Fixed: iPhone/iPad Won't Turn On

It’s frustrating when your iPhone couldn’t turn on, isn’t it? Many of the users complained that their iPhone has frozen go to black, the can’t turn it on after that. That may be caused by the software update, or sometimes it may be system fault. Let’s see how to solve this issue.
First to do
As always do a force restart.

  • iPhone 6s and previous versions, iPod touch, iPad – press and hold down both Home and Side/ Top button until the Apple logo appears.
  • On iPhone 7/7plus – press and hold down both Side button and Volume down button until the Apple logo appears.
  • On iPhone X/8/8 plus – jus press the Volume up button and release it quickly, then press the Volume down button and let it quickly. Next press and hold down both side button until the Apple logo appears.

Fix 1: In Recovery Mode
recovery mode

  • At times you need to restore your iOS system when iPhone stuck while turn on.
  • For that just connect your device to Mac or PC, also you should turn on the iTunes,
  • Then do a force restart following ‘First to do’. But you have to release the button when you witness the ‘recovery mode’ screen or‘ connect to iTunes’ screen.
  • Next, on your iDevice, you have to select an update from the iTunes window in order to reinstall iOs. This won’t delete your data.

Note: You have to do it in recovery mode on your iPhone.
Fix 2: Charge your Device

  • At times this may cause because of the poor battery level.
  • So connect your charger to your device for an hour. Then you can witness the charging screen, if you view only the Battery on black screen then your phone is charging.
  • If you see a Lightning cable on the black screen means your device doesn’t get a charge.
  • If it so checks the charger whether you connected it correctly or not. Also, you can change the charger, instead of that you can also use the power adapter, USB cable but fit it perfectly.
  • Also check the headset port, for dust or debris.

Note: Some of my users told me they have left their iPhone as it is for 24 hours.
Fix 3: To try

  • Some iPhones will get charging when we use a specific charger.
  • Even you can use DFU mode [Device Firmware Update] to restore your iPhone.
  • Some may are charging their phone by connecting to their computer, this may cause the issue.

if you knew any other solutions you can share it with the world using comments box.

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