Fix: iPhone say i have a (Phantom) text message when i don't

One of the iPhone users had a Phantom text message problem. I searched and found out some solutions to resolve this issue.
Solution 1: Delete a few messages from the conversation
View a person who sends you some text messages. In the conversation, delete a few of the messages that they sent to you. Then close the app. This would solve the problem.
Solution 2: Delete the old text messages
On the Text symbol you can see unopened messages,  but once you go to the text none of the messages gets unopened. So scroll down and randomly delete a couple of old text messages that you received before. Now, you solved your problem.
Solution 3: Use Siri
Ask Siri to read your unread messages. Read the messages that are giving you the phantom text notification. If you don’t want to reply click no. When you return to your home screen, the unread text notification will go.
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Solution 4: Delete all the conversations
Delete all the conversations from your mobile. This will solve the problem.
Reasons why your iPhone indicate Text Message

  1. Place your finger at the top of the screen and pull down unread messages, emails appear.
  2. Close the SMS app in the task manager.
  3. Send an SMS to yourself.
  4. Reset your phone. Hold the sleep or wake and home key for 10 seconds and your phone will turn off. It will reboot automatically.
  5. Delete all your text messages.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone say I have a (Phantom) text message when I don’t”, inform us via comment.

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