iPhone X – Speaker Sound Issues

When I tried to play my favourite hits on Apple Music, I could hear the only crackling sound. I was totally upset. Even many users complained they heard distorting sounds not only playing music, even during calls, alarms, videos, etc. Let’s see how to fix this issue till we get a Software Update from Apple.
First to do

  • Go to Settings -> Sounds or Sounds & Haptics -> Ringer And Alerts.
  • Just slide up or slide down  Ringer And Alerts for sometimes to check whether your speaker works or not.

Fix 1: To try

  • Turn your Bluetooth off.
  • Or restart your iPhone.
  • Try to use your iPhone X on full volume.

Fix 2: Turn Mute Off
Turn off mute

  • Check your phone is in Mute or not, by if it so you can see an orange strip near your volumes button.
  • To deactivate Mute just move the switch towards the display, now you can’t witness the orange.

Fix 3: Via Do Not Disturb
do not disturb

  • Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb.
  • Just Do Not Disturb feature, if not previously.

Fix 4: Through Headset
At times you can hear sounds via headphones but not with device’s speaker. If so, just unplug your headset then blow the debris off.
Fix 5: Check Volume Buttons
Just launch any music or sound app, in that try to adjust the volumes with volume buttons or via control center.

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