How to Fix: iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

iPhone stuck in headphone mode and it preventing user from hearing the sound. Also iPhone acts like headphones are plugged in.
Solution 1:-
If you see the icon like this when you adjust the volume buttons, there may be broken piece or dirt in the headphone port.
Unplug and re-plug iPhone headphones several times (at least 8 to 10 times). Use hairdryer or toothpick on the iPhone headphone port to remove broken headphone jack or dust.
iPhone stuck in headphone mode

If you spilled milk or Pepsi like water, use q-tip (with the cotton ripped off)
Solution 2:-
Reset the iPhone. Press and hold Sleep/Wake button and Home button together until Apple logo appears.
Solution 3:-
Play a song (lengthy duration) and allow iPhone to completely lock.
Now insert iPhone compatible headset jack.
Unlock iPhone. Stop audio and unplug jack.
Solution 4:-
Plug in headset when phone is locked.
Hold down power button. It will bring “slide to power off” bar.
Now remove the headphones.
Press the “cancel” button at the bottom of the screen.
Now check the sound.
Solution 5:-
Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to a speaker system.
Play a music.
Switch from speaker system back to Phone.
If you have any other issues or solutions, do let us via comment.

  1. I upgraded to 8.1.3 last night and today I cannot hear the voice at the other end of the phone. I cannot hear the phone ring when I dial out. If I use my headset per the above instructions, I am able to hear clearly. I have tried all the above solutions, none seems to fix this issue. Please advise

      1. PLUG IN TO CHARGE! Same thing happened to my iPhone. Tried everything. Gave up hope but when I plugged in my phone to charge it it began working immediately! Headphone setting was gone. Volume works perfectly.

        1. You are a genius! I was getting so frustrated thinking I would have to buy a new phone….plugged it in to charge and the sounds came back straight away! Thank you so much 🙂

    1. I have no idea why but the hairdryer for 5 minutes worked for me after trying EVERYTHING else. I don't think I got my phone wet but maybe the kids did?

      1. Did you use the hairdryer on cold?? I have the same problem, not sure what setting to put the hairdryer on:)

      2. Yes! This was my fix! I don't use the headphone jack because everything is Bluetooth but I really didn't recall getting my phone wet, but sure enough, after about 1 minute of blow drying up in the headphone port and charging port on cool, the headphones volume went back to ringer volume. Thanks!!!

    2. Just blow into the headphone port. Works like magic. After trying every other thing this worked easy and solved the problem

    3. I have quite weirded issue. Previously my headset was not functioning properly sometime I was able to hear calls sons suddenly I cud not. When I cud not hear call I needed to cut call and make call again luckily it worked. Then few days later I saw on google some one suggested might b my ears leaker jack is lose be need to apply pressure so that it will work. Me trust me it works I was reliefs but again after 2 days ears leaker was not working I tried what ever I read on Internet but nothing happens. Suddenly I came to know that it is a very common iPhone problem of headphone connected always . I tried all tricks mentioned out there on Internet. Blowing jack with air.vacume it suck it q-pin applied plug unplug did for more than 50 times. Power button plus home button every single option I have applied but nothing happens. But yesterday suddenly I realised about updating iOS. Previously it was 9.3.3 nod I updated to 9.3.4. And finally it worked as smooth as it shud . But wait here. It did not end. After 2 3 hr I got same problem :(. Now I'm confused whether it is software problem or hardware please help me

      1. I googled & tried everything then I told my son to call me and I put it on speaker and I could hear and that fixed it, we hung up and it was back to normal

    4. I found by going into settings and turning off the Change with Buttons switch it took the phone out of headphone mode. I was then able to turn it on and the ringer remained on.

    5. My wife accidentally turned Voice Control (the microphone dictation) off – and it got my phone stuck in headphones only mode. Nothing helped until i turned the voice control back on.

  2. Same boat. Same problem, none of these fix it. iOS 8.3 in iPhone 6. This happened with one of the updates on my iPhone 4s a long time ago and I couldn't listen to music or make a call not on speaker phone for months.

  3. None of the fixers work.
    Still stuck in headphones, don't want to reset the phone as to much on it to loose.
    Any ideas how to fix this please?????

    1. I did reset nothing happened . I would suggest don't do reset. U can get solved this issue by some other way

  4. None of these worked. The icon I see just says headphones, no ringer above it. If I go to setting to adjust or change ringer volume or tone, my speaker works. But no videos, or music will play on external speaker. The phone doesn't make a sound when a phone call comes in, or a text.

        1. Yay. Worked for me too. The hair dryer and headphones in and out didn't. Tried turning on and off first but no. It was adjusting volume that worked. Thanks so much. WW

      1. This only worked when I tried changing ringtone, but then when I tried playing music it goes back to headphone mode ):
        Nothing is working.
        Last time this happened I could just plug headphones in and out a few times and it worked.

  5. Tried all of these, nothing worked. I finally played with the mute button a bit and it worked! Maybe it was a combo. 🙂

    1. toggling the mute button was the only thing that worked for me. I tried the rest and I called apple care and got to the mute button solution. Hope this helps!

  6. Tried all these suggestions without success. I put down the iPhone thinking I will take in for repair, when I tried it again about an hour it was out of headphone mode and working again. I guess u need to wait for it to reset itself.

  7. iPhones seem to be susceptible to moisture. Most of the solutions you reading work because they are reducing moisture in the headphone jack. If u just wait out the problem it will most probably fix itself.

      1. If the phone is mounted in a car in front of an air conditioner vent, the condensation will eventually make the phone wet enough to think the headphones are plugged in. Blow dryer and q tip worked in less than 5 minutes.

  8. Cleared the tip of the Q tip cleaned out the dirt then blow dried about 2 min none stop with cold air and it was fixed ! Huge help thank you !

  9. Hello! I need assistance and I'm not sure what to do with my iPhone's problem! It's an iPhone 6, and I had a bug crawl into the headphone port not realizing it was in there and I went and put my headphones in and the bug started leaking it's brown blood and liquid. I wasn't sure what it was until I realized it was a bug inside the port. So I used a paperclip and got out all the particles of the mangled bug and it works via bluetooth, or whenever I put speakers in it plays. My phone is stuck in headphones mode and I'm not sure the best possibility to change it back so I can hear from my phone without a device. I've tried plugging in headphones multiple times, restarting, connecting to bluetooth etc. and nothing has worked. Please let me know if I could do something else.

  10. Was stuck on headphone mode. Found a piece of lint stuck in the headphone hole. Drug it out with a paperclip. Works fine now. Thanks guys!

  11. None of this works for me. And because it's stuck on headphone, I have to put it on speakerphone to be able to hear anybody when I make a call. Please help.

  12. Thank you so much I've been trying all day to get this to work. I'll kinds of suggestions on the Internet some probably in your post. I actually made an appointment with the Genius Bar and gave up but decided to go through the list one more time. Number 5 finally worked for me I had tried a couple times earlier and it didn't but this time it did thank you so much. Trying even if it didn't work the first 10 times because I sat there for over an hour trying everything gave up and then tried again later.

  13. Combo of the q-tip and number 4 worked. Water spilled on my phone. Thank you, I thought I was going to have to pay for a refurbished phone through my insurance. You saved me $180.

  14. Tried all of these & none worked.. So I read some of the other peoples post & when I changed my ringtone it worked. So simple! Scared I was going to have to get a new phone. Broke my other six last month so this is a new refurbished iPhone. Thx!

    1. Tried all of the above over and over and nothing worked. Then I did the ringtone thing again, this time it worked. Very happy bunny here.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. I've been having a lot of problems with my iPhone 6s. I would make a call and I had to have it on speaker because there was no sound through the earpiece. The alarm worked and the ringer worked but when I would attempt to turn up or down my volume it would be in headphone mode. I've been trying everything for the past two days and I came across this post today and number 3 worked perfectly. I turned on Pandora (it was still in headphone mode)and did exactly what it said and bam! I have sound. Thank you 🙂

  16. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to fix my phone for hours and came across your article. #4 worked for me!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I was running out of ideas and kept searching for more!

  17. None of these are working for me, I feel like crying, I don't have money to fix my phone. I updated & everything. The ringer works when I try to change it in the settings, & Bluetooth works. But it's still stuck in Headphone mode, this is so stressful.

  18. 4 worked great for me. My phone had gotten wet while working in the rain. I tried rice, q-tips, heat, and plugging and unplugging headphones. Thanks!

  19. I try all the above and try to change my ringtone but none is working…but then i sucked hard my headphone port…bammm!!!…now its working

    1. I did everything including sucking hard and nothing worked, then I did it all again including sucking and now it finally works!

  20. Number 4 worked for me THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was getting worried because even tho I'm very protective of my iPhone's, for some off the wall reason…one that I have yet to figure out…they tend to go haywire on me. Doing things that most ppl I talk to about, have never seen or heard of haha! My luck with cellphones AND CPU's!
    Again, THANK YOU!

  21. i thought my phone was dead and gone, i tried all of these fixes and nothing worked. i waited hours and tried again. still, nothing. then i held a hairdryer (warm air) to the port for 2 minutes, and then i tried #4 again. (#4 because that's the one that seems to have worked the most for everyone else on this forum). and it worked! boom. so very grateful

  22. I just got wet in the rain and phone is in headphone mode now not able to hear songs in music player but when someone calls I can hear the ringing sound tried all option it is not working wat to do pls help ! iPhone 6 this is

    1. Nothing is working I did everything like ugh but I didn't get mine wet tho it jus got on headphone mode after I took it off Bluetooth but none of those solutions is working

  23. Thank you so much!!! I tried everything and then I read below and did the hair dryer and I'm so relieved i have never been so thank ful especially on thanksgiving!!!!!! Thank you! EVERYONE TRY #4 hot air!!!

    1. thank you! I did everything twice & nothing worked, then I removed the phone from the case (which was getting kinda scuzzy) & tried sucking + #4 again & it worked!

    1. I tried all of this and nothing. I finally started messing around and trying different things. I turned on and off the mute button while turning the volume up and down. Took about 5 tries or so. Works good now.

  24. Changing the ring tone worked instantly but temporarily. As soon as I put headphones back in and removed them, the issue started again

    1. Tried them all – nothing worked. But I read the Comments from others. Dazz listed an option not listed in the article. I tried changing ringtones haphazardly – about 6-10 times. THANK YOU DAZZ – this fixed the problem right away.

    1. Thank god. My story same story of sll others, what seems the common factor is that I may have had some moisture as phone was in pocket when shorts got a bit wet. I also had problem with phone not charging .. Major panic. So what finally fixed for me was changing ring tones s number of times

  25. Solution 3 worked!!! Im currently in ios 9.1 and im using iPad Air!! I tried solution 1 and 2 didnt work but im pretty sure solution 4 would work also. I LOVE YOU MAN! Ive been fixing this the whole day though. Then i saw this site and tried the 3 solutions and it really worked! Thank You!!!

  26. Did the Q-tip method and it worked! Just saved me from a anxiety attack because I just got this less than a month ago, thank you!

  27. After and update, my iPhone was stuck in headphone mode. I tried all the things listed in this forum but nothing worked. I called Apple support. I had to backup my iPhone and then do a complete restore to fix the problem. Verizon was trying to tell me I needed a new phone because it was a hardware problem. Obviously it was not a hardware problem since the restore worked.

  28. What FINALLY worked for me was putting on Pandora and linking to a bluetooth speaker then switching it from "bluetooth" to "iPhone" while it was playing. Thank you for the suggestion!!


  29. Had the same problem. Here is what I did:
    1) Place a phone call to someone near you
    2) Plug headphones in
    3) Turn on speaker mode (with headphones still plugged in)
    4) Unplug headphones and turn volume all the way up
    5) Hang up and try Spotify or Pandora

  30. solution 5 worked for me. I tried restarting my phone a few times, tried a canister that cleans PCs by blowing cold air into the 3 mm jack, toothpick into the 3 mm chack, paperclip into the 3 mm jack, quetip (breaking it in half and using the non-cotton part), changing volume settings, etc. None of this worked. The only thing that worked as connecting to a bluetooth speaker and then disconnecting from the speaker.
    My phone got a little wet while listening to music via earbuds in the rain, this caused my problem initially
    I have an iPhone 6Plus on iOS 9.2.

  31. Connected to bluetooth in the car after trying all the other suggestions (which didn't work). When I came back in the house, the phone volume was all the way down. Turned on Pandora and cranked up the volume and it works.

  32. I tried
    1) call someone near u
    2) plug in earphone
    3) put speaker mode on
    4) unplug earphone
    5) put volume high up
    6) hang up and it works!!!!!

  33. Thanks all! I tried most of the tips above! However, what worked with me after all is plugging and un- plugging the headphone couples of 10s times. I statrted hard plug/unplage and then I made fast loose plug /unpluge and it works.