iPhone stuck on repeat songs? Here’s how to fix it

Some users reported when they play an album or a playlist it just keeps repeating the same song. But they didn’t change any settings. Here given some solutions to fix iPhone stuck on repeat songs issue.
Solution 1: Click on the icon on the Now Playing screen

  1. Play the song.
  2. Click on the Now Playing screen.
  3. On the Now Playing screen, you will see a play and volume control at the bottom of the screen. At the top is the track information. Under the album title is a scrubbing bar that indicates the time remaining in the song.
  4. Below the scrubbing bar, a small icon displays with two small circles. Click the icon to repeat the album. The icon turned blue when a repeat is activated.
  5. Click on the icon to repeat the current song. The icon will change to show the number 1 inside a blue circle.
  6. Touch the icon third time to cancel any repeat. The icon will turn white when it’s deactivated.

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Solution 2: Use Shuffle and Repeat button

  1. Click on the Song to open in the full-screen “Now Playing” interface. Move up and down. Now all the songs coming “Up Next”.
    repeat songs
  2. Shuffle and Repeat button are to the right of the “Up Next”. If that button is highlighted in red all songs are set to reply again and again.
  3. If that button is highlighted red with a 1, that one particular song replayed continuously. Users can also scroll through albums and playlists in the “For You” section.

repeat songs red
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