iTunes Error 17 – Here’s the Real Fix

Most of iPhone users have faced the issue that iTunes error 17. If they updated the iOS from 10 to 11, the iTunes 17 error will have occurred. It’s frustrating to them. In this article, I am going to tell you some solution to fix this problem.
Solution 1: Update the iTunes to the current version

  • If your iTunes version is old, you should update the current version. It may resolve this problem.
  • For that, launch “iTunes” on your Mac. In the menu bar tap on the “iTunes” -> select “Check for Updates” -> follow some steps to update the iTunes current version.

Solution 2: Test Your Internet Connection

  • Sometimes iTunes shows this error if Wi-Fi or Internet Connection is too bad.
  • So, you must have to check your internet connection. Then if it good, the iTunes won’t  shows the error.

Solution 3: Disable Anti-Virus software on your Mac or Windows

  • If you have Anti-Virus software on your Computer, it can restrict the iTunes to apple server for connecting.
  • You should uninstall the software and use the iTunes, it may be fixed your problem.

Solution 4: Reset the Hosts File

  • Launch :Applications” -> click “Utilities “. Tap on “terminal” and then open it.
  • Type this command :

              sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

  • To run a command, click “Return”. Then enter the password to unlock the Mac Account or Screen.
  • Next, on your Mac screen, you can see the “Host File”.namo-img
  • Enter this line:


  • Then click “Control+O” to save your host file. If you want to exit, click “Control+X”. Finally “Restart” your Mac.
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