iPhone Won't Charge! Here's how to fix it

Are you worried about the charging problem in your iPhone? I know nowadays we are far connected with technologies, if any one of our daily handy gadgets fails to work then we will not be able to hold our whole day with patience. But you don’t worry now you are at the right place. I’ll give you all possible tips that can help you to get rid of this problem. One more thing is that as soon as you find that your iPhone is not charging properly, don’t handle it roughly. Follow the below steps to get out of the problem.
iPhone charged using USB cable
#1.Restart your iPhone:
At first, understand that your iPhone battery is not directly connected to the charger, whenever the charger cable is connected to the port the power goes to the logic board and then to the battery. So don’t think that your battery has lost its life.
You may not get the charging notification and your iPhone may not respond by residing in the black screen. This may be due to your software crash, so don’t worry just restart your iPhone.
Press Power Button(Wake/Sleep) and Home button together.
It takes 5-10 seconds to get restarted. Again connect it to the charger, so that it may show the charging notification.
#2. Charger/USB port troubleshoots:
If the restart process fails to work out, then examine your both USB port and Charger to find out the issue. When you find that your charger is frayed then it is time for you to go for new charger. If it looks fine, then go for the USB port. If you use earlier models of iPhone (4s) then use 30 pin dock connector cable and if you use new version of iPhone, then use lightning cable.
If your USB port fails then you have to go for the service center, since only professionals can fix it.
If you are looking for replacement cable then buy only Standard Apple certified cable, it may be expensive but it is high in quality. If you use third party cable, then it may cause damage to your iPhone soon.
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#3. Check the Power Source:
Always remember that iPhone gets charged by the help of the Software. Only the software allows the system to say yes or no to a process that may be charging or any action carried out using the iPhone.
If you find that your iPhone is not getting charged when you plug it using the port in car, laptop. Then the reason is that there may be fluctuation in the power supply. So the software may resist the power. So try to charge it on your own charger provided already.
#4. Inspect the Charging Port:
Have a close look at the USB port, at sometimes debris or any other dust may blocked your port, So try to remove it smoothly. Do this process with the help of flash light.
If there is no debris or dust, then there may be Liquid damage in your port. Liquid damage can short out the connections in the charging port of your iPhone and all sorts of iPhone charging problems.
#5. What Next?????
If all the above recovery does not helps you. Then the only way is to go for the service centre. Only there are few tiny problems related to the charging port, charging cable and power resource. If all the above recovery fails then, there is no way that you can only go for the service centre. At the service it may be quite expensive but you can get back your iPhone safely. But if any pins in the port went wrong then there is no way you have to only buy new iPhone.
How can i prevent my iPhone from this problem????
Not only Apple iPhones all the gadgets are combined with many micro pins, so you must handle it with care. Avoid charging your iPhone in car or laptop for maximum time, because fluctuation may occur that could cause damage to your battery. And always use Apple certified battery and the charger that is bought with the iPhone. If it fails and if it has warranty period, then apple can replace that battery.
If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone won’t charge” issue, inform us via comment.

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