Windows 8.1 64 bit.
    Suddenly, every time I shut iTunes down it reopens within seconds.
    Shutdown message, "One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface. Do you want to quit? It's like it's stuck in a loop. Sure could use some help.

  6. I am on a mac, osX. and none of these worked for me. It is, btw, iTunes on the Mac itself, not on a portable device.

  7. This has been happening both on my phone (iPhone 7+) and my macbook pro. My phone will start playing random stuff (songs plus podcasts) even when I'm out on a hike so far away from anything set to sync. My macbook will just suddenly start blasting a song in the middle of the night. My phone is set to sleep immediately. I have no remotes in the house that have been synced to either device.
    One thing I did do recently (about a month ago) was to sync my phone with my macbook. Before that I had no music from my Macbook on my phone.

  8. I find that it's my Last.FM scrobbler. If I close it first, wait about 15 seconds to make sure it's gone, then I can usually close iTunes instantly.

  9. Re item 4, I don't get ” Open containing folder” listed and can't proceed further. I operate on Windows 7 and the iTunes program keeps re-opening after I have attempted to close it. There is also a message stating "One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface. Do you want to quit?" I press 'yes' but still it keeps on re-opening.

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