iPhone Making Random Calls? Here’s how to fix it

This sometimes happens guys when you just pick up your iPhone, it will make random call to some one. And they may call you again to scold you for repeated calls. You will blink that what is happening? I didn’t do that. And you may think that some one is playing with your iPhone or some evil spirit is working behind you. Sound’s funny right?? Yes to read this it will be funny but if you experience it then it will be annoying. So don’t worry guys. You are at the right place, here I have listed some working ways to solve this issue.
Why this happens???
Mostly this case can happen when you have any virus in your iPhone. So try to run full scan in your iPhone. Because some virus may cause you to make spoof calls, which may lead to trouble later.
Or else you might have kept your iPhone in your pocket, two or more rubbing may cause you to make your lock to get unlocked and that may lead to this problem because it’s possible that the proximity sensor might be having an issue and it is calling people when in your pocket for some reason
There may be some hidden application in your iPhone which may make your iPhone to make this prank calls. So avoid updating your old application.
What to do???
Solution 1: Reset all settings
Let us try with some soft deal, reset your iPhone.
Make the default settings in your iPhone.
Menu → Settings → General→ Reset → Reset all the settings
If you make the above change in your iPhone the problem may be almost solved.
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Solution 2: Update to latest iOS version
There may be some bugs not fixed in your OS. So try to fix the bugs by updating your software.
Use the following command to do so.

  • At first connect your iPhone to PC.
  • And then Launch iTunes application
  • After launching this you will see the update option.
  • Choose that option and Select Software Update Option in order to update your Device software.

Solution 3: Turn off the voice control
Sometimes there may be a chance of accidentally activating the Voice control mode. So iPhone may pick sounds as names of people to call.
So turn it off to get rid of this problem. Go for the following way to come out of this problem.
Settings→ General→ Passcode Lock→ Turn Passcode Off.
Solution 4 : Put iPhone into DFU mode
You can back up the device either via iCloud or iTunes.
2. Put the device in DFU Mode
3. Connect your iPhone to your computer & initiate the computer’s iTunes app. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet.
4. When iTunes detect the device in recovery, and prompt you to restore, select the restore option.
5. When the process is complete, set up the device as new.
At any of the solution listed above, your problem may be solved. So check out this steps and I quit sure that your problem may get solved by the above provided solution.
If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone Making Random Calls” issue, inform us via comment.

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31 responses to iPhone Making Random Calls? Here’s how to fix it

hi, I am having frequent random numbers dialed from my phone during the night. …..To people I am not in regular contact with…annoying and embarrassing.
ive just downloaded recent update iOS 10.2.1
The response to my question on the internet and peoples experiences does not leave me hopeful?

I have done everything this article suggests, other than a complete restore, and nothing has helped. As a matter of fact, several contacts were called during the course of a reset! How is this even possible??? I'd rather not do a complete restore, but I don't see that I have much of a choice. I called Apple and was told they'd never heard of this problem.

I took my wifes phone, iphone se to the genius bar for making random calls to
617-**** numbers. They could not figure it out. They called att and spoke with them. Our call history doesn't even show the calls going out just her phone recieving them. Apple has heard of the problem, but they said it isnt the phone, may have to change number. We currently are blocking the calls. Respond to some to apologize. Pain in the butt. Some say it just stops. Doing it for three or four weeks.

I am having this same problem and I am being called by random numbers and it doesn't seem to have a solution. It is a very common problem with phone lines as I've read on the internet.

Hi I am having the same problem……
I have an Iphone 7 that is running IOS 10.0.1(14A403).
For some time now I have found that my phone is automatically calling random contacts in my phone book. This is happening at odd times and not when I have the phone in my hands. This is my 3rd iphone and I have never had this problem before.
an example: earlier today I was in a meeting elsewhere in our offices and my phone was in the drawer of my desk in the office. I had a missed call from my husband while I was out and my phone automatically called him back 16 minutes later – all while I was not in my office. When I called him back, he confirmed that he is regularly getting these strange calls from my phone.
I took a close look at my outgoing calls and found to my surprise that there are a number of calls to random contacts on my phone on a daily basis. People I have not called or spoken to in some time. This includes the phone calling itself at least once a day!
I had thought the problem was me "pocket" dialling but today proves to me that this is not the case.
Some technical stuff on the steps I have taken to stop this without it helping……
1. my phone auto-locks and turns off after 2 minutes.
2. Siri is turned off
3. Voice dialling is turned off.

It looks like a bug. I solved the problem by going to each contact and replace the default ringing. Looks like the ringing field in the contacts profiles got corrupted all over the phone. By re-Editing the ring type it will clear the corruption. If you have lots of Contacts – It's a lot of Re-Programming.

Did this continue to work for you, Peled? My phone attempted random emails and also took over 300 videos and photos in the middle of the night.

My wife's phone called about 20 people last night while she was sleeping, starting every call with *67. She just updated to 10.3.1 (iPhone 6). I'm still on 10.2.1 (6s) and have no problems.

I have been on 3 conference calls. My phone propped up and my iPhone 6 starts randomly dialing numbers which everyone in the room can hear! I've reset and reprogrammed 3x. Then while on the same call, it will dial my favorites list. I'm just convinced its possessed.

My phone was laying on the counter and started making calls to weird numbers this morning. Has anyone found a solution?

Having the same problem. iPhone 7Plus. Verizon sent me a new phone. Same problem after I did a restore. I've deleted any apps I rarely used. Same issue. I too have turned of voice command and siri. Problem still exists. I have Trend Micro as an antivirus software on my phone….they aren't showing any virus.
This has to be something in the programming//new updates. I am currently on Version 10.3.3(14G60).

Facing the problem for last one month with my iphone 6s plus. Phone makes call to last dialed number. Every time people calls me back that they got a call from me. I've checked and the call never showed in the call list. So annoying, never had this problem before.

Embarrassing! My phone just called someone twice at a late hour that I would never call that late. It doesn't even show up in my call log

My iPhone is calling random people in other countries. So embarrassing and annoying. It does a lot of other annoying things others have mentioned above, but calling others is unacceptable!

Sounds like a hacking issue not a Random virus issue. If your only having these issues and no social media issues… Maybe it is a virus or some sort of defect but that's not my experience at all. This is a personal hacking attack in my case. I won't go into more detail.

My iphone 7 plus is sending random text messages (along with attachments, such as music), as well as making random calls. It’s pretty embarrassing. Does anyone know of a fix?

Last two months iPhone 6s has been making random calls. I had a local news app that had a virus which I deleted, wonder if that left something behind. Expensive phone with a mind of its own. Don’t have much faith in Apple store for fix. Very annoying.

Yes my young iPhone users I have a 4s and yes it is still working with my Gremlin Calvin having the time of his life. My iPhone 4s changes the numbers in my contacts. Lately it changes the phone number by adding one digit to the end and then puts this number in my favorites. These numbers do represent a person in my favorites. The other day I was working on an article and I saw my phone light up. A voice was telling me I can't call overseas. I looked at the phone and it was trying to call someone in the Netherlands. I know no one in the Netherlands nor have received a phone call from the Netherlands. However, I will not get a new iPhone as when this thing dies I will move on to some other brand like the new Huawei P11 (P20).

My phone is also randomly calling random people in my contact book. Seems to so far only happen while I'm on a call with someone. ARGH. Might be the last iphone that I buy.

I am on the phone with Apple right now for the 4th time with the same problem , my phone will start dialing while i'm on the phone . Apple and i tried to reset the phone and then a complete back up . They told me they have never heard of this problem before. They sound like Trump !!! I am going to fill them in on others with this and try to fix it myself.Whats a person to do ?

My phone all of the sudden, when it was lying near me, all of the sudden started dialing a long international call to Turkey! Thankfully it said it couldn't be completed as dialed or that the person wasn't available. I can't remember now. I have 11.0 higher. Right after this, it called my daughter who was in her bed sleeping! I am calling Apple tomorrow.

The best thing to do is perform a factory reset, which you can find as an option in your phone’s settings. Know, however, that in doing so you will lose all data stored on your phone, so back it up first.

So sad, My sisters phone will do this every time we talk. Start dialing other people on her contact list while we are talking and discount our calls frequently. Tired of the phone controlling our conversations, she has resorted to….. Getting a land line…

open "Settings" and click "Phone".
make sure that call forwarding is turned off. and turn off calls on other devices

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