How to Fix iPhone Restore Error 53 in iTunes

When iPhone users try to update or restore their device, they getting stuck with error 53 in iTunes app.
iPhone restore error 53 in iTunes
Solution 1: Use different cable & different USB port
Try to use different USB cable to connect your device to computer.
And try to use different USB port in your computer.
Solution 2: Do not replace Touch iD
Most of the iOS users said, this error is a touch ID related error. Do not replace the Touch ID button other wise you get this error in your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus
Solution 3:  Restart both iPhone and Computer.

  1. Turn off your iPhone and Computer.
  2. Wait come minutes.
  3.  Then turn them on again.

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Solution 4:  Update iTunes & Mac OS X
Update iTunes App and OS X to the latest version. Also disable or uninstall security software like Antivirus or firewall apps.
Solution 5: Replace the cable connecting iPhone Touch ID (Mobile technician Only)
Buy iPhone 6 home plex ribbon and change it in your iPhone device. Video Instruction here (YouTube).
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