Remove iPhone water moisture damage & screen stain

Hi friends are you searching for how to remove water and screen stain from your iPhone? No worry buddies here you are going to read emergency tips that will show you how to dry your iPhone with easy tips.
Whether you dropped your phone in water, toilet, sea or some other place do the first thing take the iPhone out of water, don’t use your iPhone immediately. Don’t plug your iPhone if you do so it may cause short circuit. Because of your desire don’t switch on or check for damages. Remove your SIM card.
Method 1: Dry your iPhone with unboiled rice
Dry iPhone rice

  1. Remove all parts of your phone.
  2. Take a bowl of un boiled rice and place your phone inside the bowl and leave it for 48 hours.
  3. The rice will take the moisture completely. But it’s not that much safe because dust or rice may enter into the ports.

Method 2: Silica gel sachets will help you to dry your iPhone
silica gel
Silica gel is one of the easiest way to remove water from your iPhone than uncooked rice. You can buy it from a craft shop and handbag shops. It will dry your wet iPhone than unboiled rice.
Method 3: Disassemble your iPhone
With the help of iPhone repair kits you can unscrew the bottom and this the best way to wet iPhone. The easiest way to get rid of water from your iPhone is remove your battery first and wet all the cook and corner. With the help of soft dry cloth clean the interior surface.
Method 4: How to remove Watermarks under the screen, but still the phone is working
remove watermarks
Follow the steps,

  1. Open Settings -> General -> Auto lockNever.
  2. Open SettingsDisplay & Brightness  ⇨ auto – brightness ‘off’.

Note: Brightness level should be maximum.
3. Connect the charging cable and take the phone keep it on the rice bag that should be tightly closed for 2 or 3 days. Now you can see the difference, stains will start changing and vanish.
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Method 5: iPhone shows No Service Error after water damage
Now i’m gonna to tell you if your iPhone shows no service error after water damage these are the easy steps to

  1. Once you remove battery from your iPhone it may show date & time are wrong. If you set the correct date & time, “NO SERVICE” error will vanish.
  2. Make sure that, whether you place the SIM card correctly are not
  3. Turn on your Wi -Fi, airplane mode, cellular data.


  1. Take your iPhone immediately out of the water.
  2. Switch it off.
  3. Don’t try to switch on your iPhone.
  4. Remove all the parts of your iPhone, including connector such as USB cable, headphone.
  5. Your are lucky if you have the screen protector, it will secure your iPhone from damage.
  6. Dry your devices with soft clean cloth.
  7. Remove the SIM card.
  8. If you don’t know how to remove the battery please don’t do that, if you do so it may cause more damage.

Dont’ s

  1. Immediately don’t use your iPhone.
  2. Don’t try it out to turn on your iPhone.
  3. Avoid hair dryer to dry your iPhone.
  4. Don’t change your device.

Hope, this post will help to remove iPhone water moisture damage & screen stain.

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my iphone 5s was watered with sea water. phone is working but the water mark is their i started to do the same procedeure.
hope that the second method what you have said will work (putting in a rice bag by charging for 2 and 3 days)

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