5 Best iPhone Xs and Xs Max Fast Wireless Chargers

Apple will Release iPhone Xs and Xs Max. I think this is a huge surprise for Apple users. At the same time, we have to buy some accessories for the phone. One important thing is the Wireless charger for iPhone Xs and Xs Max. In this article, I will tell you some fast wireless charger for your iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

1.RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

This wireless charger used to charge your phone faster and it’s compatible with iPhone 8, 8 plus, X, X, and Xs Max. Then fail-safe circuitry prevents from overheating, short circuit, overcurrent and overcharging. HyperAir features control disperse heat 15% faster. The don’t place any magnet or metal between your charger and phone because it won’t work later. If your phone charge fully, the LED will stay in orange color and it won’t turn green.RAVPower-Fast-Wireless-Charger

Price: $29.99

2.Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger

Anker PowerWave Wireless charger uses a state of the art cooling system and advanced components technology to charge your phone 30% faster than other chargers. It prevents overheating and overcurrent. Then you don’t need to remove your case to charge your phone because it will charge your phone directly even your case is thick. It comes with 18 months warranty.Anker-PowerWave-Wireless-Charger

Price: $45.99

3.CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger

CHOETECH is charged your phone faster and it’s compatible with iPhone Xs, Xs Max, iPhone 8, 8 plus and X. it prevents from over-voltage, over-charging, over-current and over-temperature. Aluminum metal base keeps your device safe. Premium aluminum gives a good look and touch for this charger. It’s designed for the users to bedroom friendly and it’s smart lighting sensor dims the light automatically according to the darkness. It comes with 18 months warranty.CHOETECH-charger

Price: $23.99

4.Wontechmi Wireless Charger

Wontechmi is a brand one and it had two modes to charge your phone which are fast charge model and standard charge model. This Qi standard wireless charger pad is fit your phone safe and it won’t let your phone fell down. This is the best choice for your iPhone Xs and Xs Max.Wontechmi-Wireless-Charger

Price: $10.99

5.DESTEK Fast Wireless Charger

Last but not least DESTEK is also a fast wireless charger. It compatible with all Qi-enabled phones. So, you can use this for any other smartphones. It prevents from overheat, short-circuit and over-current. Its leather surface prevents your phone from scratching. This charger was certified by CE, FCC, Qi, and Rosh certified.DESTEK-Fast-Wireless-Charger

Price: $22.99


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