How to Fix: iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

iPhone stuck in headphone mode and it preventing user from hearing the sound. Also iPhone acts like headphones are plugged in.
Solution 1:-
If you see the icon like this when you adjust the volume buttons, there may be broken piece or dirt in the headphone port.
Unplug and re-plug iPhone headphones several times (at least 8 to 10 times). Use hairdryer or toothpick on the iPhone headphone port to remove broken headphone jack or dust.
iPhone stuck in headphone mode

If you spilled milk or Pepsi like water, use q-tip (with the cotton ripped off)
Solution 2:-
Reset the iPhone. Press and hold Sleep/Wake button and Home button together until Apple logo appears.
Solution 3:-
Play a song (lengthy duration) and allow iPhone to completely lock.
Now insert iPhone compatible headset jack.
Unlock iPhone. Stop audio and unplug jack.
Solution 4:-
Plug in headset when phone is locked.
Hold down power button. It will bring “slide to power off” bar.
Now remove the headphones.
Press the “cancel” button at the bottom of the screen.
Now check the sound.
Solution 5:-
Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to a speaker system.
Play a music.
Switch from speaker system back to Phone.
If you have any other issues or solutions, do let us via comment.

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I upgraded to 8.1.3 last night and today I cannot hear the voice at the other end of the phone. I cannot hear the phone ring when I dial out. If I use my headset per the above instructions, I am able to hear clearly. I have tried all the above solutions, none seems to fix this issue. Please advise

PLUG IN TO CHARGE! Same thing happened to my iPhone. Tried everything. Gave up hope but when I plugged in my phone to charge it it began working immediately! Headphone setting was gone. Volume works perfectly.

You are a genius! I was getting so frustrated thinking I would have to buy a new phone….plugged it in to charge and the sounds came back straight away! Thank you so much 🙂

I have no idea why but the hairdryer for 5 minutes worked for me after trying EVERYTHING else. I don't think I got my phone wet but maybe the kids did?

Did you use the hairdryer on cold?? I have the same problem, not sure what setting to put the hairdryer on:)

Yes! This was my fix! I don't use the headphone jack because everything is Bluetooth but I really didn't recall getting my phone wet, but sure enough, after about 1 minute of blow drying up in the headphone port and charging port on cool, the headphones volume went back to ringer volume. Thanks!!!

Just blow into the headphone port. Works like magic. After trying every other thing this worked easy and solved the problem

I have quite weirded issue. Previously my headset was not functioning properly sometime I was able to hear calls sons suddenly I cud not. When I cud not hear call I needed to cut call and make call again luckily it worked. Then few days later I saw on google some one suggested might b my ears leaker jack is lose be need to apply pressure so that it will work. Me trust me it works I was reliefs but again after 2 days ears leaker was not working I tried what ever I read on Internet but nothing happens. Suddenly I came to know that it is a very common iPhone problem of headphone connected always . I tried all tricks mentioned out there on Internet. Blowing jack with air.vacume it suck it q-pin applied plug unplug did for more than 50 times. Power button plus home button every single option I have applied but nothing happens. But yesterday suddenly I realised about updating iOS. Previously it was 9.3.3 nod I updated to 9.3.4. And finally it worked as smooth as it shud . But wait here. It did not end. After 2 3 hr I got same problem :(. Now I'm confused whether it is software problem or hardware please help me

I googled & tried everything then I told my son to call me and I put it on speaker and I could hear and that fixed it, we hung up and it was back to normal

I found by going into settings and turning off the Change with Buttons switch it took the phone out of headphone mode. I was then able to turn it on and the ringer remained on.

My wife accidentally turned Voice Control (the microphone dictation) off – and it got my phone stuck in headphones only mode. Nothing helped until i turned the voice control back on.

Same boat. Same problem, none of these fix it. iOS 8.3 in iPhone 6. This happened with one of the updates on my iPhone 4s a long time ago and I couldn't listen to music or make a call not on speaker phone for months.

None of the fixers work.
Still stuck in headphones, don't want to reset the phone as to much on it to loose.
Any ideas how to fix this please?????

I did reset nothing happened . I would suggest don't do reset. U can get solved this issue by some other way

None of these worked. The icon I see just says headphones, no ringer above it. If I go to setting to adjust or change ringer volume or tone, my speaker works. But no videos, or music will play on external speaker. The phone doesn't make a sound when a phone call comes in, or a text.

Yay. Worked for me too. The hair dryer and headphones in and out didn't. Tried turning on and off first but no. It was adjusting volume that worked. Thanks so much. WW

This only worked when I tried changing ringtone, but then when I tried playing music it goes back to headphone mode ):
Nothing is working.
Last time this happened I could just plug headphones in and out a few times and it worked.

Tried all of these, nothing worked. I finally played with the mute button a bit and it worked! Maybe it was a combo. 🙂

toggling the mute button was the only thing that worked for me. I tried the rest and I called apple care and got to the mute button solution. Hope this helps!

Tried all these suggestions without success. I put down the iPhone thinking I will take in for repair, when I tried it again about an hour it was out of headphone mode and working again. I guess u need to wait for it to reset itself.

iPhones seem to be susceptible to moisture. Most of the solutions you reading work because they are reducing moisture in the headphone jack. If u just wait out the problem it will most probably fix itself.

If the phone is mounted in a car in front of an air conditioner vent, the condensation will eventually make the phone wet enough to think the headphones are plugged in. Blow dryer and q tip worked in less than 5 minutes.

Cleared the tip of the Q tip cleaned out the dirt then blow dried about 2 min none stop with cold air and it was fixed ! Huge help thank you !

Hello! I need assistance and I'm not sure what to do with my iPhone's problem! It's an iPhone 6, and I had a bug crawl into the headphone port not realizing it was in there and I went and put my headphones in and the bug started leaking it's brown blood and liquid. I wasn't sure what it was until I realized it was a bug inside the port. So I used a paperclip and got out all the particles of the mangled bug and it works via bluetooth, or whenever I put speakers in it plays. My phone is stuck in headphones mode and I'm not sure the best possibility to change it back so I can hear from my phone without a device. I've tried plugging in headphones multiple times, restarting, connecting to bluetooth etc. and nothing has worked. Please let me know if I could do something else.

Was stuck on headphone mode. Found a piece of lint stuck in the headphone hole. Drug it out with a paperclip. Works fine now. Thanks guys!

None of this works for me. And because it's stuck on headphone, I have to put it on speakerphone to be able to hear anybody when I make a call. Please help.

Thank you so much I've been trying all day to get this to work. I'll kinds of suggestions on the Internet some probably in your post. I actually made an appointment with the Genius Bar and gave up but decided to go through the list one more time. Number 5 finally worked for me I had tried a couple times earlier and it didn't but this time it did thank you so much. Trying even if it didn't work the first 10 times because I sat there for over an hour trying everything gave up and then tried again later.

Combo of the q-tip and number 4 worked. Water spilled on my phone. Thank you, I thought I was going to have to pay for a refurbished phone through my insurance. You saved me $180.

Tried all of these & none worked.. So I read some of the other peoples post & when I changed my ringtone it worked. So simple! Scared I was going to have to get a new phone. Broke my other six last month so this is a new refurbished iPhone. Thx!

Tried all of the above over and over and nothing worked. Then I did the ringtone thing again, this time it worked. Very happy bunny here.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've been having a lot of problems with my iPhone 6s. I would make a call and I had to have it on speaker because there was no sound through the earpiece. The alarm worked and the ringer worked but when I would attempt to turn up or down my volume it would be in headphone mode. I've been trying everything for the past two days and I came across this post today and number 3 worked perfectly. I turned on Pandora (it was still in headphone mode)and did exactly what it said and bam! I have sound. Thank you 🙂

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to fix my phone for hours and came across your article. #4 worked for me!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I was running out of ideas and kept searching for more!

None of these are working for me, I feel like crying, I don't have money to fix my phone. I updated & everything. The ringer works when I try to change it in the settings, & Bluetooth works. But it's still stuck in Headphone mode, this is so stressful.

4 worked great for me. My phone had gotten wet while working in the rain. I tried rice, q-tips, heat, and plugging and unplugging headphones. Thanks!

I try all the above and try to change my ringtone but none is working…but then i sucked hard my headphone port…bammm!!!…now its working

I did everything including sucking hard and nothing worked, then I did it all again including sucking and now it finally works!

Number 4 worked for me THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was getting worried because even tho I'm very protective of my iPhone's, for some off the wall reason…one that I have yet to figure out…they tend to go haywire on me. Doing things that most ppl I talk to about, have never seen or heard of haha! My luck with cellphones AND CPU's!

i thought my phone was dead and gone, i tried all of these fixes and nothing worked. i waited hours and tried again. still, nothing. then i held a hairdryer (warm air) to the port for 2 minutes, and then i tried #4 again. (#4 because that's the one that seems to have worked the most for everyone else on this forum). and it worked! boom. so very grateful

I just got wet in the rain and phone is in headphone mode now not able to hear songs in music player but when someone calls I can hear the ringing sound tried all option it is not working wat to do pls help ! iPhone 6 this is

Nothing is working I did everything like ugh but I didn't get mine wet tho it jus got on headphone mode after I took it off Bluetooth but none of those solutions is working

Thank you so much!!! I tried everything and then I read below and did the hair dryer and I'm so relieved i have never been so thank ful especially on thanksgiving!!!!!! Thank you! EVERYONE TRY #4 hot air!!!

thank you! I did everything twice & nothing worked, then I removed the phone from the case (which was getting kinda scuzzy) & tried sucking + #4 again & it worked!

I tried all of this and nothing. I finally started messing around and trying different things. I turned on and off the mute button while turning the volume up and down. Took about 5 tries or so. Works good now.

Changing the ring tone worked instantly but temporarily. As soon as I put headphones back in and removed them, the issue started again

Tried them all – nothing worked. But I read the Comments from others. Dazz listed an option not listed in the article. I tried changing ringtones haphazardly – about 6-10 times. THANK YOU DAZZ – this fixed the problem right away.

Thank god. My story same story of sll others, what seems the common factor is that I may have had some moisture as phone was in pocket when shorts got a bit wet. I also had problem with phone not charging .. Major panic. So what finally fixed for me was changing ring tones s number of times

Solution 3 worked!!! Im currently in ios 9.1 and im using iPad Air!! I tried solution 1 and 2 didnt work but im pretty sure solution 4 would work also. I LOVE YOU MAN! Ive been fixing this the whole day though. Then i saw this site and tried the 3 solutions and it really worked! Thank You!!!

Did the Q-tip method and it worked! Just saved me from a anxiety attack because I just got this less than a month ago, thank you!

After and update, my iPhone was stuck in headphone mode. I tried all the things listed in this forum but nothing worked. I called Apple support. I had to backup my iPhone and then do a complete restore to fix the problem. Verizon was trying to tell me I needed a new phone because it was a hardware problem. Obviously it was not a hardware problem since the restore worked.

What FINALLY worked for me was putting on Pandora and linking to a bluetooth speaker then switching it from "bluetooth" to "iPhone" while it was playing. Thank you for the suggestion!!


Had the same problem. Here is what I did:
1) Place a phone call to someone near you
2) Plug headphones in
3) Turn on speaker mode (with headphones still plugged in)
4) Unplug headphones and turn volume all the way up
5) Hang up and try Spotify or Pandora

solution 5 worked for me. I tried restarting my phone a few times, tried a canister that cleans PCs by blowing cold air into the 3 mm jack, toothpick into the 3 mm chack, paperclip into the 3 mm jack, quetip (breaking it in half and using the non-cotton part), changing volume settings, etc. None of this worked. The only thing that worked as connecting to a bluetooth speaker and then disconnecting from the speaker.
My phone got a little wet while listening to music via earbuds in the rain, this caused my problem initially
I have an iPhone 6Plus on iOS 9.2.

Connected to bluetooth in the car after trying all the other suggestions (which didn't work). When I came back in the house, the phone volume was all the way down. Turned on Pandora and cranked up the volume and it works.

I tried
1) call someone near u
2) plug in earphone
3) put speaker mode on
4) unplug earphone
5) put volume high up
6) hang up and it works!!!!!

Thanks all! I tried most of the tips above! However, what worked with me after all is plugging and un- plugging the headphone couples of 10s times. I statrted hard plug/unplage and then I made fast loose plug /unpluge and it works.

Very frustrated. Have had my iphone 4s for a year and a half. Was out shopping the other day. Phone was in my purse. Stopped to get lunch and phone was dead. It was fully charged when I left the house. Got home and searched on internet for what happened. Figured the ios crashed. Got it up and running but now it is stuck in headphones mode. Have tried EVERY suggestion and none of it works!! Please help!!!

Finally worked! Took me over 48 hours of trying all of these. I turned phone off 3 times by pushing home button and power button then went to settings and changed ringtones a few times and FINALLY my volume works normally!! Thanks so much

Here's what worked for me. I played a song on iTunes and routed it through a bluetooth speaker. While the song was playing, I turned off my phone and then turned off the speaker. When I turned the phone back on, I was once again able to get sound through the speakers in the phone.

#4 fixed it the second time trying. I had Spotify playing before I locked it. Held down power, unplugged headphones then pressed cancel. Pulled back up Spotify pressed pause then play and the sound returned to the iPhone and wasn't stuck anymore in headphone mode.

so I've gone through just about every solution I've read on so far besides restoring my phone because I want to avoid that at all costs. I got my iphone 6 stuck on headphones mode because water touched the bottom of my phone so water damage is likely.
I've done everything listed above, turned it on and off, did the apple reset, reset the network settings, stuck a qtip inside, stuck a qtip with a dab of rubbing alcohol, stuck a paperclip in, sucked air out of the headphone jack, used compressed air, used a hair dryer, stuck the headphones in and out repeatedly, called someone on speakerphone, connected to a bluetooth speaker, tried the sound settings, and just plugged it into the computer to connect to itunes.
Oddly enough, the two solutions that made the least sense to me worked. The first time I had this problem, all I did was plug the phone into my computer to back it up, took out the headphones, and then headphones mode was off. That was great and all, until the next morning, I found that it went back to headphones mode again. After trying to fix it by plugging it into my computer, it didn't work like the day before, so I ran through the list of solutions again, and sucking air out of the headphones jack worked.
It was working normally again for only 5 hours and I'm back to square one. The computer and sucking air isn't working and I don't want to keep doing this over and over.
If anyone has any ideas besides that I've listed and besides restoring/getting a new phone, that'd be great!

The bluetooth speaker worked for me! I tried everything after getting rain in my headphone jack – hairdryer, sucking, q-tip, tissue and blue tooth worked straight away!!

So the weirdest solution worked for me. I tried the Q-tip solution and it didn't work By this point I had tried all of the solutions and out of frustration I tore the ends of the Q-tip off and made a small straw so I thought to myself hmmm there's one more option so I stuck that bitch down in the headphone jack and started sucking the air out of the headphone jack and it worked

I dropped my phone in the toilet and tried all the solutions and nothing worked. But once i tried this it immediately worked!

You are a genius…. I tried all suggestions possibly available on the Internet and yours is the only one that worked! Once whatever was obstructing the headphone jack was sucked with a little straw, I just had to turn the phone off, then on and voila!
Thanks for saving me a trip to the Apple store!!!!

After trying every other method, this is the only one that worked, and it worked immediately. Thanks so much! I started to get pretty agitated after trying every single thing.

I tried all the methods on this website – no success. Was beginning to lose all hope and then I tried your method of taking both ends off the Q-tip with success! Thank you thank you thank you

I have an iphone 6plus and havent had any problems so far. My phone fell into the snow and i couldnt find it, and then once i did it was still wet and i dried it off quickly not really thinking and i put it into my Ugg boot and maybe 10 min. later realized my phone is stuck in headphone mode. i tried everything (resetting phone, putting the headphone jack in and out, blowing air into it, changing ringtones etc.) and i finally noticed inside the headphone jack there was some fur from my boot and moisture. I took a toothpick flosser and started to try to dig the lint out and keep sucking the air. FINALLY after maybe an hour of trial error i got a text message and it made a sound and suddenly my phone is out of headphone mode!!! make sure theres no lint or pieces of food dirt etc and your phone should work just fine!

The straw worked for me, sucked on the end of the straw 10 times or so, then tried it out and played music through the speaker, plugged in headphone jack, turned phone on and off, everything works fine, everything is back to normal, thanks again.

After trying many possible solutions, solution #2 worked for me. I still don't know the cause and the jack was clean and dry.

I was trying everything for about two hours and by some kind of miracle this worked. I'm still a bit baffled, thanks!

OH MY GOSH. THANK YOU SO MUCH, IT WORKED!!!!! I dropped my phone in the shower, and no sound would come out of the speakers. I am elated by how this actually worked. Thank you for sharing this.

Tried everything you recommend on my iPhone 4s without success. Feeling very frustrated so I'm going to leave it overnight and try again tomorrow.
Any other advice will be very gratefully received!!!

I tried all of the solutions above but nothing worked. In my frustration I accidentally activated Siri and after closing out the voice over my speakers worked again like normal.

MEE too!! .. I tried all the solutions above .. Nothing .. A few seconds later, I inadvertently activated Siri! ..
So I just Thot, NM .. Il try again tomorrow, or possibly have to get another phone .. And BAM! It started working .. Idk if it was coincidental .. From one of the "5" solutions above .. Or the Siri too? .. I'm just totally pumped it works now!

I tried every thing but didn't work I was doing for all my weekend today I got it fixed . My issue was when I remove headphone it goes to ring mode after few min again to headphone mode after trying all suddenly it won't move to ring mode stays headphone mode only again I started all and it worked with restarting I phone . Wow thank you guys to help others

Son of a gun. You guys rock. I cleaned it with a toothpick. Put the head phones in. Restarted and unplugged the head phones and it was fixed. Thanks so much!!!

I tried all these…finally I had someone call my phone and when ringtone came on then I was able to adjust the ringer volume and the sound started working again!

OMG! So this happened to me today randomly when my phone fell in snow; I thought I was doomed; but thank GOODNESS for this lovely page and all your comments; I found the solution. The solution that worked for me was cleaning it with a toothpick, and sucking the air out of it with a straw. This sounds insane I know, but It worked and now I can live peacefully.

While washing my hands the my IPhone 6s fee in the sink. I quickly dryed but I guess water went into the headphones jack. A combination of tooth pick and hair dryer did the job. Thank you for the recommendations.

You guys rock. I tried all the steps except for the hair dryer because my phone didn't get wet but that fixed it. I don't even use plug-in headphones, I only use Bluetooth so I was surprised when I got this issue. Thanks again.

Same for me. The hairdryer fixed it. I never use headphones but I did get rained on today so maybe just he slightest miisture in there… Thanks for the help!!

Wow amazing man 🙂 I faced the same issue today after drop my phone in snow. I tried solution 3 that worked for me thanks thanks feel happy 🙂

This so worked for me! My iPhone 6s+ fell in water and headphone mode was on but I did the straw trick and left on computer with charger all night and it worked by morning!

I tried all the methods, but nothing worked, idk why because there was no water damage at all and this has never happened to me before this really sucks, any other options?

Dropped mine in snow while out snowboarding. Dried it off, it seemed fine but later noticed that it was stuck in headphones mode. Never had any headphones in during that time. Used the old rice routine…put in the middle of a sealed container of rice overnight (the rice sucks the water out). The next morning the battery had run down and powered it off. Turned it back on and normal service restored, out of headphone mode. I had power cycled it several times the night before and also stuck the headphone jack in and out several times to no avail. Rice does the business.

My daughter uses a 5c and im having the stuck in headphone issue. I tried putting headphones into jack but they wont go all the way in now .. looks like something is blocking it!
Any suggestions or help

Had this same problem. None of the above solutions were working. My phone was still stuck in headphone mode. So I tried this and it worked – I turned off wifi, turned off Bluetooth and then went into volume settings and turned everything off. Then I restarted my phone, and turned everything back on. And it worked. No more headphone mode.

Dropped my phone in water yesterday. Tried all the solutions given. This is the Only thing that worked! Thank you!!!

You are either a genius or tenacious or both. Whatever, this work, albeit I am a little disenchanted with the Apple software that permits an iPhone to mis-function like this.

U guys just roXxxx!!!
I had this problem..i was damm frustrated but u guys just solved my problem.
Cleaning with toothpick then inserting headphones and restarting iPhone WORKED!!

I tried everything and the hairdryer method worked surprisingly! I believe it got a couple drops of water from the rain so the hot air cleared up the problem. Thanks!

I had literally tried everything and then my brother gave me this link and the very first thing on the list with turning off the phone and plugging in the headphone and taking it out once it restarted worked so good for me! This saves me at least $300, phew! Thank you!

Thank you! Tried all 4, but didn't work. I was really panicking. Got my phone wet shoveling snow. Sat it in some rice fora while, then cut a q-tip in half, and inserted it in the headphone jack while iTunes played. Success!!!

I simply pulled my headphones out of the jack and it was stuck. My phone had not gotten wet or anything like that. I have tried every option on this list as well as a few other suggestions. I have had this phone (6s) for less than a month. Help please?

Only solution that worked for me just updated to 9.2.1 one day prior cleaned phone this morning very strange

Cotton swab worked great! This is good, because i was about to smash it to tiny bits! Thanks–you're a lifesaver!

Stopped working after a tiny bit of snow got in the jack, nothing worked until i blew warm hairdryer on hole while plugging and unplugging the headphones AT AN ANGLE (very important) nothing worked until I unplugged at an angle as to scrape the the sides of the jack where the little balls are…

Thank you sooo much, I tried all steps, it wasn't until I took the headset out at an angle that the headset mode turned off!!!

Oh my gosh! The q tip trick!! Truly didn't believe it would work.. It worked like a charm! This was after I was on phone with apple and they exhausted every possible fix and told me I need to send it in for repair! Thank you!!

I tried all of these and nothing worked – eventually after about 7/8 hours it just started working again!
Don't stress too much in the first few hours, it might just need some time to dry itself out.
Good luck

None of these worked for me – but after about 8 hours it just started working again randomly!
Don't stress too much in the first few hours, it might just need time to dry itself out.
Good luck

The straw sucking thing works so well. I just used a hollow lollipop stick that's open on both ends and sucked for about 5 minutes and it worked perfectly.

Omg idk you but I love you! I used a q tip and cut both ends off and used it as a straw to suck whatever was in the headphone jack out… I was about to give up! Thank you!

None of the above worked for me until I tried the straw to suck up the debris (I was about to try using the vacuum machine if it didn't work). But wow! The straw trick worked within a minute.
*the phone was in the water so I put some rice around it, apparently some rice got stuck in the headset jack.

I tried solutions 2 through 5 to no avail. I sat the phone in front of my blowdryer on cool (which is actually slightly warm), on low for 20 continuous minutes. I placed the earphone jack end of the phone 3 to 4 inches from the blowdryer. It worked.
The phone did fall into water the day before.

I tried everything and started to get pretty upset! That is until I tried the blow dryer and it worked within 5 minutes 🙂

It seemed completely unintuitive, but after trying what seemed like everything else I plugged in headphones and played a song, started to turn off the iPad, unplugged the headphones, and cancelled the shutdown. And voila, speaker sound! Thrilled and amazed.

I almost lost all hope but connected my phone to via Bluetooth to my boss headphones and Wah-La, sound emerges again!

This assumes you have tried ALL the above. Depending on where you live, find at least a second story window (fourth floor and above preferred). Open an exit window. Place fully charged phone in right hand and move arm behind shoulder. Count slowly to four(4) and now rapidly bring right arm from back to front releasing phone through open window. Exhale and enjoy the sounds of plastic and metal exploding on open ground. Time to move on.

None of the above four steps worked, even after repeated tries. The problem had nothing to do with the headphone jack, but rather the lightning cable plug: Simply plugging the phone into a power source fixed everything. I think it happened because I pulled the lightning plug out quickly after using it in the car.

I accidentally sprinkled my iPhone (SE) with a little bit of water and it got stuck in headphones mode (I'm not sure if water was the cause). After trying everything I removed sim card to see if the liquid contact indicator is red but it was white. After I inserted sim back into my iPhone, the speaker started to work again 🙂

I tried everything listed. None of it worked. Then I saw a comment that someone removed sims card and replaced it. I did that and it worked.

I tried pretty much all of the options until the hair dryer! It worked like a charm. I barely held it on there for 30 seconds and it started working! Thank god lol also I did drop it in water earlier in the day so I hope that helps anyone else!

I tried everything and then the hair dryer on cool setting for 5 minutes did the trick.
My phone had not gotten wet … just did the headphone thing when I turned the ringer on and off; and there were no sounds. All is well now. Thank you.

Solution 3 worked for me after hours of cleaning and drying. Thanks guy!! I couldn't find that solution anywhere.

Amazing, been to a number of sites that all recommended the same solutions. Number 4 worked a treat for me!!
Thank you.

None of the above worked for me, but turning on the bluetooth, connecting to my wireless headphones, then turning off the bluetooth worked.

Tried step 2 and 5 didn't work, I went to settings then sound, had my ringer on messed with ringer a bit, then clicked up and down on volume buttons on side ringer popped up, then slid the bottom options up messed with volume played a song and volume worked, earlier in day also dropped phone in a creek

Ok so I saw something and it says the three circles is the headphone jack and one could be still in and not out so what do I do ??

Solution #1 worked for me after 10 plugs and unplugs. I was relieved after it started working again. Spend too much money on these darn phones.


Now after reading many comments and articles nothing worked for me. So what I did was Settings>General>Reset>Reset all settings.
This worked for me. If you know you're audio jack is fine but it's just stuck in headphone mode, this should work for you.

I did everything from plugging earphone 20-25 times to cleaning,reset,switch off/on etc but nothing worked,I desperately search for the solution and somehow ended here,No.4 worked for me.. Thanks

Dropped phone in soy sauce. Phone stuck in headset mode. Will rice help? Do i have to buy a new phone? PLZ HELPPPPP

Tried every helpful tip above, and it was the cotton bud/q-tip trick that worked for me. Thanks for all the posts – didn't have to resort to the open window and throw step fortunately!

I was plugging an Ox coord to play songs through larg speakers for around 4 hours, and when I took it out, it was stuck on headphone mode, resetting the phone or replugging headphones does not work for me.

i used the hairdryer for 5 minutes and still nothing, in the end I backed up the phone did a full reset and erase all content, then restored the phone from the back I just created and phone was fine, all content back on wouldn't have known id reset it

I used the hairdryer for about 2 mins and it worked.
I had been using the phone in an arm case for running with headphones on so moisture may have accumulated.

Some water must have made it in there somehow because HAIRDRYER is what worked for me thank god. But sheesh what a sensitive phone

I know this is odd but I tried talking to Siri , at first no sound but then the second time I tried telling Siri my iphone no sound , I heard Siri's voice and my iphone volume was restored !

iPhone 6 checking in. My iPhone also incurred water damage while using the iPhone near the shower.
I believe I tried most fixes such as cotton swab, toothpick, paper clip all attempting to scrape and remove particles obstructing the headphone jack from working. Also tried all the various software fixes and nothing worked. Since I didn't have a blow dryer I tried using my electric heater to dry out the headphone jack but that did not work either.
Finally used the vacuum tube hose with the narrow sharp angled attachment and place on the headphone jack. Voila! My iPhone is no longer in speakermode.

Blow dryer!!! Did all the steps without any luck, turned blow dryer on cold shot low and within 20 seconds I had sound!

I tried everything and nothing worked. Until the hairdryer. 5 minutes on cold and it worked like a charm.

used blow dryer on cool for 5-6 min, then gave up and put on the charger. checked it about 15 min later, and it's no longer stuck in headphone mode!! hooray!!

I tried fixes from this website and others. Been working on this for a couple of hours. Nothing seemed to work. Finally I put a qtip in the hole spun it around several times and went back and tried solution #4 and FINALLY it was a success. I did get a droplet of water in the phone today. So happy to have it working and thank you so very much for your information.. Genius!!

The only thing worked for me was the Q-tip, clean the socket, after 30-40 tries and one broken q tip. it worked, it took me more than an hour. I dropped the phone in my dog water bowl. bottom line is to wait and clean the phone, FYI I left the phone for an hour in bowl of uncooked rice to dry it.

After trying everything on this list nothing worked. i went to settings then sounds and scrolled down to the bottom. I turned off keyboard clicks and turned it back on and my sound came back!!

Thank you so much for this suggestion – after trying all of the above multiple times I flipped off keyboard clicks and boom, fixed!

Thank you so so much!!! I literally tried everything and when I saw your comment I decided to try it and it saved me from not being able to listen to music! Now I'll be off to listen to my music! Again, thank you!!!

GUYS!!! I've had this problem for over an hour and I frantically tried everything before I factory reset it. Even the weird quirkier fixes. After I had backed my phone up to factory reset it, I took my sim card out to check the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) which was fine by the way. Put it back in and it's gone back to normal!!

I was about to give up I've tryed every solution and finally I tryed the blow dryer one and put it on the coolest setting for exactly 5 mins and when I played a song it started working again like normal! Thank you for your tips!!

I fixed my iPhone 6 stuck in "headphones" mode by turning on "Airplane" mode then adjusting the volume up and down.

The airplane mode tricked worked for me too after trying everything else – blow dryer, q tip etc. thanks!!!

Omg thanks! I just got my iPhone6, after months of saving And as I laid down to watch a movie after a horrible day at work it kept saying "headphones" I was about to start crying lol sure enough I got a QTip,took the cotton of and cleaned the port. Worked instantly!

I've tried everything I've read, with no luck and going through settings when I change the ringer volume it works w/o the headphones but that's the only time you hear sound… what the heck!

OMGEE … So I "totally" Almost gave up! But what did I have to lose? So I tried all the solutions above.. After I felt like, nevermind, I'll just relook at tomorrow and if it doesn't work, il have to get a new phone … BUT BAM! I just started working again! WOOHOO! Saaaweeeet .. Idk which one did it? But the moral is "don't give up! Persist.. Persist.
YA baby music to my ears! (Literally)…lol
Thank you! Major Kuddos!

My mum was losing her mind…'How do I fix it' to 'I need a new phone'. I searched it up and thanks to this website its fixed. Just used a hairdryer! Thanks!

Lock the phone with an alarm a few minutes ahead and when it goes off stop it and go to home and booom! WORKED FOR ME!
Iphone 6s

Just be sure even after it's fixed you dry the port somehow. Hairdryer or leave a qtip in for a while or leave it in rice if the phone got really really drenched in water

Tried everything, was getting so frustrated but then I saw the posts about the hairdryer. I thought 'yeah right' but then after 5 minutes of hairdryer on the cold setting, IT WORKED !! Amazing !

The trick with the blow dryer works the best as I was scrolling on here I had the blow dryer going then all of a sudden bam I can hear my text coming through! Try the blow dryer method. I had to do it for 10 min. FYI my phone fell in the toilet and it's all okay now! Thanks!!!!!!!

So I took a bath and boom my phone fell in. Couple secs … Dry towel it and was looking for ways to fix it I did the Qtip first … Nothing … Then did the hair dryer on low cool and it worked after like 5 minutes 🙂 yay I'm so happy ??

What worked for me wasn't the hair dryer. It was simply holding the Home Screen ( the circle), while holding the power button ( right side) at the same time. Done that til screen went black ( about 4 seconds). I let go and saw the Apple icon. My phone loaded up normally with all my settings intact, including ringer setting. Thank God!

My phone fell in the toilet. After drying it out in the hot-water cupboard in rice, I spent hours upon hours trying every single fix listed on the internet to unstick the "Headphone" mode. Nothing worked – the outlook looked dim. The last fix I read, suggested subjecting the phone to cold temperatures in the fridge/freezer. Instead of doing this as I was concerned about more moisture damage, I wedged it (headphone jack end first) into my car air-conditioning vent and set the temperature to "Cold Max" and left it in there for a 15 minute journey which blew extremely cold air into the jack. I was astonished that this finally fixed the problem after trying every other fix multiple times to no avail.

I didn't have a hairdryer near me so I used my mouth to blow air into the headphone jack, I took out and put in the head phones in the head phone jack about 9 turns, restarted my phone, and it worked perfectly fine ??

I tried the q-tip, solution 1 and 5. I also turned my phone off and back on, but solution two worked for me.

I tried this one just now after trying all of the other solutions and it worked for me. I went and played my ringtone via Sound. Then I plugged in my headphones, opened my Control Center, and then pulled them out. I'm so glad that it worked, seriously. I have an iPhone 6.

So I restarted my phone twice, did everything on the list and nothing was working. I used the q-tips one (a lottt of times) and when that didn't fix it, I used a hairdryer on the headphone jack for a few minutes. After waiting a little while, my sound came back finally!!

I tried everything on this page and nothing worked last ditch attempt I tried the hairdryer for 5 mins turned phone on and off again and it worked!!!! Thank you so much!!

IPhone 6s fell out my pocket when I was running the bath for my son it was in there for 3 or 4 seconds.
Everything worked apart from ear speaker and normal speak that plays videos etc. Tried everything put it on a radiator, hair dryer and what not.
Turned my keyboard click off, cleaned with tissue inside the jack port (kind of ironic i was slating iPhone 7 for it having one lol) also got a toothpick give it a clean out, stuckhe hairdryer in cold for about 30 sec, restarted my phone and it worked a treat!

THe hairdryer on cool air for 1 – 2 mins WORKED!!! THank you! thank you!!! I didnt have to do factory reset or go down to the technician to replace any parts!!

I must mention that I have the same problem with no sound coming out from the speaker of my IPAD air. Strangely, my ringer or alerts works with sound coming out from speaker. But not for my music, it will have sound only if a headphone is plugged in.
I tried so many troubleshooting methods (even with applecare), nothing works, eg. check side switch is set to unmute; diagnostics & usage test with applecare; upgrade to latest ios;
i was then advised to do a factory resetting by applecare, which I didnt get to it yet until I found this website to try hairdryer! who would have thought of that? But it is the ONLY thing that worked!!

I did everything to be honest and I don't know what worked plus I turned off my phone for like 30 min so yeah what ever worked, worked ! Thanks guys!!!!! No need to buy a new phone now !

Omg after trying every possible solution one very possible forum, Zsolutio3 worked!!! Thank you so much.

Ahhhhhh. I tried all of the above except for #5. Thanks to the comments I kept trying and tried the qtip/ hairdryer combo platter and… BAM I got music again. ??? thank you everyone for your comments I would have tossed my phone if I didn't read these.

My iPhone 6 Plus was stuck in headphone mode after I dropped it in water. Ringer mode was restored after I was able to loosen one of the three metal bearings inside the headphone jack that was stuck. I used a high-powered magnifier and a metal pin. No other solution worked.

I got my phone a little wet last night and had this issue. I contacted apple via their chat system, and while they were nice they wanted nearly 300 dollars to fix this. Screw that! I tried #3 and it works like brand new. Thank you so much!!

I dropped my phone and soup, and everything was fine until i noticed this was happening It took numerous qtip twists, but after a bit, after cleaning it more time and trying #4, it worked! dont get frustrated too quick everyone, just give it some time.

Yes.. Apple chat not very helpful, so I tried #1 and problem solved with one Q tip in headphone jack … came out wet and black…

None of these things worked for me, but I managed to sort the situation by plugging my head phones in leaving them in for an hour or so then take them out! Phone had sorted itself out! Hope this helps!

The hairdryer and q-tip worked perfectly, but you just have to be patient. I did the combo for about 15 minutes before it worked. But thanks so much for the suggestion.

Did all of the above and then tried them again. The blow dryer finally did the trick. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You rock!!

If the jack is clean, try putting the phone on Airplane Mode for 15 minutes. Turn it off and voila! the ringer works again.

I have a iPhone 6s Plus I did the hairdryer trick for 5 mins and waited until the cool off screen appeared after it cooled all sound was restored thanks guys/gals…….??

Gosh…. i too encountered this problem in iphone 6s . certainly it is the dust or moisture which makes this bizarre.
I had dropped my phone in snow and apparently this issue started. However thin pin cleared off the issue. you just need to clean off the headphone or ear phone port with a thin pin as moisture or thin layer of dust is detected as a hardware.

The hairdryer works. I put a timer for 10 minutes and put the hairdryer on low then on the last min put it at high and when I powered back on it worked

So I read on the iPhone forum someone sucks on the headphone jack. Not joking this actaully works depending what the problem was. Tried in 3 times about to give up I tried one more time and it worked. Some people might have to suck for 5 seconds each time up to ten times.

I tried everything on this forum and nothing worked. Till I read your comment! It did sound weird but I thought what the hell I'll try it. And it worked! Thanks so much

Spilled bourbon all over the IPhone6… None of these tricks worked. Eventually I turned the phone off and let it sleep in a bowl of rice overnight. The rice sucked all the moisture out and in the morning I was no longer in headphone-hell but my hangover was significant.

iPhone 6s: tried #1-4, no success, then tried qtip, no success, then tried hair dryer – worked within 10 seconds. Got greedy, stopped early, failed again – hair dryer x 1 minute did the job more permanently. (5 minutes probably would have been better but I was late for work!) Of note, my phone was never wet – must have been dust?

Woke up and it's stuck. Nothing's worked so far but I haven't tried the hairdryer yet. Must be lint since I was asleep and didn't get it wet when it freaked out

None of these solutions worked for me. Somehow I got lucky and just kept hitting a song track and flipping the switch on the side and i saw it change to "Ringer".

None of this worked for me BUT this did!…Go to Setting/General/Accessibility and look for Call Audio Routing. If it's set to Automatic, select Speaker and hopefully it will fix your issue.

Hair dryer + Q-tip worked for me! Thank you for the advice and uplifting confirmations on the comment board!

I tried all the options and nothing worked. It was caused with a little water. I finally restored my iphone to a recent backup and it solved the issue.

i received a call and the problem just gone. but when i plug in the headphone it happens again. my friends called my phone again and the problem gone. i think mine is not about the headphone jack alone

Nothing has worked for me tried updating and cleaning jack plugging in and out hard restart.

Solution 5 worked for me. You are my hero. I love you. I will buy you pizza and beer. Good beer.

#5 worked for me when I kept it plugged into the speaker and did a hard reset to disconnect it from the speaker. Once it came back up, phone worked like a charm again😊

The Q-tip one is a blessing omg
I never realized how dirty the little slot was! Thank you so much!!
( iphone 6s )

Thank you thank you thank you!! I tried all your suggestions on my 6s and the hairdryer worked brilliantly! So relieved!

I've tried everything and nothing is working! I don't know what to do! I've literally done everything. iPhone 6S Plus.

Unfortunately, none of these worked but this did!:
Plug your phone in and make sure it has a power source other than the battery. In Settings, go to Sounds and find the ringer volume slider. With one hand, aggressively slide it back and forth on the "louder" half of the slider. With the other hand, hold the power and home button to do a soft reset. When the phone rebooted, I heard the charging sound and we were in business!

Nothing has worked for me 🙁 really don't want to spend 300 dollars on a new port or the 800 on a new phone :(( anyone have any other suggestions?!?

Soution #3workded for me! Appreciate your help….this is after my husband fell into the pool with his phone. Got it out and dry and everything BUT being able to hear during a call worked.
Thanks you!

so thankful for the blow dryer method because i did not want to pay to get my phone fixed for something so small ☺️

Try taking out the SIM card and putting it back in. This resolved the issue with the headphone jack, as well as an issue with the sound on the other end of a phone call.

So, i tried all solutions with no luck… 🙁
Iphone 6 is up to date. When i reboot device it's OK for few hours and again goes back to headphone mode.
Even after reboot, if i plug and unplug headphones, Iphone stays in headphone mode till next reboot.
Really annoying cuz actually i never know if I will be able to hear some1 when answering call.
Any ideas? please..

got a very small amount of water in mine. None of the numbered solutions worked, but the Qtip with no cotton on the end fixed it in about 30 seconds!

Tried all on my iPhone 6s but then tried a cotton bud with cotton removed and then a couple of seconds of hairdryer on cold. While hair drying I was pressing the volume buttons to see it go from headphones to speaker

John's solution did the trick for me! Thanks so much mate 🙂
For the record, a copy of his solution:
"Unfortunately, none of these worked but this did!:
Plug your phone in and make sure it has a power source other than the battery. In Settings, go to Sounds and find the ringer volume slider. With one hand, aggressively slide it back and forth on the "louder" half of the slider. With the other hand, hold the power and home button to do a soft reset. When the phone rebooted, I heard the charging sound and we were in business!"

Cut a qtip stick at an angle to make a point spear on one end (completely cut fuzzy part off. Pushed that end up the hole and pushed on the inner side of the jack hole. Did that a few times (twist it around and pull out too). There was a lot of shit up there but it worked!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. The long duration song and airing for the phone to unlock worked for me! Thank you. I was freaking out.

i connected the bluetooth to play music then it is not showing the phone mode to play it showa headphones ???

We tried 1, 3 and 4 above. Not sure which one actually worked; however, the BIC pen tip was the last thing we tried before it started working again.

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