Fixed : iPhone Keeps Beeping when Charging

Some iPhone’s after upgrading Apple OS to the latest version produces beeping sound while charging in the wall. But iPhone charging properly via USB cable on the computer. Try the following solutions to fix the charging issue.
Real Reason for the issue
iPhone always beeps when you plug in the charger. but if its keep beeping when charger switches off and on again.
Solution 1: Replace your charger

  • Try to switch OFF the charger and switch ON again.
  • If you still face the issue, buy a new charger from Apple store

Solution 2: Use the original charge cable
Try using an original charge cable plugged into the large outlet power supply.
Solution 3: Restart iPhone
Hold down the home+ the lock button while it’s beeping until the Apple logo shows then let go of both it should stop the beeping.
Solution 4: Check the wall charger
If the wall charger was not inserted properly, insert again correctly again.
Solution 5: Prevent iPhone from syncing automatically

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Go to Edit/Preferences, under devices check box “Prevent iPod, iPhone and iPad from syncing automatically”.
  3. Reboot the iPhone

If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone keeps beeping when plugged into computer” issue, inform us using the comment form.

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23 responses to Fixed : iPhone Keeps Beeping when Charging

So the solution to this problem after my phone updates to the newest operating system is to buy a new charger from Apple? I know Apple figured a way to make "knock-off" dongles not work with an upgrade… fair is fair. But their update should not make your Apple made charger that came with you phone not work.

I’m not sure if it’s totally fixed, but the charger may have been the problem. I unplugged it and I haven’t heard it beep again yet. Thank you! ; )

I’ve been having the same problem since I installed the last update 11.2.1
It is very annoying. The beeping starts when the battery is almost 100% and keeps it up every minute until I disconnect it from plug in power. I have tried it with multiple different power cords, outlets, and types of power, even computer and TV. So it is a bug in this program. I have not found a fix anywhere. We just have to convince Apple that they made a mistake in the update and it is not our power source. Seems they would notice that every iPhone owner is having the same problems with their plugs. Right?

Mine started after the last update. I am using Apple charger and cords. Doesn't happen when plugged directly into computer. But that doesn't help when I'm out all day without a computer to charge. Is it damaging the phone when it beeps and jumps like that?

I am having the same problem. Tried several different chargers from husband and kids phones and it it still happening. I also just updated my phone. This sucks. Excuse my language.

While using apple usb chord to mac computer (ios 10.13.3) during iphone 6s update to 11.2.5, I experienced constant beeping and inability for phone to charge. Switched phone to wall charger and beeping stopped. Switched back to charge phone via mac, and beeping also stopped. Success!

This fixed it: go to settings, general, reset. Reset location and privacy settings. Done! Works now. Iphone 7. Macbook pro retina 2016. Year 2018 now 🙂

This fixed it: go to settings, general, reset. Reset location and privacy settings. Done! Works now. Iphone 7. Macbook pro retina 2016. Year 2018 now 🙂
Worked, thanks

Not work for me. How can move the pictures to my computer if the s.t.u.p.i.d. phone do not connects to it. Thanks apple, you all best!

It worked for me, but honestly, it took me an hour to find this. Ridiculous problem. It’s aleays something with every update. Do they rest this crap or not? Oh crap, it’s doing it again.

My Iphone started doing this in my car and my Ipad started doing it in my house on the same day. 2 different chargers. Even when I turned off power, they still came on and made the charging sounds and screen flashing.

Reset your device. If it doesn't work, factory restore your phone. before doing this backup your device. because it will erase your phone.

I started having the same problem when the phone is plugged in and charging after installing the 11.3 update. Strangely enough picking up the phone while charging causes it to beep.
A different charger or cable doesn't resolve the problem.

Once it starts doing the beeping remove the charger from the outlet, otherwise it will start heating up and damage the charger. Apple has a duty to explain and provide a solution to this problem.

I hope the proprietary engineering staff realizes that with every little annoyance they lose another loyal customer.
I am glad that my wife will finally switch from your overpriced, annoying devices.

MIne is not only doing it while charging, its doing it while its sitting here at my desk. just randomly beeping saying 100% charged. This is driving me crazy, and I have to charge my phone in another room at night because it beeps incessantly all night!

I took my phone because the battery wasn’t holding a charge past five hours and I took it to a certified Apple dealer in Arlington Texas he replaced the battery cost me $40 and they guaranteed me it was a new battery I really had my doubts it still didn’t hold a charge past five hours after they did that I went back and I looked at the settings and I have a 11.3 iOS, When I charge it it beeps nothing has helped

My RV 12 volt usb charging ports fuse blew. This meant that when plugging in the usb charging cable , the iphone detected no voltage when the connector was inserted into the iphone. The beeping seems to be a warning of not charging. Used a 110-usb adapter with the same usb cord, iphone charged. Summary: beeping seems to mean the iphone senses not charging.

the watch has to be properly seated on the charger. if it's not flush it will charge on and off causing the ding.Be sure the back of the watch is flush to the charger. I done this and it stopped completely.

I found that this was a problem with charger box to which the charger cable connects. I hooked the charger cable to a different charger box I had and that resolved the problem. I haven't even owned this new phone for six months. The Samsung android I had worked better, its features (e.g., battery cable) worked longer, and for half the price of an iPhone.

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