iPod Touch 5th Generation won't turn on? Here's how to fix it

Your iPod Touch 5th Generation will not turn on? We have some solutions for your iPod issue. Recently some Apple users report issue about iPod Touch 5th generation in Apple support community.

First users locked their iPod. When they went to check it again it would not turn on. Also iPod does not respond to anything.

Solution 1 :-  

iPhone 6 hands reset

Reboot your iPod.

Hold down both power button and  home button together until Apple logo appears.

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Solution 2:- 

Try to restore your iPod device with iTunes.

Connect your iPod to computer using USB cable and open iTunes app.

If your iPod device appears in iTunes, select and choose reStore option in the summary panel.

If your iPod does not appear in iTunes, try to force your device into recovery mode.

Note: Please do not restore your iPod until your have a backup of your iPod. Because this restore process will erase your iPod data.

Solution 3:-

If your problem not solved after reset or restore, contact Apple.

If you have any other solutions for this problem, do let us via comment.

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291 responses to iPod Touch 5th Generation won't turn on? Here's how to fix it

I had my iPod for about over a year now, it's the fifth generation and I have dropped it here and there but there are no damages to it, last night we were at Walmart and I was with someone who had a baby (I am a baby lover) so I let her play with my iPod and of course she began to suck on it and drop it but I had a case on it and it was working fine last night and I had it beside me when I fell asleep, when I woke up I was going to check snapchat, Facebook etc. but it wouldn't turn on! I already tried holding the lock screen and home button at the same time for more then 30 seconds and nothing happened! It was sweaty inside the case when I took it off because it felt like it was heating up? I wiped it down and tried charging it but nothing happened! Please reply I am freaking out!!!

So my ipod doesn't want to turn on it was somewhat charged I can't turn it back on my home button is broken too & I also tried using it on da computer.

maybe putting in a bowl of uncooked rice or bag of uncooked rice will help absorb the moisture, works with a phone when it has gotten wet

if your home button or sleep button is broken/stuck, let the iPod die (of course you won't know when it's dead, but estimate the time) and you should get the red charging symbol when you press either of the buttons, after which you can charge your ipod like you normally would.

okay so I have had my ipod touch 5th generation for just over a year and I have dropped it here and there but nothing major. I locked it last night and woke up this morning to check facebook ect. and it wouldent turn on..also my home button is broken/stuck so idk what to do..it has went like this before but it was so long ago that I don't remember what I done..help!!

I had my ipod 5 for about 2 years now and it doesnt want to turn on my home button is stuck and it doesnt work. i tried charging it and it still doesnt want to turn on !!! help me someone!!!

I think this is probably the 4th or 5th time this happened to my iPod 5th gen. My home button is also stuck as well, and when I try to charge it, it won't charge of course. This has happened two days in week now. On Friday morning, I woke up because of my alarm from my iPod and then when I checked it once I got to school, it wouldn't power on. Does anyone know why it keeps doing this anyways?

Ok, i was playing on my ipod 5 and it was working completely fine. The next day, It wont turn on. All the buttons had no damage. I tried charging it, rebooting it, and holding all the buttons for 1 minute but it wont turn on or even give me a signal!! What do i do???!!???

Same thing happened for my daughters ipod. Screen went black wouldn't charge or turn on with a stuck home button too. Tried multiple chargers and cords. Plugged it in on the Ethernet side of laptop and finally started charging and turned on.

Thats also my problem and when im charging it it becomes so hot! did your ipod touch 5 fix already? Did you find any solution?

Okay I found out that the wall plug was the problem. Just try to use a different wall plug. I used my sisters and it worked!! Turns out that my iPod was dead and I didn't know that but I plugged it in on my wall plug and after a few days my mom suggested that I use my sisters wall plug. It worked!!

i just bought my iPod touch 5th generation a month ago and today the same thing happened to me I went to turn my iPod on (it wasn't off just in sleep mode) and nothing happened! I pressed the home button nothing off and on button/ sleep awake nothing it was fully charged so I knew the battery wasn't the problem. I had to do a hard reboot to get it working again. I'm starting to think my on off button is either broken or stuck. I was having trouble with one of my apps so I decided to turn it off that usually fixes my app problems tried to turn it back on again nothing happened! I had to hold the on off button for about 10 seconds to turn it on again. Also a weird thing happened when I did the hard reboot when my iPod turned back on it had signed me out of my email account and my iCloud account as well I had to sign back in again. All my settings are still there other than that.

i was on my laptop, which i am on now, after i got done on my ipod, which was only about 5 minutes. When i went to go pick it up to see if i had any notifications, it wouldnt turn on. It was fully charged, plus, ive only had it since Christmas, so it doesnt have ANYTHING wrong with i. Its never slow or anything like that; it worked perfectly fine before i got on my laptop. I have tried holding down the buttons, plugging it into many walls, plugging it into both sides of my laptop, and just waiting. It wont turn on. Im scared, because i kind of need it to stay in congtact with my family and i cant just go buy a new one if it breaks. it was working fine five minutes before i went to get on it, but it just auto-matically stopped working. It didnt happen over night, in the day, from me dropping it, nothing. it just stopped working out of nowhere. I dont know why, and theres no reason why, It just wont turn on

Hello guys, Im having the same problem like 2 months later haha, im wondering if u guys found a solution or something! im going crazy!!! thanks

the same thing happened to me hold the power button and the home button until you see the apple logo

So I've had my iPod 5 for about a year now everything worked but ever since I got my iPhone my iPod stop working it's only on a black screen I've tried charging it for hours nd it won't turn on I connected my iPod on the computer and nothing I've tried the reboot thing and it won't turn on it only shows like it's charging but it won't turn on so could someone help me please

My IPod 5 Generation is over a year old and it has done this shut off thing over 3 times, plus my home button is stuck and what I had to do was sleep on it each time and it makes me scared to think of me waking up and not seeing it on, but luckily it hasn't. I just don't like seeing it like that and if you can please help I would really appreciate it. Again,my home button is stuck due to a piece messed up in the IPod not anything with food or anything like that.

so my ipod died a few days ago and i tries to charge it and it wouldnt and i try to connect it to my itunes but it would show so i gave up after a few hours i went back to try to charge it but it still wouldnt but this time the charging symbol thts supposed to come up when it needs to be charge didnt show up at all the screen is just black and i tried to hold down the power botton and the home screen button but tht doesnt it work i dont know what to do its been about three days now and its still not working

my ipod touch 5th gen had randomly turned off and wouldn't come back on for about five hours, me and my brother thought that it was that I left it out in the sun and we had to shine a a light in to the camera……but if you hold down the lock button and the home button for about 10 to 15 seconds the apple sign should come up,but then don't press anything and your home screen should just come up as normal 🙂 hope this helped

my daughters iPod touch 5th gen shut off and wouldn't charge or turn on . Wouldn't even display the charging sign when plugged in . I was able to do the home and power button hold and finally it showed the screen showing the iPod is dead . So I plugged it in and am currently waiting to see if it turns on ……

I have an iPod 5 & it won't turn on at all.!!! The screen is cracked & it has turned on & off before , but it would usually turn on when I held the home & lock button .. But one day my iPod stopped charging , & then it wouldn't show the charging symbol& it just turned off completely .. & I have tried everything .!

omg my ipod did the same thing ! the screen is also craked but my ipod has been off for about 2 months already

my iPod 5th generation wouldn't turn on at all I tried to hold down the home button and power button but still not turning please hellp and it has no response when i try charging the boot logo wont show when i try to turn it on. i searched everything about it i tried neally most of the things that they told me to do but still not working plz help!!!1

My ipod will act as if it is about to turn on, then the scrren goes black. Even while on the charger same thing occurs. I tried holding down lock& hoke buttom, no luck. What else?? I want to avoid sending to apple fof fear of over pricement. No was nkt froped in water nor cracked screen.

The same thing just happened to me and i don't know what to do either!!!!!!! Can someone please help???!!!??!

My ipod just suddenly just stop working. I cant reboot because i broke my home button. what do i do?

i have the exact same problem. my ipod's battery is dead but won't charge either on my computer or in an outlet. at first i thought maybe my charger cord wasn't working (the cord had wires exposed and was smoking whenever i plugged it into the outlet), but i went out and bought a new one and my ipod still wont charge, and itunes still won't recognize it. so it must be something wrong with the device, but i cant figure out what. i'd like to know if it's something i can fix myself before i go spend $100+ having someone else fix it. my screen is also cracked, but it was working fine for weeks after i dropped it and cracked the screen so i don't think i knocked anything out of place. i wonder if it has anything to do with the latest ios update??? But again it was working fine for weeks after i updated it. This happened out of nowhere. I have no idea really what's wrong.

I was goi.g for a jog and my iPod fell out of my jacket pocket. I was holding my jacket on my ARM so it only fell about 6 Inches. It had a padded case that protected the screen But it still wont turn on. I Let it sit over Night on the charger But nothings happend. Plz help!

Thanks for writing this. I had exactly this problem and was worried that my iPod had bricked itself. Plan A worked just fine

Same my iPod just had this problem but I can't reboot it cause my home button doesn't work … WHAT DO I DO????????

Hi, I have an iPod touch 5th generation 32GB. It won't turn on. Before it happened, it was fully charged. I tried everything above, yet the screen is still black. When I charge it, it gets warm so I'm guessing the battery is fine. I do not know what is wrong with it.

Same here. Mine was low on battery, but then when i went to charge it, it wouldnt work, like the screen was black and i cant sync it into itunes for some reason, and i tried 2 cables and my home button is broken

my iPod is like new the battery died and when i charge it it gets warm and doesn't turn on for anything can someone pls help me

my ipod's(5g) battery doesnt function properly and it cant be used without being plugged with the charger. Now it doesnt want to turn on even with the charger.

I had my Ipod (5th gen) for about a year now. Yesterday, I connected it on the Internet and browsed and it just stopped and restarted by itself. After it turned on again, I did what I have done before it restarted. A notication appeared saying thatthe storage was full. I pressed 'Ok' and then again the screen stopped. It went off again. Assuming that it would turn on by itself again, I just waited. But after a couple of minutes after I saw the Apple Logo, the usual lock screen won't appear. It's completely black. So what I did is; I pressed the lock button. The Apple logo appears but after a minute, it vanishes leaving the screen completely black. I did the first option but it still has the same outcome. PLEASE HELP me…

My Ipod Touch wont turn on! It was fully charged, and I just used it and put it on sleep. I tried to turn it back on again but it wasn't responding. This has happened before, so I tried doing what I did last time, get into into recovery mode by plugging it in and holding down the home button and power button etc etc,


My home button has been jammed for several months. It wont click and its physically broken. I had been using assistive touch. I dont know what I can do? Maybe I could take it to an apple store and they will fix the home button so I can get it into recovery mode or is there another way? Please help!

I have exactly the same issue. My iTunes wont recognize my iTouch. After pressing both the home screen button and power button for 10 seconds, the apple logo appears for a minute and then disappears.I am not able to use my iTouch. Please help

Did you get a solution for this problem? If you did or did not gimme a email asap plz and thank you need to know what I should do cause I also have and is going thru the same problem

first my ipod 5 wont turn on the home is not working and when i try to charge it it starts to heat up ive been trying to fix this for about a month now, could someone please help!

I'm having the exact same problem, every time I try to turn it on the Apple logo appears buy then goes back to black screen. I don't want to put it into recovery mode.

My Ipod still isn't turning on. I would be using it and would lock it and when I'd try to turn it back on it wouldn't respond. It has happened before once and I'm putting it in rice and letting the battery drain like I did last time even though it didn't get wet. I don't know what to do.

Im having the exact same problem, and none of the solutions i have found work. Frustrating that theres literally nothing i can do and i just loose all my data!!

this happened to me last year, my iPod had shut down and i thought just to reboot it but when i got home it came on but showed the apple logo for only about 15-20 seconds, i kept repeating to turn it on and it still wouldn't work, in the end i had to buy a new iPod, but the reason why this happens is because the logic board inside has apparently gone to a "fault".

I have the same problem but my home button is jammed. Plus iTunes won't restore it. Please help…

After the apple logo appears, let go of the power button and the home button then after a a minutes the apple logo will go away and then press the home button and your lock screen will reappear

Have had my iPod 5th g for about 2 1/2 yrs. No problems what so ever, but for a few months now i noticed that if i wanted to take a picture or video the battery would go from full to half until it would shut off. I had to buy a portable charger and it saved it, but now it doesn't read the iPod at all not even in the wall plug, or the computer. I need to know if buying a new charger at all will help, since some problems where before i had that charger. I need options, and at the moment i need a charger to at least turn it on, but if it continues to have a bad battery, what can I do, what can Apple do?

after I updated to the ios 8.4 this morning I pushed the lock botton and the apple logo appeared for like ever then went black idk whats wrong

Same here! My mom's blacked out earlier today also but after holding the home and lock button multiple times it turned back on with the same amount of battery that she had before it happened. But my home button is jammed and i can't try it! How'd you fix it?

I have a ipod 5th gen that at random points will shut off and wont turn back on for a couple hours and the thing is i have a few picture apps that have my pictures on then and i dont want to lose those so how do i stop if form randomly doing this?

i have an ipod 5 thats about a year and a half old. a while ago it just turned off and wouldn't turn on so i charged it then pressed the home and power buttons and its been working fine ever since. then last night i plugged it in to charge but when i checked it later it wouldn't turn on. i've tried holding down the buttons countless times but nothing is working. i have some really important things on there i don't want to lose and i feel so helpless

IPod touch 5th generation worked just fine until yesterday. I was using it and locked it and left it on my bed and went to go mow and when I came back it wouldn't come on the home button is broke and I don't know what to do iTunes won't recognize it! I have over 1000 pictures on there i really dont want to lose butbif i have to i will lode then! PLEASE HELP ME!

my itouch 5 is only a year and a half old and the other day it just shut off. when I try to restart it, it shows the apple then the screen dims and it shuts off. I don't have a Mac and I have some really important things on there I don't want to lose. PLEASE HELp

mine just did the same thing!! And it wont reset and itunes doesnt recognize it. I need help ASAP!!

i have the same type of ipod and its only 7 months old it have shut off and wil not come on plenty of times . and i shocked it and left it of chare for a day and it worked again to shock press the home button 5 times and the power button and it will come on

thx soooooooooo much! it worked perfectly i was scared that it wouldnt turn but thx to u it did!

Oh thank u so much it open after holding power button n home .button. But idk how to use itunes

I have to say this website literally save my life. this might sound crazy but i use my for everything, from work-photography, social media, and watching movies to even contacting friends. When my iPod wasn't working and even when I plugged it in and it wasn't doing anything I was having a panic attack. So then I went online and I found this website. It was the first one I clicked one. I wasn't sure if any of these are going to work. So I read all of the solutions and then the comments from other people. So then I tired the first solutions which was to hold down the lock button and the home button until the white apple showed up, I am happy to say that it worked and I just want to say thank you for who ever created this website. It help a lot!!

My iPod 5 turned off unexpectedly and the home button does not work so i cant do the home and lock button. I do not know what else to do.

plug your ipod into your computer and hold home button and power button at the same time for 30 long seconds(as if taking a screenshot). At first when I tried this I though it wouldn't work but the objective is to be patient and the apple logo will show up, its a guarantee.

Thank you for helping me save my ipod i thought it was a gonner

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omg seriously in feel like crying because my ipod gen 5 had died when i woke up this morning and in plugged my charger in but it didnt show that it had been charging i used so many cords to see if ifs the cord but im not sure why my ipod isnt working i need help as soon as possibly ive had this ipod for 2 years and couple of months its annoying me now can someone please help me is it the charger or the charging port, idk what its suppose to look like if there is any metral bits stuck inside im not quite too sure

wow lol was really tripping out thought i had lost my ipod. the power and home button thing worked. it was stressful tho… why exactly does it do that anyway>??


My iPod's home button don't work anymore and I'm using the assertive touch and then somehow I tried to turn my iPod on and it just wouldn't work. I think it fell asleep or something because before my iPod's home button was broken, it did the same but i held the home button and power button at the same time and it turned on but idk how to do it without the home button . i need help . I've tried putting the charger connecting to my laptop and it still doesn't help. please help .

this morning the wifi on my ipod was connected but wasnt working so my dad told me to shut it off, wait ten seconds then turn it back on. So i turned it off, waited , and then when I was trying to turn it back on it would start to turn on and then stop on the apple logo , stay there for a little and then turn off. Idk what to do! Someone please help me!? Ive tried everything and its just not working

I am having a problem too.. I have had mine almost three weeks and I was using the calculator on it, I sat it down for a second then stuck it in my pocket. After about a minute or so, I was going to use the calculator again and it wouldn't come on. It wasn't hot or anything it just wouldn't work.. I held the power button and the home button down together for a long time but nothing happened. I plugged
It up because my friend said that it might need charged. (But it was already fully charged) I plugged it up and nothing happened. I gave it a few mins and it finally came back on. I am just scared that it is going to do it again because I have no idea when/if it is going to happen again!!!! Thanks in advance.. ? PLZ HELP ME!!!

A few weeks ago . I was on my way to dance practice and my phone was perfectly fine. I was using it the whole time. Then i left it alone for a good 15 min and when my phone wouldn't turn on at all. There was nothing on the screen but it wasent my first time that this happen but. I was the first time that my home button didn't work. So i was crying and i was researching solutions to help me with my problem. And there were none i tried calling apple store and they didn't help at all. Then i tried to research again and i found a person that said to just leave your phone not charged for a day or a couple of miniutes . And i did that and the dead battery came up when i pressed the power button. I charged it and it working ever since then. Im very greatful that it works and i hope i helped people wit h this comment.

Maybe try this? I tried this comment and it worked for me:

A few weeks ago . I was on my way to dance practice and my phone was perfectly fine. I was using it the whole time. Then i left it alone for a good 15 min and when my phone wouldn't turn on at all. There was nothing on the screen but it wasent my first time that this happen but. I was the first time that my home button didn't work. So i was crying and i was researching solutions to help me with my problem. And there were none i tried calling apple store and they didn't help at all. Then i tried to research again and i found a person that said to just leave your phone not charged for a day or a couple of miniutes . And i did that and the dead battery came up when i pressed the power button. I charged it and it working ever since then. Im very greatful that it works and i hope i helped people wit h this comment.

My iPod has been acting really weird lately and I don't know why. When it is fully charged it dies in less then an hour. My front camera doesn't work anymore. I was checking my Instagram and then I shut it off. A few minutes later I tried to turn it back on but it won't turn back on. I tried charging it but it is still a black screen. I Tried to connect it to iTunes, it wouldn't connect. I tried to power it on using the home and off buttons and nothing appeared. I don't know what else to do! please help me!!

Im not sure about the first problems, with your front camera and such-maybe its a software glitch or a serious virus has somehow overtake your ipod-not sure, but i might know how to fix it if it has randomly turned off. The only difference between my problem and yours is that my ipoid had a broken home button so be warned this might not work, but its worth a shot. Hopefully it will work for you to, i know how annoying it is to not having a working iPod, this comment on a different site worked for me….

This was the comment:

Bella Boo wrote:

A few weeks ago . I was on my way to dance practice and my phone was perfectly fine. I was using it the whole time. Then i left it alone for a good 15 min and when my phone wouldn't turn on at all. There was nothing on the screen but it wasent my first time that this happen but. I was the first time that my home button didn't work. So i was crying and i was researching solutions to help me with my problem. And there were none i tried calling apple store and they didn't help at all. Then i tried to research again and i found a person that said to just leave your phone not charged for a day or a couple of minutes . And i did that and the dead battery came up when i pressed the power button. I charged it and it working ever since then. Im very grateful that it works and i hope i helped people with this comment.

this helped a lot since am always on social media and it feels horrible without instagram,snapchat,Facebook,tumbler

My Ipod touch 5th generation is only 9 months old. It want charge. When I press the power and home button all I see is a pic of an uncharged battery. Any suggestions?

this didn't work for my ipod there uis nothing wrong with the ipod and I did everything that it said up there someone help me my ipod isn't even 1 years old yet

Try using a different chord if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, try blowing into the charge hole, or inspecting it to see if any dust has gotten into it. Sometimes sand or skin particles can get stuck in the charger hole of your Ipod/any device and it can get in the way of charging. Good luck

The hard reset actually works! I was flipping out and then I saw this and tried it and it came back on in a few seconds. I was wondering though, is there any way that I can sync my pictures to something else in case my iPod really does die for good sometime soon?

it wont work what happened was this one day it just started flickering then I fixed then another problem it wouldn't charge and I had to keep it on the charge or else it would die but then it got worse it turned off and won't turn on even with the charger the apple comes up but it turns right off HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

I have a 5th generation Ipod with a messed up home button. Its been working fine but today out of no where the screen doesn't respond to my finger. the home buttom on the screen does. It opens up when I touch it but nothing else does. I try turning it off but I cant slide it because it doesn't respond and pressing the screen home button and the off button together wont turn it off either. Anybody have any suggestions? I didn't drop the phone or anything. It was working fine then I used it like 10 minutes later and it didn't work anymore

Yes LFK, there are many ways to sync your Ipod's photos. First, Icloud. Icloud is where you can store pictures, reminders, notes, etc. Its like, built into your Ipod so all you have to do is get is started up. Make an Icloud account etc (if you dont know how to do it, just look up how, not gonna explain). If your Ipod dies, the photos are accessable from any computer or apple device on the Icloud website or photo stream. Your second option that I know of is backing all of it (including your apps, but not their data) to Itunes on the computer. Thats generally really easy, again if you want the tutorial, look it up on the apple help store thingy. Hope this helps.

How old is your device? This sound like a virus of some sort or a very old, outdated and maybe oversed device? Im not to sure…

Hmm, this sounds like a tough one. I'm thinking along the lines of a virus or software glitch. I have no idea. I think maybe leave it for a few days then come back to it. Turn it off fully then back on again. If its second hand then that might have something to do with it. If none of these work, try posting your problem on ifixit. They managed to fix my Ipod 5th gen, worth a shot. Good luck.

I was using my iPod 5 just yesterday and I was on an app and I closed out and cut it off to go cook food and I came back afterwards to cut it back on and it wasn't responding to anything. I tried all of the things above. Even tried to change it. And it never worked. It still has a completely black screen and nothing is responding at all. Please help me!!!

I kinda have the same problem I lost my iPod and a girl found it and the day after next she gave it to me I have tried charging it and it still won't do anything at all. It is still a black screen and I have tried almost everything here and it won't do anything. It sucks!!!!

I was just wondering is it still turned off and black? because mine is the same thing it just randomly happened except my home button doesn't work. I just want to know if yours has turned on yet and if it did what did you do?

i was using my Apple IPod touch 6 gen and when i came back from the restroom i presses the home button and it wouldnt turn on i tried the solutions above but they didnt work. please help?????

My iPod was on low battery before i left the house, and when i came home, it wasn't turning on so i assumed it was out of battery (i know it should have turned on as it doesnt use battery on standby for me). After i plugged it in to charge for a few hours, i tried to turn it on again but it wasn't responding like it would normally and wouldnt turn on after charge. I know that holding the power and home button would fix it, but my power button is broken. This situation has happened to me before and I tried and failed to turn it on, so I just gave up on it and left it for a few months 🙁 ….. until one day my dad randomly tried to use it and it turned on.. But it's not turning on again.

Dana, your situation was like mine. I found that if you leave it for a good few days (i left mine for months) and plug it in to the charger, it should start charging…. well thats just what worked for mine, good luck.

Hey Yasmin, I had a really similar situation. My iPod randomly turned off and refused to turn back on again, but i had a broken home button. After a good 6 months, I had lost hope for my iPod, when suddenly I got a reply back from someone who had commented on my situation. I was soo thankful cause it worked! Here is what worked for me, hopefully for you to.

The person said to leave it for a good few days, then plug it in to the charger.

I hadnt touched my ipod for months when i got this but if a few days doesnt work, maybe try months? idk. Good luck Yasmin

I was listening to music and i left my phone for a few minutes then it wouldn't turn back on, my lock button is broken and when i plug my charger into it nothing happens . can somebody please help me

I had unplugged my ipod 5 from the charger and went to school. I was taking a test so i turned it off. i got it out during linch. At first it wouldnt turn back on and then finally it did. But then when i went to use it again at home, it wouldnt turn on. I would hold down my home and power button but my home button stopped working a month ago. Is there any way i could get it back on without the home button????

Hi Aleah, I had the exact situation. My ipod 5 refused to turn on and my home button was broken so i couldnt do the "recovery mode" thing. I posted my problem on a bunch of sites and 6 months later i found the answer. I was so thankful, Heres what worked for me:

The person said to leave it for a good few days, then plug it in to the charger.

I hadnt touched my ipod for months when i got this, but if a few days doesn't work, maybe try months? not sure. Good luck and tell me if it works.

Just today, I turned off my iPod (no back camera) and I went to turn it back on, I found that it wouldn't turn on. It wasn't dead because I remember leaving it with about half battery still remaining. I held down on my power button and it wouldn't turn on or give me the battery icon. I went to plug it in and there was no reply from it. I held down on it to turn it back on while charging, no reply. I got quite confused as to why this issue occurred, but I couldn't do the first opinion as my home button is jammed from months ago. I decided to download Recboot and iTunes on my Windows laptop, and I plugged the cord and iPod in. It would usually notify me by saying "A device has been connected." but there was no notification, which usually meant it was dead. I went into my device manager but it said there was nothing connected. iTunes didn't say any media device was connected. I don't want to assume my iPod is gone forever, because I never expected this to happen, but as I try to manually fix it, no luck. I have many videos and pictures I'd like to keep on my iPod but I can't turn it on to transfer anything. My next guess is to go to a store to see if they know this any better than I do, but could I have any help with this? My main issues are;
-My computer isn't responding to my iPod
-My iPod isn't/wasn't dead when I left it
-I can't put it into recovery mode due to my computer's lack in collaboration
-I have no home button to try anything with my power and home buttons

Today my ipod was at like 20% when I was at school so I charged for a good 7 hours I came back and it wouldnt turn on I have tried all the tip on this page and i even contacted apple and they couldn't do crap

Hello everyone , please help me a beg you . So sad , could not stop crying and praying to God to have my iPod back .

My iPod Touch 5G wont turn on , I was using it before then I saw a picture on Twitter . Well on want to save it to my image and my mom called so I left . When I COME BACK it wont turn on . What could I do HELP ME .


This exact thing just happened to my son's IPOD 5. His home button has not worked for months and everything you are saying it the same here. Did anyone respond to you or did you take it to the Apple store?

Okay so my iPod 5 home button is broke and is completely powered off and will not turn back on what should I do help anyone ?

Hi Lauren I had the exact situation. My ipod 5 refused to turn on and my home button was broken so i couldnt do the "recovery mode" thing. I posted my problem on a bunch of sites and 6 months later i found the answer. I was so thankful, Heres what worked for me:

The person said to leave it for a good few days, then plug it in to the charger.

I hadnt touched my ipod for months when i got this, but if a few days doesn't work, maybe try months? not sure. Good luck and tell me if it works/doesnt work.

Hi Marle I had a very similar situation. My ipod 5 refused to turn on and my home button was broken so i couldnt do the "recovery mode" thing. I posted my problem on a bunch of sites and 6 months later i found the answer. I was so thankful, Heres what worked for me:

The person said to leave it for a good few days, then plug it in to the charger.

I hadnt touched my ipod for months when i got this, but if a few days doesn't work, maybe try months? not sure. Good luck and tell me if it works/doesnt work. Good luck.

My iPod touch 5th Generation just turned itself off yesterday for no reason. I was using assist touch button for the home button as it stopped working months ago. I can't do the power and home button together to restart it up. Can anyone help me with this as nothing was wrong with the iPod to this happened. I'm gutted it won't come back on as I have everything I ever used in the iPod. Please someone tell me this is not the end of my iPod. I'm very disappointed with Apple that this can happen

i was using my ipod 5g and when i was using it, it died and when i tried plugging it in it did not say it was charging well it did not even show anything on the screen and it wont come on plz help

Just to let you all know. My iPod switched off at weekend and I left it alone and tried to switch on this morning and it came back to life. So if you are having the same problem as me just leave the iPod for a few days and try it again. Still don't know though why it went off in the first place. Thank God it's now back working again as I had everything in it.

I had the same problem too and i was on the verge of crying because i don't know what to do so i searched for solutions and after an hour i found and tried many. Now my iPod works great.

This is what i did

1. I went to http://www.icloud.com and i signed in my apple account. i opened the Find my Iphone Icon and then I clicked the Play Sound icon and miraculously my Ipod touch opened and played an annoying sound but it only displayed the assistive touch with the black screen. I tried pressing the home icon in the assistive touch while pressing the power button and hoping that the apple logo would appear but it didn't. I tried it for over 20 minutes but it still didn't work.

2. So I downloaded Technoshare Reiboot. After installing and running it the charging cable appeared with the itunes logo. After a few minutes the Apple logo appeared.

3. the apple Logo was stuck and i waited for a minute and it worked.

I hope this helps.

Just wondering, was your iPod updated to the latest iOS? Because I've had this problem before but ended up fine when I waited a few days. Im just kinda worried it might turn out different this time because of iOS 9.1.

Just wondering, was your iPod updated to the latest iOS when it switched off? Im just wondering because this happened to me a bunch of times before and it turned out fine when I left it alone. Now I'm kinda scared as Im worried that the new iOS might prevent it from turning on.

Was your iPod updated to the latest iOS (9.1) when this happened? This problem happened to me a bunch of times already and I used the same solution everytime. But now im kinda worried that it wont turn on anymore because of the latest iOS.

My ipod touch 5th generation turned off for like the fourth time, usually I just leave it plugged in for like a day and eventually comes back on, but now I'm scared it won't turn on, I also have a broken home button so I can't force a restart, someone please help.

That happened to my iPod 5th it is easy to fix it.1 step u have to get a any kind of computer then plug the charger in the USB port in computer. Then u press the home and the power button at same time. Then a apple logo will come on screen and your iPod is fixed. If it doesn't work please reply and thank u for ur copperation

I am having problem with my ipod5 and I left it in my closet and left it there to go and eat for a few minutes. When I came back it was black and I tried to cut it on and it wouldn't come on no matter what!

i haven't updated to the last IOS because i heard it was conflictive with some issues, i connected it to Itunes to upload some music and i turned down the ios update. when i checked it 2 hours later screen completely black and didn't turn on. Solution 1 fixed it but why it had an issue?

i have a ipod 5th gen i shut it off and i tried to turn it on again and its stuck on the apple symbol can anyone help?

I have the same problem! And i can't fix it by holding down the home and power button the same time because my home button is broken :'/ how do I get my iPod to work now?

Same. I have tried every single thing on every website and nothing is working.Still won't turn on. I have tried almost a year.

I have the same problem. This is the 3rd time for me. the first time I left it plugged in overnight and it was fine, but that didn't work this time. I also do not have a home button to force a restart. I don't want to lose all my info so I refuse to recover.

I went to the store and left my iPod at home when i got home i went to go get my iPod 5 and it was 100% when i left i tried turning it on so i tried to charge it but it wouldn't charge and it kept on getting hot so i went to ten websites and did everything they told me and it didn't work

Why is this happening? Solution one worked for me, but why did my iPod flip out in the first place? And what's to stop it from happening again?

This is the same thing that happened to me , have you found a solution that could help me because this is how i talk to people and now i don't have that . Please tell me if you have a solution.

I just tried holding the home button and the power together and it worked. It rebooted itself like you totally shut it down. I looked on like 10 different websites until I found this one!!! Thank you creators!

Thank you so much! use my ipod like a phone and i was literally crying! Thank you thank you thank you

Letting it go dead also works; takes a few days but once the ipod shows that its dead, just plug it in and it should charge and work normally

I don't have a macbook so when I put it into recovery mode, it'll stay there and I can't reset it;

My sons ipod 5 just turned off while playing music and couldnt get it on again , read this web page , tried the first solution and bingo, it turned on and all working again. My sons so happy , thnx and cheers.

my ipod 5 wont show the screen but i can still hear stuff, like talking to siri still works. but this doesnt work….

my ipod 5 gen wont turn on or charge do i need a new battery idk and its not turning on when i hold the power button and home button i tried every thing even leaving it on the charger all night

my ipod 5th gen just went down today while i was sleeping. woke up to check the time and then when i checked it it won't turn on and my home button is broken. how can i open it?

This worked for me.
It happened multiple times.

Leave it uncharged for a day or two. Let it drain out the battery. Then charge it.

Waste the battery by using the flashlight or increasing the brightness then charge it.

All of a sudden my ipod 5th generation turned off i left it on the computer for about an hour and it still didnt turn on and i left it on the charger that night and i woke up the next morning and it still didnt turn on so i held power button and home button it turned on but it still continues to do this how would i fix it? Any Help or suggestions please

Hey Yasmin, my name is also Yasmin :)) anyways my iPod did the same. One day I was using it and then I went to go eat breakfast, when I was done, I wanted to check the time and it just wouldn't turn on I was crying my tears out because that happened exactly a week after my birthday 🙁 . I try charging it but it gets hot really fast so I just don't do anything!! Someone please help me !!!!!!!

Thank you for this tip! Solution 1 worked for us and my daughter is SO relieved! (So am I!!$$)
Thx so much.

MY HOME BUTTON WENT OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 You can use the power button instead, and use the Assisstive Touch setting to use the home button.

My ipod won't turn on and I don't have a working home button, it is completely broken. Please help me!

I have the exact problem with my Ipod. It eventually turned off when i wanted to play music. I've been going on websites on how to fix it and the only solution was to hold the power button and the home button at the same time but my home button is completely broken. PLEASE HELP. I've been going to my Itunes and trying to restore it but it just doesn't do anything:(

My iPod 5 won't turn on. My home button is broken also. I left it charging for about 2 hours and tried to turn it on, i held the one button on the top down for 1 minute and it didn't work. I left it uncharged over night and i tried to turn it back on and it didn't work. I tried to connect it to iTunes on my mac and tried to turn it back on and it still didn't work. Please help it already two days.

thank for what u have done this has helped a lot and this was my seconded ipod so I was like OMFG what and I going to do. Then I tried this and it worked

Oh My Gosh! My iPod would not turn on but now after using this website (solution 1) my iPod finally turned on and everything was saved!!! I have never had a website work this good!! I recommend the website so much! 🙂

I tries solution #1 and showed the apple logo, but turned off. So then i tried it again and it turned off again. I guess that leaves option 3 contact apple to see what they can do.

OMG this works soon good i could not figure out what to do! i do not have the money to buy a new one so happy about this!!

I did this and let it charge over night when I woke up nothing had happened and it went back to only showing the apple logo

My ipod is pretty much the same way except its not cracked and been stuck like this since February. I've tried everything! I even tried to restore after forcing into recovery mode, I let it set charging overnight and when i got up it still wasn't working. It went back to showing the apple logo loop

My iPod won't turn. On I tried everything and won't work I charged it held down power button and left it alone for a while nothing what do I do

My ipod touch 5 won't turn on. I tried DFU on two computers but it failed with Itunes error 4005. I'm not sure If getting a a old macbook will help.

I got it wet two months ago, but there wasn't any signs the ipod was damaged by it.

I downloaded the new ios 9.3.2 and the ipod died maybe in the same week or the other.

My iPod is about two to three years old and doesn't seem to be charging and even turning on. I've tried pressing the home button and the power button at the same time while the charger was plugged in and it just stays frozen with the apple logo in the screen. What I've noticed about my iPod 5 is that before the apple logo pops up there are some pixels in the screen that do this weird sparkle (top right) then go away as soon as the logo comes up. I don't have a computer to do an ITunes start up but I don't think that would be the solution right ?

This worked!! Last night when I was going to sleep I started charging my iPod. It was fully out of battery and said it was plugged in it just wouldn't charge. This morning i came downstairs and it wouldn't turn on so I looked up ( on my iPad ) my iPod 5 won't turn on I saw this and straight away tried my big sisters plug. And now it's charging!!

One day chilling outside (literally). It was only about -1. My iPod 5 died but it was at the time where you can keep turning it back on after it was dead for a round two sorta thing.(Prior I had trouble with charging when I had to move the charger to a certain position to charge.) I plugged it in. The battery icon appeared meaning it was charging. After about 10 minutes (normal charging time is about 3-5 minutes after dead.) of it charging the apple icon came up as normal. But the apple icon stayed for 5 minutes plus. (It's only supposed to stay for about 30 seconds before it turns on to lock screen). After the icon went away I turned it on again while it charged cause the screen shut off. For about 2 monthes it stll did that until now. It dosnt do anything after hours of charging and iTunes plug ins and restart attempts. I tried Everything. I want important filed from it and I'm stuck. If anyone has any help or how to fix it or solutions. Contact me please.

That happened to me to but I don't know what to do I have had my ipod for 2-3 years and I have everything on it

Im in the same situation and it happened to me around the same time too. It happened right after the IOS update and even though I signed up for backup on the cloud it didnt work so now i dont have anything. If you figure something out let me know please.

hold the buttons 4 more than 30 seconds. when mine stopped working, i held them 4 like a min and it started working. just be patient.

omg im thanking this website so much i was going crazy and then i tried what it said and it work im so grateful i tried it!!

Friday night i came home from a football game and my iPod was in my back pocket and it got really warm i put it on the charger and it won't do anything i tried pressing all four buttons but it won't work. You can help please email me at Dlmoan@cusd10.org or replay back thank you

i had my ipod in my lap (ipod 5 touch) i turned it off or looked up then back down it was off then i couldn't turn it back on

Omg THANKS SO MUCH! I tried all the other ways that ppl said to open my iPod touch 5 but it didn't work. Then I came to your comment and I tried it and it WORKED!!!!! Thanks you sooooo much!!! EVERYONE USE CLEO DAVIES WAY TO TURN IT ON!!!!! HOLD THE HOME AND LOCK BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME FOR LIKE 10-20 SECONDS UNTIL YOU SEE THE APPLE LOGO!!!!!!!

My iPod randomly shut down while i was on snapchat. I pressed the home button and the power one and then the itunes logo appeared, but I dont have my ipod backed up. PLLLLLLZZZZ HELP!!

Ya option 1 worked perfectly for me my iPod was at 20% and it wouldn't turn on on the bus so I thought it dyed but at home holding the home button and charging it didn't work but this did it turned right on almost completely charged. Thanks

I was using my ipod 5 last night its battery was at the end.Suddenly it turned off.i put it on charging but its not showing any thing even the apple logo does bot appear.i am so freaking out..plz tell me what to do??

But my ipod doesn't turn on at all. The apple sign doesn't come up. I have very important stuff on my ipod and i really need to fix it.

What type of charger are you using Anam? I'm talking about the bit that plugs into the wall. The one exactly for the ipod 5 or a fast charge or not?

PLEASE HELP!! I have the ipod 5 gen, sometimes it just turns off and doesn't turn back on. My home button is broken so I have accessive touch. Usually I just wait about 3 days and it turns back on. Today It turned back on, but when i turn it on the screen is just black and my accessive touch button is in the corner. I tried opening the apps through the control center but it didn't work. Everything else in my control center works perfectly fine. So iasked siri yo open a couple of my apps, camera and clock. He said, I can not open the app..My apologies. If anybody knows how to fix this please help!

OMFG this is the second time that my iPod turns off by itself and it scared me ???? I tried this last year and it worked I tried it again and thank god.it worked ????

My iPod touch 5 is completely dead. Won't charge. Tried reboot, plugged into iTunes and it won't recognize device. Any help?.

My iPod just turned off. My home button is broken so I use assistive touch. Holding the home button and power button used to work for me, but now I cant do that. Someone help?

Thank you sooo much! I had previously attempted to hold down the home button and power button (solution 1) and that did not work. For some reason when I did it after reading the suggestion on this website, it did! I am so grateful! Thank you!

Agreed! This really works. Thank you so much. You have helped save me time having to go to the store to fix the problem.

I just wanna say this was so helpful and u appreciate it so much, I was gonna cry, you're a life saver!!

My son's ipod 5 just has the apple after trying the home and power button trick which worked about a month ago. Not sure what to do itunes doesn't recognize it and I hate to have to send it in. Please help if you can. Thank you

I like to give a shout out to this website, for helping me turn my iPod back on. It wasn't working for 30 minutes, than I finally pressed the home and on button, and in about Ten or fifteen seconds it turned back on. I've had this problem before, and now I finally now how to fix it. Thanks, iphonetopics

Thank you so much!! I was really stressed and this actually worked! Very impressed by this website thanks again!!

I have had this ipod for about 4 to 5 years now, and then all of a sudden it stopped working. I thought i was gonna have to buy a new one or try to replace all the stuff on it to get it to work again. But the first thing i tried was here, and it worked like a charm. I now i can breath a sigh of relief. This was great. Thank you so much!

Lol. "OMG IT REALLY WORKS!!" trying a hard reset … then trying a restore…then co tacting apple…

My iPod touch 5th gen does not turn on. I tried holding both buttons and doing it on recovery mode but it does not turn on. Not even when I tried to charge it, it does not show the low battery sign.

my ipod 5th generation won't turn on either, its about a year old, I believe just over warranty
I have tried the above steps. I am looking for my receipt but so far no luck

Yay my ipod would't turn on and my last two crashed and I had to go to the apple store to replace it each time. so I was freaking out but then I plugged in my ipod to my laptop and it turned on. thank you!

Blow canned air into the home button and try to clean it gently until the button is fixed and works again.

let it die then charge it and go to settings and turn on accessive touch worked for me.Also tell siri to Put brightness all the way up.

Mine will not turn on, I tried everything even bought a new charger what do i do ? just wasted 200 bucks and the warranty JUST ran out?!

It didn't work for me, I updated my iPod and then I tried to turn it on but it didn't work it hasn't turned on for a whole year now do you know whats wrong with it?

This is why technology is so freakin scary. Mine would not turn on till I read about pressing the Power & Home buttons at the same time. It was find reminding me of my exercises, but then when I was set to do it. It wouldnt turn on. WTF!!!??? I want to know more then how to get it goin again! WTF caused it the in the first fockin place!!??!? That is what I want! Will it happen again, how do I save my freakin data from gettin lost, Pencil & paper!?!? The thing that scares me the most is a F–kin- EMP!

ok well my ipod 5th generation goes to the apple logo and once the apple logo goes off and i try to turn it on it went back to the apple logo now it keeps doing that does anyone have any advice

when I put my ipod on the charger it does the apple logo then just turns off. and it keeps doing that. its really annoying because i want it to work. please help.

Recently my iPod was working perfectly fine. But then when its charge got over I put it in charge for like 5 hours all I see is that it's charging but I don't see the apple logo also, my home button doesn't work its stuck

Well I'm going though the same solution, my ipod 5th generation won't want to turn on. I try so many things and nothing. Why I don't know, well I end up going to the Apple Store that's when somebody showed up 5 minutes after and then he plugged it in a laptop from there I told them I did that I'd hold the home button the off button the down button 5 minutes my fingers were hurting then from there the guy comes out and tell me you know the best solution for this is to buy a new iPod I said really this iPod cost me almost $400 and it's 64mg and and the one you offered me is 16mg I said I came here for you to fix it or replace it. I left very disappointed I always thought that the Apple store help you but they don't they're are not great with customer service. ?..

Okay, so I had the same problem. My iPod Touch 5th gen would not turn on. At. All. It's been weeks of me trying to fix it. I've tried different chargers, tried plugging it into the computer to Itunes, I contacted Apple for a fix, but all they said was I would either have to take it to Apple store, or send it in for a repair which would cost me a pretty penny… I decided to try doing something myself. I wondered if maybe it was the charge port. So I took a toothpick, and very very carefully cleaned out the port of all the dust (which was alot dang) and I plugged in charger, hoping it would work. And it did! Well it finally showed the low battery symbol! Now it's charging as I type. If anyone is having this problem try cleaning out the port, theres videos and articles online about how to do so. It helped me, hopefully it can help someone else!

I'm having the same problem. I was watching youtube until I needed to use the bathroom when I came back it wouldn't turn on I tried using home button, computer plug in everything but they didnt work PLZ HELP

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