3 Best iTunes Backup Password recovery for Windows & Mac

I am not really suggest iOS users to use iTunes backup password recovery software to recover lost iPhone, iPad or iPod encrypted backup password. Because it take lot of time and you need to buy a software for this task.

So first read my earlier article “Can’t Remember iPhone, iPad Backup Password? Here is the solution for you” and try to find the iPhone, iPad or iPod backup password.

If you can’t recover your iTunes backup file password, then try these software. These data recovery apps might help you to find forgotten iPhone backup password.

Note : I list these software based on other Apple iOS users suggestion. If you find any issues in these software, inform us via comment.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker (Free trial, Standard- $49.95 & Professional – $69.95)

elcomsoft phone breaker

This software support most of the iPhone, iPad and iPod modes. Lot of Apple community users suggested this software to remove iPhone backup password. But this software only works with Windows platform.

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jihosoft iTune unlocker  (free) (Windows only)

Free iPhone Backup Password Recovery Tool. It is free for non-commercial use. So try this software to find your iPad, iPod or iPhone backup file password.

iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS (Window & Mac) – Free Trial, $69.95

It available for both Windows and Mac computers. Scan your iOS device and recover lost notes, contacts, photos, messages, call logs and videos.

If you knew any other good software to recover lost iPhone or iPad encrypted backup file password, inform us via comment.

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9 responses to 3 Best iTunes Backup Password recovery for Windows & Mac

Without the backup passcode the only option is to restore the phone and set it up as New. You get unlimited guesses for the passcode, so you might try a bunch of passcodes that you have used in the past. And to speed up the process just uncheck "encrypt backup" in iTunes and you will be prompted immediately for the passcode.

iSeePasswrod makes an iPhone backup password recovery that will work if you are not in the habit of using strong passwords. It is targeted for law enforcement use, and priced accordingly. However, they have a trial version that will give you the first 2 characters.


I have the same issue with trying to restore from back up.
Tried many password and with no success.

As I was reading the posts on this issue, I thought I will try the code that I use to lock my phone.
That worked and it's restoring from back up as we typed.

and another way is try UUKeys, it can unlock your iTunes backup and no data lost.

Please try that and see if that's work you.

Forgot iPhone backup password? You need an iPhone backup password recovery software to help you fix the problem.

Can't say I'm impressed, its been running for 24hrs a day for a week, tried some 20 million plus passwords if the screen is to be believed but as yet its not confirmed even one character. Lost the will to live and reset it as a new iphone, 40 bucks down the toilet it my opinion!

I tried Elcomsoft Phone Breaker software trial version but that is not working at all. Its asking me to buy the software and can't waste my money.

I bought iSeePasswrod based on some recommendations like above. No password found after spending a few days on it. No feedback from their support or sales (they claim 12h answer). On their refund policy, they take no responsibility and make no promise… A big loss of time and money… What finally worked for me was to try every single password I ever remember that I used on the phone (lock pins, email, cloud, itunes, …). It was an old Lock Pin with 6 digits.

Well, dude, if you forget your iTunes backup password, just consult the Apple company first. Once i was deleted my contact list in my iPhone and then i consulted the Apple company. They are really kind and told everything they could to help me retrieve my contact list. llll… but .. no luck, my contact list have to be recovered from my iTunes backup file… That's is an encrypted ….Well.. ..I have to turn to some way… Then i found iSunshare iTunes password genius. and bang. I got my contact list. Sorry, well, if you really feel annoying. U guys should try those kind of iTunes backup password recovery software…Just an advice.

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