iPhone 7 Speaker Greyed Out? – Here's How to Fix it

It is really weird iPhone 7 Speaker Greyed Out? – It’s a quite common issue from many of the iPhone 7/7 Plus users. Here’s following 4 simple Fixes to solve the problem.
Fix 1: Restart the iPhone

  • Press and Hold Side Button and  Volume Down Button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Fix 2: Update the iPhone Software

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on General -> System Update.
  • If the new Software Update is available, Click the Download Option and Install it.

Fix 3: Reset the Settings

  • Go to Settings -> General.
  • Select Reset Option and Choose Reset all Settings.
  • Enter the Passcode if needed.
  • Again, click on Reset all Settings Option.

Fix 4: Restore your iPhone data from Recovery Mode

  • Connect your iPhone to Mac.
  • Long Press and Release the Volume Up and Volume Down Button One by One.
  • Now, Press and Hold the Power Button until your iPhone turns to the Recovery Mode.
  • Now, In iTunes, you can see your iPhone Connects in Recovery Mode.
  • You can see two Options “Update” and “Restore”.
  • Select “Restore” Option to Start the Recover the iPhone Data.

Hope the above Solutions give you some idea about how to solve the greyed out speaker while making a call or voice recording. If this article is helpful to you? Let me know in the comments… Thank You…

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