Fixed: iTunes 12 will not allow movies to be added

The mp4 extension movies that are created using iMovie and the other movies cannot be added to iTunes. Although the movies that are already added to Library are still there. We cannot drag and drop the movie file to Add File.
Solution 1: Add .mp4 files

  1.  Using Drag and Drop method add .mp4 files.
  2. Go to Movies -> Home Videos to add .mp4 files.

Now the .mp4 files are there.
Solution 2: Open movies in QuickTime player

  1. Open the .m4v file in QuickTime player.
  2. Next File->Export->iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.
  3. When the process is done and iTunes refreshed. The files that we tried to add are showed.

Solution 3: Change Interface
After the release of iTunes which had interface change. New imported movies are seen in Home Videos.
Solution 4: Use OPTION+Drop method

  1. Wait for iTunes to update all the items and then go back to highlight them all again. Add the information related to video files.
  2. Using OPTION+Drop method copies every item into the new folder instead of adding an alias and current location of the file.

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Solution 5:  Add home videos to Movies on the iTunes
home videos

  1. Go-to home video page
  2. Right, click then press get info-options
  3. Click the Home video and change it to Movies.

Solution 6: Select home videos

  1. On Windows 7, go to video that we want to send to device
  2. Right click and select “Open with” option
  3. Search for iTunes application and select ok
  4. It will open and play the video in the iTunes video player
  5. Go to iTunes store and select home videos
  6. We should see the video and a go-to device under movies
  7. Finally, select sync and all is done.

Solution 7: Add the file to Home Videos

  1. Just control-click the .mov file
  2. Then use “Open with”->iTunes and it adds the file to Home Videos.

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