iPhone Voicemail won’t Play? Here's how to fix it

The users of iPhone, encounter issues of voicemail not playing after updating their device.When they tap on the voicemail it doesn’t respond to the user.
Here are the solutions, to resolve the problem.
Solution 1: Change voicemail password
enter new password

  1. Open Settings and Click phone and tap Change voicemail password
  2. Enter a new password.

Solution 2: Access voicemail using Phone app

  1. Open Phone app and dial ##873283# and tap call
  2. Click ok.
  3. Click Dismiss and tap home key.
  4. Turn off your phone and turn it on to access your voicemail.

Solution 3: Reset “Network settings”
Open Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings
Solution 4: Set up your voicemail greetings

  1. Click phone app and click voicemail tab then tap “Set up now”
  2. Enter the password twice
  3. Set up your voicemail greetings and save it.

voicemail greetings
Note: To check whether you set up your voicemail correctly, dial your phone number from your iPhone.
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Solution 5: Reboot your iPhone

  1. Press and Hold the Sleep/wake button until the red slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider to turn off the phone
  3. Again press and Hold the Sleep/Wake button until the user sees the Apple logo on the screen.

reboot iPhone
Solution 6: Update your carrier settings

  1. Open Settings > General > About
  2. Carrier settings update will be available
  3. Click “Update”

Update iPhone Carrier Settings
Solution 7: Reset your iPhone

  1. Launch Settings > iCloud > Sign out
  2. Then again open Settings > General > Reset
  3. Then select “Erase all contents and settings”

Erase all contents and Settings
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