iPhone stuck on Apple logo? Here's how to fix it

When users restoring their iPhone, their computer shows information like “you need to wait a few seconds” and their phone will start working again. But Apple logo Appears and it’s stuck.
So how to fix this issue?
iPhone stuck on Apple logo
Fix 1:-

  1. Press and hold both Home button and Power button at the same time.
  2. When Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen, let go of the Power button but continue holding the home button.

Fix 2:-

  • Try different USB port on the computer.

If you getting error -1  “Attempt to restore your iOS device two more times. If the issue is still unresolved, the device may need service.” – Connect your iPhone to another computer.
Note: Some times these solutions not fix your iPhone problem and its shows error 0xE8000065

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2 responses to iPhone stuck on Apple logo? Here's how to fix it

"When your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo screen, it will let you go nowhere but staying on the same Apple logo screen all the time. "
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