Fixed: iPhone stuck on searching for signal

One of the excellent smartphones is iPhone’s. Here are some users of iPhone’s who have the complaint of searching for the network continuously and finding no service even when there is enough network coverage in that place.
There are some valuable solutions here, which can help you resolve this  issues
Solution 1: Remove the battery
remove the battery
1. Take off the battery from your iPhone and then replace it.
Note: At the moment you will not receive any signal
2. You can either set the date manually or connect the Wifi to set automatically.
3. Reboot your iPhone with sim card to get the signal back
Solution 2: Toggle the airplane mode
1. Switch the Airplane mode to On and Off for a minute
2. Then Connect to WiFi to receive the signal
Solution 3: Reboot your iPhone
reboot the iPhone
1. Hold the Power button and slide to right to turn off
2. Again Hold the Power button to turn On until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
 Solution 4: Reset the Network settings
1.  Tap on the Settings app, General > Reset > Reset network settings.
2. Then select Reset network settings again
Note:  Above settings also resets all your WiFi networks and passwords, cellular settings etc.
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Solution 5: Update the carrier settings
update carrier settings
1. Open settings app, then General >About
2. Then select the carrier, and click “update”
3. Then reboot your phone.
Solution 6: Take out the sim from your iPhone and insert it
Solution 7: Set the Date and time manually
1. Open settings > general > Date and time
2. Then turn off the “Set automatically” toggle button.
3. Then reboot your phone.
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