Why does my iPhone keep restarting itself? Real solution

Struck with iPhone which keeps restarting all time??? Having abysmal headache because of your favorite iPhone, then you are in the right place. There will be only one reason for the iterative restart of your iPhone. Here you can get the real solution for fixing the restarting iPhone problem.
Generally iPhones keep restarting all time is because of two categories:

  1. Intermittent restart of iPhones: This is the major problem. You might have used the iPhone and suddenly this problem occurs would tend to irritate you by just restarting again and again.
  2. Restart of iPhones in a loop: Continuous restart of your iPhone is completely impracticable. Only an Apple logo appears and disappears on the screen, over and over again in a loop.

In this article I have mentioned main 7 steps to fix restarting of iPhone. This troubleshoot helps you to recover  your phone to the normal state.
iPhone stuck on Apple logo
Having new iPhone within replacement period?
A nice chance for you to get escaped, if you recently got a new iPhone. You don’t need to run through your iPhone which keep on restarting again and again. Please do replace the new iPhone by buying another in the market and avoid all the resting, rebooting and so on.
iPhone with out of Replacement Period?
1.Make a backup
Before all the troubleshooting, make a backup of your iPhone. If any hardware problem occurs unexpectedly then backup, the data helps you to avoid data loss. So, do backup every time when you repair your iPhone.
2. Update Your iPhone-iOS
iPhone’s Operating System is “iOS” which is like Windows, Linux, Unix works on every Personal computer. Updating iOS, fixes lots of bugs for software errors and other problems. Erratically, this software update may fixes the problem of your iPhone to restart.
In order to check the software updates, do the following steps:

  1. Select  Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  2. If any updating is possible, then install it. You can also update the iPhone even better by connecting your iPhone to your computer. iTunes is used to update the iPhone’s software (iOS).
  3. This iTunes may help you to solve your iPhone causing recurrently restarting.

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3. Check whether a single App leads to restart your iPhone
This case is very rare where an application may cause an iPhone to continuous restart. Moreover, during installation iPhone’s software secures and provides shielding from app problems.  Besides, Over 1.5 million apps in the App Store are not all perfect.
Remember the app which you have been installed very just before the restarting problem and uninstall it. This will resolves your iPhone’s restart bug.
To check for the problem apps, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data. There are several entries in the list. Check the particular app by scrolling down. Uninstall the app as and when you find the desired app which may fix your iPhone.
4. Repair your SIM Card
Just remove the iPhone SIM card. This is the best solution as your iPhone connects to the Wireless Carrier. This could be the problem for your iPhone’s iterative restart. Simple but powerful way. This will not harm your iPhone. Simply you have to eject the SIM tray using paper clips which fixes the problem. When you reinsert the SIM card it reconnects the wireless carrier again. But when the problem rolls up back, you have to restore the iPhone.
5. Manual Reset
Resetting the iPhone manually could resolve certain software issues. This will restore all your default settings and you won’t lose any data, application.
Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings option in-order to restore your iPhone’s settings.
6. Hard Reset
Hard reset should be done when it is absolutely unavoidable. To accomplish a hard reset, press Power Button + Home Button (a circular button) all together till iPhone display attempts blank screen. Meanwhile you could see the Apple logo reappears. You need to hold both buttons down together for at least 20 seconds to fix this problem. The mistake people do is they don’t hold buttons simultaneously
7. iTunes to Restore Your iPhone
Restoring Operating system (iOS) is just erasing and reloading all the data in your iPhone. All the software issues can be eradicated by this process. When restore gets completed all your personal data would be available in your iPhone’s iCloud or iTunes
I hope you have learned and fixed this problem which caused your iPhone to keep restarting. Also I did like to know all your doubts and experience via the comments segment. Please feel free to ask queries.

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